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“Let’s wait and see. For a judge to be a judge, they must be clear in their hearts. They are all school teachers and have more experience in that area compared to us audience members.”

“They’ve come out,” an audience member said.

Because it was already the second round of the competition with only 50 participants, it was not as rushed and simple as the preliminaries.

In the second round, there were costumes and props, and they tried to make it like the original set of the original show.

In the middle of the stage, there was a bed, and Lu Man lay on the side with her back facing the audience. A head of silver hair was particularly noticeable.

On the big screen was an explanation of the details of the scene, to let the audience be able to understand it clearer.

The Zhang Yizhi that Huang Yilun was acting was fanning the Wu Zetian that Lu Man was acting with his handheld fan. In his eyes were nervousness and uneasiness, along with contradicting expressions, as he stared at Lu Man’s back with complicated emotions.

“Zhang Yizhi is Huang Yilun. Even his eyes are acting. As expected, as soon as he comes out, he manages to attract the attention of everyone. Lu Man is in danger,” someone in the audience commented in a low voice.

At that moment, Lu Man had yet to turn her body. “What are you constantly staring at me for?”

She purposely lowered her voice until it was very deep, very suited for Wu Zetian’s age and power.

When she said that, she managed to turn the attention that was originally on Huang Yilun back to her.

“Oh my gosh! Lu Man is so good! She did not even show her face, she just used her voice to suppress Huang Yilun’s aura.”

“Lu Man’s foundation in her understanding of the script is too good. Knowing what speed to use and when, what to emphasize, what tone to use.”

“I’ll take back my words just now, Ni Xue cannot compare to her.”

“It just started and you’re already saying that? It’s better to wait and see.”

Huang Yilun: “I… I was looking at your newly… newly grown black hair. How do you know that I’m looking at you?”

Lu Man’s tone was calm, as if she did not know of the danger that was going to happen and was still very confident. “For me to be able to reach where I am today, I used this bit of skill. Whether a person can smoothly walk forward, what is most important is to look at the situation behind you. I just have that ability. That’s why I’m where I am now.”

When Lu Man turned around, using her confident gaze that also held disdain to look at Huang Yilun, the audience exploded!

It was like she was Empress Wu herself!

After years of stability, after the destruction and the killings on her way up, she was self-confident and in control of everything, looking at you coldly like you were a clown.

Just one look and it made the audience hold their breath unconsciously.

There was a night that seemed calm but was full of murder, full of the pressure of coming events casting their shadows before them.

Until, in the end, there was a eunuch who sung from afar, “The Nangong Door is peaceful, may your majesty have a good sleep and the world be at peace.”

When the performance ended, Lu Man and Huang Yilun walked to the frontmost of the stage to wait for the reaction of the audience and the judges. The whole area was extremely quiet, the audience unable to return to their senses for a long time.

After 10 seconds under that oppressive atmosphere, the audience finally returned to their senses.

Suddenly, the whole audience was clapping loudly, a moved expression on their faces.

“You acted so well!”

“Not losing to Huang Yilun at all, and even winning in terms of aura!”

“Lu Man had even totally let out the aura of the Old Empress Wu!”

“That line was great, every word, every pause, it was too good!”

“Comparing with Ni Xue? How can Ni Xue compare? There is no possibility of comparison between Ni Xue and her! Even though they are not on the same stage, she was still being oppressed!”

“Ni Xue is quite pitiful, very unlucky to have picked the same role as Lu Man. Even though the script is not the same, they are from the same show, and she was totally oppressed by Lu Man. Really, this shows the difference between the buyer’s knowledge of the item and the seller’s knowledge.”



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