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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


     EPISODE        🏁 Fourteen 🏁    


I couldn't speak for a moment, I just staring at her to know if she's just being this way normally or abnormally 
   "Really? Not tea anymore? "
  She nodded her head and I scoffed 

   "I can't cook so you've got to make all these you mentioned this night! Do you know how late it is? Do you know how many hours it takes to cook?!! Huh!! "
   This witch is really something else 

   "Okay make only noodles "she cut out and I felt like hitting those lips of hers, I'm talking about how difficult it is for me to cook because of how late it is and she's suggesting for me the simplest ones

   "Mona why are you doing this? Is this how you plan to frustrate me? "
  "I'm just hungry and I need food "
  "Food? You said tea and I made tea Mona! "
   "And I don't need the tea anymore! "
  "Are you really sure you're hungry "

  "Why ask that? "
  "Cuz a hungry someone don't have time to make choice "
  "I would've made a choice if tea is food"she snapped 
  "And a hungry someone doesn't speak so sharp like you do"
  "A hungry man is an angry man"she quoted for me immediately and I sighed

 She's just too logical when it comes to being a wicked girl like she is now and as lazy like a roach! But roaches aren't even lazy... She's as lazy as nothing! 
   "I'm gonna make noodles now and you've got to eat it, heard me? "
  "I won't promise you"
  "I didn't say you should promise did I? "I asked before going into the kitchen to make some noodles for her 

  Fifteen minutes later, 

I was back inside the room with the hot indomie I prepared for her 
    She was asleep again by the time I came close to her 
   "Psst! "I mouthed placing the plate on a side stool beside the bed 
   "Mona"I tried waking her up but she was already into a deep sleep 

    I sighed covering up with the duvet making it reach up to her neck level
   "Witch "

I mumbled afterwards slapping her two cheeks and she didn't even wake up, just a stir and her face creasing up into a face of pain but she didn't even open her eyes 

     I got into the bed to sleep again..... 
    A tap on my shoulder again woke me up and that's when I knew that it was even morning already 
   "Get down and make me hot.... "
   "Hot what?you must be crazy Mona to think you can order me around... "I yelled at her and she rushed out almost immediately to the bathroom 

   I scoffed 
  "She came back afterwards with her hands on her mouth and I noticed how worn out she'd become and how her bump had become quite bigger than the last time 

   Her legs were barely dragging to the floor before she almost slumped to the ground if not that I rushed to catch her immediately 
   "Get your hands off me!! "She struggled to get away from me but I didn't even speak to her until I placed her on the bed 

   "You're sick"
  "I'm gonna be fine"
  "Better, cuz I don't want you to stress me like last night over nothing! "
  "Is that what you say to your pregnant wife? "
  "I'm still trying to believe if you are actually carrying my baby in that tummy of yours "

   She jerked up almost immediately 
   "What did you just say? "
  "What you heard? "
 She was angry and I saw that all over her face and I was so happy that she was angry 

   "I hate you so much Nathan "
  "The feeling is mutual Mona, Don't worry and get better "


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