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(With You Around, I’m Afraid of Nothing)

Every piece of furniture, every decoration, every detail were all so exquisite.

This castle didn’t seem like it was meant for tourists; it felt like there was someone who really lived here.

But it didn’t seem like a hotel either.

She didn’t see any facilities here that a hotel usually would have.

The maids took out an evening gown from the closet and helped Lu Man change into it.

When they were helping her do up her hair, Lu Man asked, “Is this a hotel? It doesn’t look like one to me.”

“It’s private property,” a maid replied with a smile.

Private property?

Did Han Zhuoli especially borrow it to help her celebrate her birthday?

Lu Man had a stomach full of questions, but they were already done dressing her up.

Once she opened the door, she heard music coming from downstairs. It was the Blue Danube.

It sounded like there was a crowd downstairs too.

Lu Man lifted her dress up and walked towards the stairs. She saw Han Zhuoli standing at the bottom. When he saw her appear, a smile bloomed on his face and he trained it at her as he stretched his arm out in her direction.

Lu Man slowly walked down the stairs. As she was wearing high heels, she didn’t dare to walk too quickly.

Just as she was about to reach the bottom, when there were still about five more steps, Lu Man suddenly stopped.

Han Zhuoli was smiling at her. Lu Man suddenly felt a little playful, but she also wanted to try to act cute. “Zhuoli, you better catch me properly.”

Han Zhuoli froze for a moment and raised his eyebrows. He didn’t understand what she meant.

Unexpectedly, this little girl actually jumped right off from the fifth step of the staircase and straight towards him.

Han Zhuoli’s heart was so shocked it was about to jump out of his chest. He hurriedly took a huge step forward and stretched his arms out to catch her.

He was genuinely afraid that she didn’t jump far enough and couldn’t fall into his arms.

In the end, he steadily caught Lu Man in his arms. Han Zhuoli was still stuck in the aftershock and his heartbeat was still irregular.

“You little girl! You almost scared me to death!”

This little girl who was usually so composed and steady, how did she suddenly become so playful?!

Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli’s neck. “I’m just not afraid, because I know that you can catch me.”

Han Zhuoli froze for a moment and immediately broke into a smile. He held onto her waist tightly.

Although he had already caught her in his arms, he was still a little scared, afraid that he didn’t catch her properly and caused her to get injured.

“You are so bold, you’re too playful!” Han Zhuoli couldn’t help but reprimand her lightly and softly.

Even though it sounded like he was scolding her, Lu Man wasn’t angry at all.

Because his voice was filled with concern.

“Because I believe in you.” Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli tightly and buried her face in the crook of his neck. “With you around, I have no worries at all, I’m scared of nothing.”

Han Zhuoli held on to her tightly.

Her trust made him feel all soft and mushy.

This soft thing in his arms made him feel like the whole world was in his arms.

“Just now, I wasn’t done talking to you,” Lu Man said. “I was afraid: what if I didn’t agree to be with you at the start? However, I’m also exceptionally grateful that I agreed back then. I’m really grateful that I met you in this life.”

It was all because of Han Zhuoli that she could have such a different life.

“I’m really so thankful, so thankful, that you are here in this life.” Lu Man hugged him tightly, like she was worried, like she was scared that he would run away.

Hence, Han Zhuoli hugged her back tightly. He added more strength so that she could rest assured.

He didn’t know what she was thinking about that made her so worried and uneasy.

But as long as he was around, he would always be by her side.

“Oh my gosh, he invited us here so that they could publicly display their affection? That’s not right,” Wei Zhiqian said with a tut.

“Hehe.” Han Zhuofeng laughed and said without a good intention, “Brother Qian, my brother is also being thoughtful towards you. He didn’t invite the elders from the different families. If he had, when you get back, Old Mrs. Wei would look for our Old Mrs. Han to learn from her the ways of the feather duster.”



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