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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


             🏁 Seven 🏁 


I haven't started with him and he's complaining too much 
  "Get me a cup of tea I repeat! "
  He sighed pacing about and glaring at me as if he wanted to strangle me any moment from now 
   "I hate this Mona! Do you want to kill me? "

  "Do you think carrying a baby is easy? When you were planting the baby you think its gonna be an easy task huh! Get me a cup of tea else am gonna shout now"I ordered and he scowled going out of the room and I began to laugh 

I will make sure he doesn't go to whatever place he wanted to go to, condemning me to stay at home cuz of pregnancy and here he wants to go about flirting and impregnating other girls which he will add up to me

He came back after ten minutes sweating and carrying a cup of tea in a tray 
   He dumped it on my legs and that made it to splash on my laps, I leaped up in pain which got the whole tray and breaking into pieces with the cup 

   "Ahhhhh! that was painful!! "I yelled and he was very mad at me
   "Why are you so careless? Why did you have to break that? Oh Gawd! Fuvk me!!! "
   He raged on and on which got her mom rushing into our room and that's when I began to cry 

   "I didn't touch her mom, she broke this and she's the one crying! I hate this her attitude so much, why will she do something and then cry so I will get the scoldings.... "

   "Will you shut up! "Mom knocked him on his head so hard that he held his head with his two palms 
   "Mom!! "
  "How dare you shout at her like that? Your dad wasn't this way towards me Nathan, why are you so bad at taking care of a pregnant wife? "

   "She broke that mom! Forget about her stupid cries and see what am seeing! She's faking it!! "
   "Mom.... He poured a hot tea on my laps"I reported sobbing the more and more tears poured out of my face

  "Huh! I... "
  "Shut up Nathan! Why will you treat her this way? "She came at him again and he dodged running out of the room 
   I stopped crying leaning on her as she petted me gently 

   "Are you okay now? "She asked me and I nodded my head 
   "Yes ma'am"
  "Now time to sleep"she led me to the bed and covered me up with a duvet 
   "Sleep gently daughter "she pecked my head and I smiled sleeping off like a baby 
   I woke up with a smell of cooked food coming from downstairs, the scent was so strong that I got up from the bed tracing the scent to the kitchen 
   She was the one cooking and I smiled back hugging her 

  "Hey "she held my two palms which was on her tummy 
  "Woken up already? "
  She led to a seat and then began to call on Nathan who was in the living room

    "Yes ma'am "he replied inside the kitchen 
  She handed him a dish of chicken soup mixed with herbs 
   "What for? "He asked and she pointed to me
   "Feed it to her, she needs it to grow her baby and herself"

  "Huh? Mom! But she's got hands doesn't she? "
  "Are you questioning me? "
I wanted to say no at this point cuz he might harm me but seeing his race reading of disgust made it to be fun for me
    "its so bitter ma'am and hot too! "I screamed when I tasted it with a dip of my finger inside the dish 

   "That's why I want him to feed it to you"
 He turned to me almost pleading with me to say no but I smirked 
   "Feed it to me Nathan "I pouted infront of his mom and he groaned harshly almost kicking at me and I loved how he felt about me.... 


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