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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


        EPISODE     🏁 Thirteen 🏁    


   I opened my eyes in the middle of the night, I guessed cuz of the darkness that filled the room 
   I feel hungry and felt like eating something or anything possible 
   I noticed that he was lying beside me so I tapped him twice and he sat up 
   "What! "He grumbled rubbing his eyes 
  "I'm hungry "
  "Can't you remember the road to the kitchen? Don't wake me up again "

   "I'm really hungry"I mumbled again more loudly and he hissed not clearly awake 
  "Then go to the kitchen and fetch yourself some food"
  "I can't "
  "Why?! "
  "Cuz I feel too lazy to do that "
He smirked almost laughing 

   "Then you have to stay hungry, lazy things don't deserve mercy"
  "But am hungry and I don't want to get off this bed "I squealed like a baby
  "And why are you telling me? "
  "So you can go and get me something to eat"

  He began to laugh for close to ten minutes before he stopped 
   "Really? "
I nodded not getting intimidated by those eyes he was giving me
   "Yeah, I want to eat slush salad and egg, with plenty and plenty meat on it"

   "You must be joking, do I look like someone who will get off the bed for you? You're hungry? What nonsense "
   "I will start shouting if you don't get me what I want now! "
  "But you know the road to the kitchen don't you? "

   I pouted my lips staring at him
   "You're just so annoying Mona! "
  "I'm hungry!! "I shouted loudly and he scoffed 
  "And do you think am moved by that? "
  "I'm gonna call someone now, get me what I want now! Can't you see I can't do anything by myself cuz of my pregnancy? "

   "But you can talk? Cry? Or someone else inside you is helping to talk, shout and even do your witch attitude towards me?... Keep on decieving yourself Mona and never get off that bed "

    "Nathan am hungry and you know it! What if I die of hunger now? "
  "You won't die, hunger can't kill you"
  "Why? "I asked rolling my eyes at the kind of irony or rather sarcasm he wanted to pull next

   "Cuz hunger is afraid of you "
  "Psst! C'mon Nathan or I will puke on you now"
  "Huh! "That's when he got out of bed 
   "Why are you like this Mona? Simple food and you're suffering me by this time of the night? "

   "Just get me a cup of tea"
  "What! You once said... "
  "Coffee is better "
  "What exactly do you want? "
  "Coffee I said!! Or maybe tea"
  He began to sigh and sigh 
  "What do you want!!! "

  "Don't yell at me! I want to eat steamed rice and beef stew with noodles and... "
  "Now not tea or coffee again"
  "I don't feel hungry again  just get me the tea"
 He was silent just staring at me without words to say to me

  "I mean do I look like a joke to you? Or a maid? "
  "That's what I want now! "
 "What do you want? "
  "Tea and... "
  "Am getting tea alone"he interrupted walking out of the room to get my orders 

   He came back later with the tea
   "You know what Nathan? "
  "What! "
  "I don't think I need this tea anymore, I want to eat noodles"
 He couldn't speak, he just stood staring at me.... 


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