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(So Lowly and Willing to Come and Be Scolded)

“You can’t do it? If you can’t do it, why are you asking me to forgive you?” Lu Man said coldly. “Lu Qi, I’m telling you seriously in front of many people that even if you want me to forgive you, I won’t even in my next lifetime!”

She could not even forgive her in two lifetimes, what more another one?

“So don’t try to pretend to be close to me! No matter what tricks you use, I won’t be able to forgive you and call you my sister, unless you are purely so lowly and willing to come and be scolded. If you don’t feel at ease when you are not getting scolded, then you can come and find me all you want. I can scold you every day and feel quite good too.”

“You—” Lu Qi was extremely angry.

“Lu Man.” At that moment, Teacher Liang entered and acted like she did not see the disagreement between Lu Qi and Lu Man. “Make a trip to the principal’s office. This time, the students who’ve won prizes at the Chinese Arts Championships have to meet at the principal’s office to attend the commending ceremony of the school.”

Lu Man responded, mockingly looked at Lu Qi, then left for the office.

Lu Qi stood stiffly on the spot, having totally been treated by Lu Man like she was a joke.

When Lu Man went to the principal’s office, Ni Xue and Li Zeyu were already there.

Li Zeyu greeted Lu Man happily, “On the day of the finals, at the backstage after the competition, Director Sun and Director Ji went to find you. And because you left right after, I did not manage to congratulate you in time.”

“Thank you, Senior,” Lu Man instantly said.

To speak the truth, Li Zeyu was more talented than Ni Xue.

Ni Xue had probably been provoked by Lu Man and managed to perform especially well.

As she was only occasionally able to perform especially well, that could not be considered her normal power. She was not as stable as Li Zeyu, who’s able to maintain that kind of level.

Performing well once would mean that his acting skills had increased, and by a level.

This time, Ni Xue won against Li Zeyu only by 0.1 points, which was a narrow win, and for Li Zeyu, it was a pity.

But the good thing was that he’d also entered The Performer.

If it was not the first place, people tend to feel that there was not much difference between the second and third places.

Principal Liu was not in the office yet, and the three of them were still waiting.

Ni Xue had not spoken to Lu Man at all the whole time, and naturally, Lu Man could not be bothered to acknowledge her.

She did not think that the Li Zeyu she had yet to interact with much was not bad. The two of them randomly chatted and did not cause the atmosphere to feel awkward.

Not long after, Principal Liu entered.

“Lu Man, Li Zeyu, Ni Xue,” Principal Liu called as he smiled. “This time, the three of you performed very well! Taking the top three places! This is a situation that has never happened before in the past years. Before this, our school did have people who got in the top three places, but these last few years, the first place had always been taken by the National Drama Academy. Our National Film Academy has not gotten first place in a very long time! I did not think that this time, you would all not only manage to get first place, but you also took the top three places. Very good, very good! You all are very good! In the past, even when the National Film Academy got the first place, we’ve never gotten the top three at once!”

This time, Principal Liu was really very very prideful, walking with confidence, wanting to run to the Nation Drama Academy to boast every day.

“In a while, after the commending ceremony is over, please gather in the performing arts major office. There will be staff members of The Performer who are going to find you to sign contracts with you,” Principal Liu said.

He looked at the time. “It’s almost time, let’s go now.”

On the way there, Principal Liu was still happy, and everyone could see that his mood was especially good.

“Today, the principals of the other 22 schools will be here,” Principal Liu said. “There’s no need for Principal Zhang to say anything. The National Film Academy is the long-time competitor of the National Drama Academy, as well as of that principal of Nan Hua Media University, Principal Yang, haha!”


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