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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


     EPISODE        🏁 Fifteen 🏁 

  I grinned staring at him before I got out of bed again rushing to the bathroom so I could puke again 
  I came back later to notice that he wasn't in the room anymore but outside.... Dhurr!! Like I care to know

   I'm so weak, I felt myself and knew that I wasn't okay at all
  Walking was a problem too so I had to dump myself again on the bed 
   "Nathan!!! "I began to yell out his name 
  He wasn't answering, I couldn't get why maybe cuz I wasn't too loud enough 

  I came out of bed struggled my way out to the stairs and then slowly but carefully I came downstairs to see Nathan with some girl I didn't care to know before I got angry

How dare he bring in a girl in our public or rather family house?!! 
   "And who are you miss?? "I asked rudely when they both turned to look at me

She proudly smirked coming close to me
  "Well, I'm his girlfriend, who are you miss? "She asked me running her eyes all over my body like I stole something precious to her 

  "Girlfriend?? "I asked looking to where Nathan stood now pacing about, his gaze refused to meet mine cuz he knew what he did 
  He thinks am dumb! To bring in a girl from nowhere into our house? Really?? Like really? 

   "Well... I'm his wife miss girlfriend"I replied her and she was stunned from the look on her face 
   Her eyes came to my bump which is becoming more visible as the day rolls by 

   "You're... You're really his wife!? "
  "Can't you see am pregnant "
  "But he's nineteen"she asked trembling now
  "And am eighteen, yeah he got me pregnant and we've got to get married like that "I explained to her while she turned to Nathan for further explanation 

He's so dead by the time I get hold of my phone, I swear to God my mom, my dad, his mom and his dad must hear of this 
   "I'm sorry Wendy but you can leave now "he said as he pushed her out of the house.

He came back later coming to me
   "I didn't invite her, she just came on her own and... "
  "Tel that to your parents!! "I yelled deeply angry and offended as I dialed his mom's number 
   "I'm sorry okay, you can't do this, you can't mean it that way"

 I began to weep uncontrollably 
📲What's wrong this morning? Did you get sick or is it Nathan again? 
📲Yes Ma'am 
📲What did he do? 
📲He brought in a woman into the house 

📲Yes, you should've seen the way she was raining insults on me to the extent of calling me a wh*re 

    "Arhhggh "he exclaimed at my lies 
 📲And Nathan did nothing? 
📲He did nothing, am so so broken now
I sobbed the more 
📲Its okay now, I'm coming over soon okay, hold your heart I'm coming 
I hung up staring at Nathan 

  "this is so unfair of you Mona"I hissed dialing his dad's number 
📲Hello Sir 
   "What are you doing Mona? Calling my dad? "
I ignored him with a hiss 
📲What's it Mona? How's my grandchild 
📲I'm okay 
I sobered so he could notice that am not happy at all

📲Why is your mood like that? Are you okay 
📲I will be lying if I say am fine 
📲What's wrong? 
📲Nathan brought in a girl into my house 
His heavy voice thundered

   "I said am sorry! "He shouted into the phone 
📲Yes sir am so broken
📲Is he that person speaking? 
📲Give that phone to him now!! 
   "Have it"i gave him the phone....


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