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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


       EPISODE      🏁 Sixteen🏁  


Why can a girl be so heartless? Why did that wench come looking for me in my house in the first place? Ahhh! Mona is really bent on frustrating me!! 

   I cleared my throat full of fear about what my dad might say to me
📲Yes dad
📲Did you just call me dad? Did you just do that? 
📲Yes dad 

  His voice was so harsh, I gulped hard, this is what Mona wants all the time 
Playing the innocent and I the bad guy who gets the scolding every time 
📲You what! By making her cry isn't it? 

📲She was my friend
📲You know what Nathan, am coming over now to your house!! 
He hung up on me
  Oh my God! Am so dead!! 
   "Give me my phone you womanizer! "She snatched her phone from me calling her mom too

    "Won't you stop this Mona huh! Haven't you lied enough? "
  "I won't speak to you now Nathan until you explain yourself infront of my parents too"
   "You're being.... "
📲Hello mom... I'm so broken.... Nathan brought in a girl into our house... 
Her face creased up into a frown 
 📲What mom... I gave him everything he wants and... I'm not good in bed!.... Why would you say all these to your pregnant daughter huh!! 

 I wanted to laugh cuz from the look of things, her mom didn't support her at all 
She hung up her phone staring at me with renewed anger bitinh her lower lips as she dialed another number which I guess belongs to her dad 

She began to shed her crocodile tears again 
📲Nathan.... Mom told you!... And.. And you both are coming!!... I am a good wife dad but... Dad! Dad 
She brought out her phone from her ear 

 Clearly her dad didn't support her too, I smirked 
  Not long after, someone knocked our door, she rushed to it and opened it to behold my mom and dad at the door 

Fear gripped me immediately, she was sobbing again falling into their arms while they cuddled her like a baby

"How dare you Son! "Dad's heavy voice spoke out and I knew am in for a hot soup! 

  "How dare you hurt my grand child? "He yelled again getting close to me if not that our door came knocking again and she opened it 
   Her mom and dad came in 

  "How dare you make your husband bring in a new woman into the house!! "Her mom yelled at her followed by her dad as her mom came towards me 
   "What mom! Dad! I did nothing!! "

  "She did nothing Mrs. Bruno its this fool here that's to be blamed! "My mom pointed at me angrily trying to defend Mona
   "Nathan is innocent, I know the kind of daughter I have "she defended me even when my dad came at me

 I courageously hid behind her for protection, her dad came her too and she hid behind my mom for protection 
   "Why can't you please your husband for once Mona! Always complaining!!"
    "Dad! "She squealed 

  "You won't touch her in my presence Mr. Bruno, she's pregnant and needs utmost care from everyone! "
  "Doesn't mean she have to start misbehaving "he cut out 

   "Why can't you be so good to your pregnant wife Nathan!! "My dad barked at me
  "I.. Said.. I said am sorry but she was just a friend"
  "Friend!? Did you just say friend!! "
   "Mr. Castello didn't you hear him? She was just a friend! Because he's married doesn't mean he won't keep friends
 Can't you see he's still very very young!! '

   "Young? Meaning?? "
  "Leave him alone!! "


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