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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


             🏁 Six 🏁 


Why is a girl so heartless? Huh!
   "Why did you do this? Are you that jealous huh!! "I yelled un end to her and before I knew, she had started crying profusely 
   "What the! Why are you crying now huh! You're the villain here and you're the one to cry! Are you a witch! "

She cried the more and before I knew it, I saw my mom standing infront of the two of us and glaring at me, I started defending myself but it was too late, she had already grabbed my ear twisting it about 

"You know how to hit a pregnant woman right? "
  "Ahhhhh"I jumped about, following her just incase she tears off my ear 
   "How can you make your wife, not only your wife! But your pregnant wife cry! Are you insane!!! "

   "Ahhhhh mom, my ear is burning and will soon tear off!!"I screamed and that's when she let me go and k shouted up and down holding my burning ear 
   "How can you make your wife cry? "

   "Look at what she did to my clothes! '
  "Do you think she likes it so much that she messed up your clothe? "
  "She likes it so much mom! "
  "Shut the hell up before I squeeze your lips for you!Nonsense!! "

She turned to her and this time she had stopped crying, that witch that always makes me annoyed when she starts crying without reason 
   "Mom "she hugged her 
  "Its okay am here "
  "Are you gonna stay? "
"Yes for a week is okay, you can't do anything in the house and I don't want you to hurt my grandchild "

 She giggled and I scoffed, this witch called a wife is really playing pranks on everyone in the house, even my mom is captured by that stupid bump of hers 
   I scoffed again and my mom turned to me

   "Here, come and carry her upstairs, she can't walk"
  "What?! "I stared at Mona's two legs and at her mischievous face 
   "She's got legs mom and besides she came downstairs herself "

   "I can't walk, I really can't, my legs are getting swollen by the day giving me this shapeless figure"she sobered for my mom who pitied her and even hugged again with her eyes all over my face 

   This one week stay with my mom won't augur well for the three of us, I mean how can I carry that grown woman upstairs 
    "Nathan!!! "Mom called my name
  "Mom! Must I really do that? "
  "You should appreciate her everyday for carrying your baby!! "

  Appreciate? Why will I do something like that? 
    She kept pouting her lips waiting for me to carry her and I gulped hard scooping her in my arms and carrying her upstairs 
    "Careful with her please,  she's precious "

   "Didn't you hear her? "She whispered wrapping her hands around my neck and I scoffed 
  "One more word from you and I will surely squeeze your mouth for you"
  "You want me to shout? Try that and I will get you another ear pain"she smirked 

   I entered the room and then dumped her on the bed roughly 
  She began to shout and I rushed to her closing her mouth with my two palms
   "Shhhhhhhhh... What's wrong with you? "
  "Am I a cabbage? Why did you dump me like that? All my bums is paining me"

   I sighed getting frustrated, I know she wants to frustrate me from going to where I want to go now, a very romantic date with Rox my new girl, 
    "Why are you doing this? "
  "Rub my butts now"
  "Huh? What did you just say? "
  "Rub my butts "
  "And if I don't? "
  She opened her mouth to scream and I signaled her to stop 

   "Stop! Fine turn around and get your undies down! Let me rub it for you"
  "Can't you do it with the undies on? "
  "You must be kidding right? "
  "Forget it! Just go and get me my tea "

   I wanted to shout but I kept quiet.... 


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