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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


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   Why does she have to moan seductively? Is she kidding me? 
   She shouted shut up and I was dumb for a while as I massaged her legs over and over again and she moaned still softly to my touch 

   I know what she wants and she's always getting it and having her way in everything 
   She didn't want me to go out and it seemed like she succeeded in doing that to me
    "I have to leave now, your leg is clearly okay... What you're doing now is wickedness is this? "

   "Don't you know that when you're massaging my leg you're also massaging our baby's leg? Just now he told me he wants you to massage his own legs... I tried to dissuade him but he won't allow it until you massaged his legs too"

    I heaved listening to those stupid crappy stories 
  "A girl actually "
  "I don't think we have to fight over the gender of my own baby "
  "You've got to be kidding me"I cracked her toe bones and she gave a loud shout 

   "Ouch! Ouch! You want to break them "
 "I wish I could "I snapped massaging her legs over and over again till something about her leg caught my fancy 
    Her smooth light skinned legs which was quite spotless just like the first time I saw her nakedness 

   I tried to look away and avoid temptation but the more I touched her leg, the more my attraction for her grew 
    "You can leave my leg now"she pulled her leg away from mine laying on the bed in a way that her butts was shooted up infront of me

   I cleared my throat as it felt like my lust woke up, 
   "Don't expect anything tonight from me"I said half sarcastic and she scoffed 
  "Don't even think stupid cuz I will cut your middle leg if you try anything dirty with me tonight "she answered through that position she was

  I scoffed 
 "As if you mean that, you know to avoid a painful childbirth you need me to widen that pu$$y of yours "
  "I rather have a painful childbirth than allow you touch me" she fired 
   I gulped hard 

   "That's all crappy talks cuz I know women"
  "Thank God you said women Nathan cuz you will never see my pant again in your life!!! "She yelled out so loudly this time turning her face to me to show me how dead serious she was 

    "Really? I won't even and will never touch you..... "
I really don't mean this, I need to stick my divk somewhere now, I just have the urge for it and my wife won't open her legs for me
  Not ever!!... Like she said 

  She rolled her eyes at me going back to her position on the bed
   I stood up to go maybe to get her wanting to follow me again but she didn't even turn to look at me
   "I'm leaving"I announced trying to draw her attention to me but she didn't even turn her head to me

    "I said am leaving"
No movement again or replies 
  "I said am leaving Mona"
 ".... And is that a compliment or an advice? "
  "Call it whatever you like but am leaving "
  "Suit yourself "

   She didn't burge after her last words to me
   I walked to the door turning to look at her again 
   "I said I want... "
"Good bye!!! Isn't that what you want to hear from me? "
   "I never asked you to say anything to me either!!! "

   "Why are you guys shouting like kids!!? "
My mom again and immediately she saw her, she sobered up holding her leg and acting pitifully as I've killed her while he's the one killing me
    "Ma'am"she called like a kid

   "What's it? "She asked looking from me to her 
   "Its Nathan, he wants to leave me for another woman "
My eyes widened 
   "But that's not true mom"
    "Then where are you going? "Mona chipped in and I felt like strangling her... 


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