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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


    EPISODE  🏁 Eleven 🏁   


 I will stop at nothing until am sure I bent him to do my every will in a way he won't understand 
   His mom turned to him
  "You're supposed to be on honeymoon so where are you going? "

   "... To see a friend "
   "Friend?? At this time of the day? Doesn't he or she know that you're married with a wife? "
    "Mom that's not it okay? This is my own home mom and I have to run it the way I want, stop butting into it mom, she's my wife and not yours, dad is missing you at home already can't you go home? "He mumbled unend shifting away from his mom just incase he gets a slap on that mouth of his 

     "Are you talking to me? "
He didn't say a word, he just left the house afterall 
   After few seconds or let me say hours 
   She announced her leave even though shee hadn't stayed up to two days

    "Can't you stay? Huh "
  "My son reported me to my husband don't worry, you won't be lonely I will make sure of it 
   I will make his dad come here and stay with you guys for a while"

She assured me and I nodded with hope that it should happen soon else Nathan will roast me alive before they could get to me
    She pecked my cheeks and then my tummy 
   "Take care of mummy "she said to my child and I smiled 

    "I'm the one to take care of him and his father "
   "Really? "
I nodded before escorting her out to the door and then to the gate where I called a designated driver to take her home 

   "Bye!!! "I waved as the car drove away 
  I sighed going back into the lonely house and staying all by my self 
   I used that opportunity to wash, clean and put on a shirt which weren't too loose or too tight cuz of my condition 

  My bump is still small but growing healthy everyday, I smiled applying make up on my face and then smiling at myslef on the mirror, I wore my trousers which were pretty tight and gulped out my shape, to be clearly seen 

   It was all rugged but beautiful, I smiled feeling like a new job to take boredom away from myself until that jerk came home, I was watching movie in the living room when he strolled into the room staring at me

    "And why are you dressed like that? Are yoy expecting someone? "He asked and I hissed ignoring him and concentrating on the movie I was watching 
    "Am talking to you woman "
  "How am I dressed? I'm dressed like I'm used to dressing, mtcheeew "
   He came closer to me almost blocking my sight from the movie I was watching 

   "Step away from there "
  "And if I don't? "
   "I will call your dad"
 He gave a short laugh 
  "My mom left at last"he ran his eyes all over my skin before hissing 
  "Are you trying to seduce me? "

  It felt like I heard wrong cuz I stood up to his face 
   "Seduce you? Why will I do that? "
    "I should be asking you that"
I sighed getting frustrated from speaking to him

I mean, why will seduce him? Does he found my clothe attractive? 
   "I know what's wrong with you Nathan"
  "So?? "
  "You find my dressing seductive and that's all"

   "Really? "
  "Why did you dress this way then? To make me fuvk you"
  "No, as I want to atleast I will make you suffer tonight and you won't dare touch me"
I rolled my eyes at him turning my back to him and twerking my butts a little bit for him smiling mischievously.... 


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