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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


   EPISODE   🏁 Eighteen 🏁 


   We ate breakfast without Mona who was sleeping upstairs and after that they all left, my parents throwing warnings at me while Mona's parents defended me

   Before my mom left with my dad, she gave me food which I will feed Mona later, it almost made her and Mona's mom to fight but I didn't want that 
   When she woke up, I fed her with all grudges 

  We lived like that, waking up shouting at each other, settling down for meals made by her and shouting at each ingredients which was excessive or little and how she will pout and call my mom afterwards to complain and I will call her mom to complain too

Days rolled by and so we lived, her tummy kept going bigger and it felt like I'm growing into her early morning sickness, her midnight meals and then helping her out with little things like carrying her downstairs cuz her legs have become swollen so she could hardly walk now 

  I will sometimes laugh at her fattish nature but I always felt uneasy and uncomfortable whenever she's sick and couldn't get out of bed or talk to me cuz of her dizzy nature 
  I'd get bored whenever I go out and can't see her for a second 

   It felt like a part of me left me alone, it seems like am happier whenever I see her, yell at her, shout, fight and don't talk to each other 
   But then, it feels strange whenever she smiles at me, cooks meals the way she can and worry if I would like it or not

    I loved seeing her struggle into her gowns which were almost unfittable for her cuz of her huge size now
   It felt funny seeing her stare at her face on the mirror and cry at how ugly she had become 

    I always felt like my heart is breaking each time she groans and shouts at how our baby kicks are so painful and how I sing lullabies to her to lure her to sleep and how much I loved to see her sleepy face 
   It felt strange whenever I look at girls and sees Mona to be more prettier than them 

   I don't know why I feel this way but I know she feels same way too cuz she worries about what to cook for me, caught her in a conversation with her mom on how to please a husband, she worries when I comes home late 

  She'd yell and shut me out alone in the living room and I'd sleep in the couch and I will wake up the next day in a soft caress of a duvet which covered me from cold 

    She worries and gets angry when I refused to eat her meals and then try to get me into staying a whole day with her alone inside the house 
   Caught her smiling above my head as I bent down to help her into her sneakers since she can't do it by herself 

   Caught her staring at me while I rubbed her tummy for her and spoke to my little baby in there to stop disturbing her mummy that mummy wants to sleep 
   Felt vulnerable for the first time for me when I hugged her as she cried cuz of a roach which she jumped into her while she was cooking 

   Noticed that she stopped complaining to my parents about whatever thing I did to her, she was the first person to wish me a happy birthday on the day I turned twenty 

   She doesn't speak much just keep saying how much she hates me even though I know she doesn't mean it anymore 
   All in all, we worry about each other, yell at each other, shout, fight, get together again, help her with cooking and house cleaning since she can rarely do that now

  We'd chat little and then I will take care of her while she sleeps off unusually like she used to 
    She'd laugh when she saw me struggling with the clipper trying to cut my beards which had become to grow largely 

    "Hey! "She said snapping me out of my thoughts 
   "Huh! "
  "The doctor is out now "she reminded me why we are here in the hospital 
   The doctor sat down staring at the both of us.... 


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