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(I Withdraw)

“Does it also include—”

Li Zeyu and the rest were stunned upon hearing those words.

When they were looking at the contract just now, they did not find anything particularly wrong with it.

After all, concerning something as boring as a contract, the terms could not be totally equal. Whoever had higher power would have more advantages.

And compared to the production group, they were weaker in power and would definitely need to suffer a few losses.

When they reach the status of an A-lister, that’s the time when it would be them giving conditions and the production group trying their best to satisfy them.

But upon hearing Lu Man say so much at once, everyone was so shocked they broke out in a cold sweat.

If it was really such a large range, then they would be losing out by a lot.

It did not matter whether they won or lost since they were entering with the mindset that they would definitely lose.

They were just scared that the production group would have requests of them about how they would perform. If the group wrote a script for them and their character was not likable, if they were not liked by the audience and end up attacked by the netizens, then their popularity that they had obtained after such a long time would all be lost.

This was what worried people the most.

So Li Zeyu and the rest did not dare to sign either.

Xu Yaojie’s face darkened instantly. This Lu Man, she was so troublesome!

“If it’s like that, could it be that you won’t sign?” Xu Yaojie said, smiling coldly.

Getting into the top five with much difficulty, wasn’t that just to enter the production group and improve their reputation?

“Yes. This condition has too many traps in it. I can’t sign the contract,” Lu Man said confidently.

“I can tell you confidently that what you said just now definitely exists in the show. The show needs some problems, and it needs to create some headlines. As to winning and losing—” Xu Yaojie disdainfully smiled coldly. “You don’t need to worry about that. With so many seniors who are talented in acting, you don’t have much chance of winning to begin with.”

“Then can I rephrase that and say, even if I can win, I would still definitely lose because my opponents are seniors who are talented in acting?” Lu Man said.

“Right.” Xu Yaojie nodded assuredly. “But so what? To be on our program means to be famous and to trend. Let’s put it this way: we have Wei Feng Corporation as the one sponsoring the champion, and they are paying as much as 500 million yuan to be mentioned in the show. The lineup is the biggest among the domestic variety shows, and it is making history in the variety show industry. Even the variety shows that are the most popular right now don’t have a lineup as strong as ours! So many artists would do anything to get in, yet they do not have the chance to. For our program, we do not have to seek artists ourselves. It’s the celebrities who seek us out.”

“If you all want to enter the show, you need to follow the arrangements of the production group. With us coming up with disagreements and reasons for the show to be watched, perhaps the audience might have some opinions against you, but this would increase the chances of your popularity increasing and give you more chances to show your face. Not every kind of popularity needs to be positive. As long as more people get to know you and it’s not through some kind of negative news—as long as it doesn’t cause any losses towards your reputation—there will be no problem,” Xu Yaojie said. “Lu Man you are a professional. You should understand it very well.”

“I don’t represent my fellow students’ decisions and words, I’m just representing myself. If they feel that this is not a loss for them, they can sign. But I can’t. Cooperating with your schemes to make trending topics—if it’s in a suitable and logical range, I can accept it. But I can’t accept unfair competition. If my acting skills are not as good as others’, I’ll willingly lose. But if I’m following your rules and you all decide who wins and loses, there’s no need to compete at all. Even if you are promising that I’ll win, I won’t participate. This is making a mockery of performance.” Lu Man put the contract back on the table. “I withdraw.”

Xu Yaojie smiled coldly. “Do you think that I’ll be scared of your threats? Our production group really is not lacking one or two students.”


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