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(Thankfully, She Didn’t Miss Him)

“How could you be so nice?” Lu Man couldn’t control it anymore. Her voice breaking, she cried. She wasn’t just sobbing silently anymore. She just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

She was like a child who had suffered tons, wailing and bawling greatly.

Han Zhuoli was shocked and quickly embraced her.

“What’s going on? Don’t cry!” This man who’d already mastered the art of saying such romantic words saw her crying and instantly forgot everything.

He was completely confused, dazed, and flustered.

All he knew was to hug her. He didn’t even know how to coax her. All he did was put in all his effort to try and stop her from crying, his heart extremely anxious and flustered.

This man was usually so calm and steady, it seemed like nothing could make him lose his composure.

Yet right now, he was flustered beyond belief and was stuttering and tongue-tied. His talent for glibness was useless right now.

Why was that so?

It was all because of his concern for Lu Man.

As long as she was crying, he would be flustered.

In his eyes, in his heart, it was all Lu Man. Right now, he was so anxious, so careful.

However, this made Lu Man cry even harder instead.

It wasn’t because she felt like she had suffered; it was because she was moved.

She had never been so cherished by someone. No one had cared for her so much before.

Looking at him flustered because of her, Lu Man melted into a gooey mess. The more she melted, the more she felt touched, and the more she wanted to cry.

Eventually, she bawled even harder. She couldn’t hold her tears back anymore.

This really scared Han Zhuoli tremendously. “What’s exactly going on? I’m celebrating your birthday for you today, I wanted to give you a surprise, not to make you cry. Why are you feeling sad? Who made you suffer? Tell me!”

It made Han Zhuoli wonder even harder if, after the competition ended, she had suffered when he wasn’t around!

Because thinking back, when he was around her, it was like nothing had really happened.

Lu Man shook her head. “No, it’s… it’s because… how could you be so good…”


Han Zhuoli was confused. Why would she cry because he was good?

Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man helplessly. “You didn’t suffer?”

“No.” Lu Man finally calmed down a little. That made Han Zhuoli worry a little less.

However, as he watched her bead-like tears still falling non-stop, Han Zhuoli’s heart felt bitter too.

“I was just thinking, if, at the start… what if I hadn’t agreed? If, back then, I hadn’t taken that step, hadn’t gotten together with you, would I not have th[a]

Didn’t she almost miss him once before?

In her past life, when she was framed at the hotel, he was right next door but he didn’t know about her existence.

And she was unconscious. She couldn’t escape in time, and neither did she get the chance to meet him.

The two of them missed each other just like that.

In her past life, he would have never known about her existence forever.

Thinking about that, her heart felt extremely painful.

Her experiences in both lifetimes were completely different.

In this life, she met him. He cared for her and pampered her. She got to experience how good he was.

Other than him, she could never find another man who would treat her so well.

Once she thought about not having him by her side, her heart would start aching.

Even though she would never experience what she had gone through in her past life and even though the path she had taken in this life was different…

She still felt pain on behalf of herself in her past life.

If, back then, she’d not been completely knocked out, if she could have climbed to the room next door, how good would that have been?

Even if, back then, he hadn’t liked, at least she could still have seen him once.

Lu Man suddenly shivered. She was really afraid that this was just a dream. A dream after her death.

That once she woke up from this dream, nothing would have changed.



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