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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


    EPISODE     🏁 Five 🏁


I yawned and then rushed into the bathroom very early in the morning to empty my mouth, I puked for close to thirty minutes before I became weak,I sat down on the ground and began to sleep again

  Oh my! Being pregnant is not an easy job at all, I opened my eyes when I began to hear a loud bang on the bathroom 
   "Open this thing, I want to pee"
   I smirked as I heard that stupid voice of his, a voice that I shouldn't hear everyday else I will keep on getting sick and sick
   "Get away from there Nathan"I replied him and he banged the door harder
  "Stop being heartless Mona! Open this door! "
  "I don't want to open it"
  "Why!!!! "
 "My baby doesn't want me to"
"Grrrrrrrrrrr!!... Argh! I'm almost wetting my pants Mona, open this door! 

  "Break it! Yes break it! Cuz am not gonna open this door for you! Jerks like you deserve to pee on their clothes!! "
  "C'mon Mona"
  "Stop yelling my name and find something reasonable in your life instead of being a play boy, aren't you ashamed! "

   "Mona! "
"Nathan!! "
  "Open this door... Grrrr... Ayish... Its almost coming out!! "
   "How is it my fuvking business? "
  "Are you coming out or not? "
  "I won't! "
  "If I get my divk emptied outside am gonna turn in this key over here into the key hole and I swear to God, you will rot in there "

My eyes widened, I didn't recall that there is a key infront of the door 
    I opened the door almost immediately as he rushed in to pee
   He came out after staring at me with awe

   "Are you this wicked? "
  "My baby wanted to pee too okay? "
  "Baby"he stared at my belly "not this one on your belly but which one?... How does she pee? "
  "He actually "she corrected 
  "I said she"he argued 
  "I said he!! "
He sighed leaving the room for me, after he left his phone kept on ringing repeatedly so I had to go and check who the hell was the morning caller 

    Bae❤😊... Was written on his phone screen, anger filled the whole, I knew I didn't have to be angry but my husband cheating on me when we are already married is what I will not take 

    He came back to the room to pick up his phone 
📲Hey there, had a goodnight sleep... Yeah yeah... Coming out in two minutes... C'mon trust me... I love you 
He hung up and I bit hard glaring at him 

  He loves her? Really! Another plaything in his diary, 
  "What? "He asked when I kept on glaring at him with utmost anger and hatred in my eyes 
   "I hate you"I grinned walking my way out of the room 

I went into the kitchen and turned on the gas so I can make myself a cup of tea, my belly just need something cuz am so hungry 
    I placed the kettle on top of it filling a cup of cold water in to it 

  I brought out the cup from the cupboard and then a packet of beverage (chocolate and milk), I scooped some into my cup and in the next few minutes, I was sipping from my hot cup of tea 
   I came out of the kitchen when I saw him coming downstairs looking as elegant as ever 

  I won't lie, he's handsome, muscular and knows how to dress the way girls wants them, he's just that way and that's why I fell in love with him back then 

   I didn't know I was drooling until he came close to me, I made mess of his cloth by emptying the cup of hot tea on his dress
    "Damn! Mona!! What the  hell!"


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