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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


   EPISODE  🏁 Seventeen 🏁  


  Really? Will they keep standing in for him? Can't they see that he's wrong! Bringing a girl into our matrimonial home and then they are blaming me to be the cause of his attitude 

   "I will go cook some food"I mumbled to keep all the tension down but I was so angry about all this
  When I came into the kitchen I almost bursted in tears if not for his mom who came in immediately 

    "Hush! Don't cry okay? "She hugged and I hugged her back forcing back my real tears which wanted to flow 
   "You can't cook, you're pregnant, Nathan!! "
  "Yes mom!! "

   He came into the kitchen and our eyes met, I glared at him with all the murderous look I can muster 
   "Yes mom"
  "Come and cook food for her "
  "Huh?! Cook food for her?? But... "
   "She's pregnant can't you see? "

    "He won't cook, I rather cook myself on her behalf "my mom came into the kitchen speaking 
  "Mom! "I grumbled, why is she always on his side? 
  This is getting on my nerves all the time! 
  He winked at me giggling and I rolled my eyes at him

   "Mrs. Bruno... "
  "Mrs. Castello "
  "They're couples and should learn how to live with each other "his mom said and my mom smirked taking charge of the gas cooker before she began going to the fixed cupboard on the wall to bring out food ingredients 

   "Really? Then she ought to cook for her husband despite the pregnancy "my mom replied her and my face creased up into a slight frown
   "Mummy"I pouted mumbling inaudible things and she rolled her eyes angrily at me

   "What! Think that's the way you keep that young man standing over there? He's your husband and will always be Mona, keep your man!! Keep your man woman!! "She nagged almost poking my eye with the long spoon she was holding 

    "You heard that Nathan"His mom turned to him
  "What mom? "He grumbled sighing and hissing at her 
  "Be good to this woman! No one will be able to marry you if not her! If not her Nathan!! She's your wife and will remain your wife, you've got to treat her that way?! "

She stepped closer to him and before he knew it, she hae grabbed hold of his left ear twisting it 
    He wriggled in pain 
   "Arhh! Mom my ear!! "He shouted as his mom gripped his ear even the more 

   I giggled silently when I felt something sharp holding my own ear 
   "Ouch! "I screamed turning my head painfully to see my mom holding my ear 
   "Mom! Get your hand off my ear!! "I cried but she didn't let me go

   "He's your husband whom you've to protect from harm all the time Monalisa, are you this stupid? "
  His mom looked to mh direction and then let go Nathan's ear rushing to my side 

   "Do you want to kill her Mrs. Bruno? "She pushed her off me and then hugged me as I wept on her shoulder holding my hurting ear 
   "Do you want to kill him cuz of her? "
   "She's pregnant! "
 "He's the husband "

  "So? "
  "So? "
   She patted my back lightly before she led me out of the room 
   "Its okay,stop crying my daughter "
  "I didn't know my mom will side him like that "

   "Its okay "
  "Stop crying "
  She led me into the room and made me lie down luring me to sleep afterwards... 


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