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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


   EPISODE     🏁 Twelve 🏁    


My eyes widened crazily watching her twerk before me when I knew well that she won't allow me to touch her 
  This is wickedness of the highest order 

   "You're crazy Mona! "I yelled as she sat down smiling at me mischievously
   "You're the one crazy for staring at me like that "
She suddenly got up going into the room to sleep

Before I come in my own, she was already lying on the bed, I wanted to lay beside her but she sprang up 
  "No, you can't sleep beside me"
   "But this is a bed for the two of us"

   "And so? My baby doesn't need his dad by his side "
   "A she actually"I corrected 
  "Don't tell me the gender of my baby Nathan!! "
  "Gender?? Who planted the seed in there if not me? "
  She perked up her brow before sighing 

   "You're so annoying all the time Nathan, get down from this bed! "She ordered and I brought my face closer to her, her eyes widened as she shifted back ward landing into the bed with me ontop of her 

   "What do you think you're doing? "She asked nervously and I smirked staring at her face
    "You're so ugly, I wonder how I laid you and fuvked thereby making a baby in that tummy of yours... Ouch!!! "She punched me on my face 

   She slapped me into getting out of her 
    "That's what ugly pregnant women do whenever their husband begins to talk rubbish just like you're doing now"
    "Mona!! "
 She made to hit me again and I covered my face with my hands 

    "Suit yourself Nathan and get the hell down now or you want me to call your dad! "
  "And do you want me to call your mom now? Why am I even wasting time"

I brought out my phone and dialed her mom's number 
📲Hello ma'am
📲Hey son, how have you been? What of my daughter? 
📲We're okay just that she's being pushy and demanding 

  "What are you saying Nathan? I didn't do anything mom!! "She cut into the phone.

📲Is that her talking? 
📲Yes ma'am
📲Give the phone to her now! 

I handed the phone to her
📲Mom.... I dindt do anything to him... Pushy?? I'm not pushy... He's the one.... Mom stop yelling at me, I didn't do anything wrong... Please my husband?? (She eyed me murderously)... I've heard you... I should whatever he wants?... But am pregnant!! 

She threw the phone to my face almost injuring me with it
   I smiled mischievously not really moved by her crazy attitude 
    She rolled her eyes at me laying on the bed without saying a word to me

   Shooting up her a$$ again infront of me as she laid down was another temptation to me, I tried to look away but the attraction was too strong for me to bear
   "Its a cold night Mona, what do couples do by this time of the night? "

   "They sleep nonsense man!!! "She cut in covering herslef up with the duvet 
   "Good night mr. Nathan!! "


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