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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


             🏁 Eight🏁 


   What's all this? Why is she bent on doing this to me all the time? 
   "I said feed me"
  "Follow me then "
She followed me to the dining table where I dumped the dish sitting down near her so I would be able to feed her 

    I scooped in some of the soup into the spoon and brought it closer to her lips
   "Here "she opened her lips to take it into her mouth but then shifted away
   "Its hot"
  "So?? Can't you... "I gave up talking, blowing it for her 
She brought her lips closer to take it in to her mouth again but then shifted back
    "What is it again this time? "I grinned and she laid another complaint
   "Its bitter!! "

   I heaved almost crying 
  "Can't you see am not the one that made the soup? Its for your health!! "
The way she's becoming stubborn about taking the soup made me to mellow down a bit else she will keep on keeping me here, not leaving and she won't allow me to move an inch 

   As if I wanted to be a dad in the first place, I should've pulled out when I was about to release, Sheesh!! It was all her fault! How can someone her age not know about her safe periods and unsafe periods

    "Here"I pushed it to her lips again but she shut her lips tight from taking it 
   "Oh C'mon Mona its for your health! Okay... "I drew my chair closer scooping another soup and then blowing it for her and then taking a little taste from it 

  Oh my!it was so fuvking bitter!! I didn't let it show on my face 
    "Its not that bitter, C'mon we can do this, for our little baby "I soothed even though I didn't mean it 
   "Don't deceive me with that words of yours and as for this soup am not going to take it"

  "Mom!! "I began to yell out to my mom since she said she isn't gonna take it 
   "Yes!!! "She answered from the kitchen 
  "She doesn't want to eat it! "I reported and she rolled her eyes at me

   "You make her eat it "
  "But she clearly doesn't want to "I complained really embittered 
   "Nathan please leave me alone, make your wife eat it!! Isn't she your wife! "
   I grumbled and I took a glance at that witch called my own wife 

She was smiling sheepishly
  "You to leave here lies in my hands"she whispered winking at me like the witch she was
   "Mona eat this soup"
  "I won't "
  "I will force it down your throat "
   "You won't dare"

  I sighed again 
  "Okay... Eat it and I will get you whatever you want"
   "Are you so much in a hurry to leave? "
  "Just eat and I will do anything you want huh! Aren't you tired of being heartless most times? "

    She shook her head
  "There's no way you're going to meet a new girl when you kept me at home with this bump Nathan!! "
That's her grudge all these while? 
   I smirked 
  "Is that so? "
  "Of course"

   "I won't go anywhere so eat up"I brought it to her lips again and she sucked it in silently shaking her head cuz of how bitter it was 
    "Its so bitter"she complained 
  "Serves you right! "
  "Huh!! "
  "No... I mean eat up okay? It will make you grow healthier like wise that of our baby's"

   "Shut your trap Nathan before you deceive me again"


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