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( Even Though He Regretted It, He Needed To Hold His Tears in)

The broadcasting time was a week before The Performer broadcasts, serving as a kind of pre-broadcast promotion for the show.

But this was a competition among schools organized by the schools, and Xing Ke Station was not participating in the production.

Because of that, there were no tricks like those often seen in Xing Ke Station, and aside from the participants and judges, there were no celebrity guests.

When all the audience members arrived, the organizers stopped letting people in and the security officer closed the entrance.

The various school principals sat on their VIP seats.

After a while, they saw from the VIP entrance one person walking in.

There were people in the audience who exclaimed, “It’s Sun Yiwu! It’s actually Sun Yiwu!”

“Could it be that he’s going to be a judge today?”

“Oh my gosh! If he’s a judge, that is too grand!”

“It’s really not bad for a director to be a judge, they can see a lot of problems that actors cannot.”

However, they guessed wrongly.

They did not think that Sun Yiwu would be seated at the VIP seats.

Principal Liu and the rest hurriedly stood up. “Director Sun.”

“Director Sun!”

“Director Sun!”

Everyone stretched out their arms, wanting to shake hands with Sun Yiwu.

Sun Yiwu shook hands with them one by one to be polite. “I especially asked Young Master Han for tickets so I could watch.”

The principals were all quite shocked at the unexpected favor. They did not think that Sun Yiwu was going to be watching their competition.

After all, Sun Yiwu was an A-list director. After filming Greedy Wolf Operation, his gaze should be on the international stage.

Given how the competitors were students whose performance skills were yet to be mature, they did not think that this kind of small-scale competition would get the attention of a director on the level of Sun Yiwu.

Sun Yiwu smiled and said, “Because Lu Man is in the finals, I’m here to cheer her on.”


Lu Man’s relationship with Sun Yiwu was that good?!

Sun Yiwu had specifically come to watch the competition for Lu Man?!

He’s here just to support Lu Man at the event location!

There were a lot of celebrities who’d worked together with Sun Yiwu before, but no one had received the kind of treatment that Lu Man did!

“I’m just here to watch Lu Man’s performance,” Sun Yiwu said as he smiled. “Everyone, relax a bit.”

The smile of Principal Zhang from the National Drama Academy was ugly.

Lu Man’s relationship with Han Zhuoli was one thing. Why were her other personal connections so good?!

Principal Zhang once again regretted letting Lu Man go before.

But even though he regretted it, he needed to hold his tears in. He couldn’t let Principal Liu see him as a joke!

“I wish we’d known you were coming earlier. It would have been good to have you as a judge,” Principal Yang of Nan Hua Media University said, smiling.

Sun Yiwu smiled and waved his hand. “I’m just here as her elder, as well as an audience member to cheer her on.”

Her elder?

To be Lu Man’s elder?

Everyone was shocked in their hearts again!

Lu Man’s relationship with Sun Yiwu was that good?!

And in the end, Sun Yiwu had not been sitting for very long when someone said in surprise, “It’s Ji Cheng!”

Everyone looked over. It was Ji Cheng, who’d brought his wife along, and his wife was holding the hand of their daughter, who was in her first year in primary school.

Principal Liu and the rest hurriedly stood up to greet them.

They did not know either that Ji Cheng would come today!

Although they were sitting in the VIP area, they did not know that there would be other people in there with them.

“Director Ji!” Principal Liu called.

The other principals refused to be left behind and went up to greet them.

Ji Cheng shook hands with all of them. “You all are being too polite.”

“I did not think that Director Ji would also come!” someone said.

When Principal Zhang heard it, he had a strange feeling that Ji Cheng’s arrival had something to do with Lu Man.

Following that, he heard Ji Cheng laugh and say, “I told Lu Man beforehand that I’ll come to see her in the finals and that she should properly perform.”


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