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(Are You So Scared of Me?)

“Senior Ni, did you think that by telling me this before the competition, you could mess with my emotions and make me commit a mistake when acting on stage?” Lu Man looked at her, face expressionless. “Are you so scared of me?”

Ni Xue’s expression changed, and her face turned white and then red.

The people who had been shocked at Ni Xue’s words, upon seeing Ni Xue’s reaction, started to suspect things.

Just now, they had almost believed Ni Xue’s words.

But after hearing Lu Man’s words, they felt that what Lu Man said had logic.

It was very possible that Ni Xue was saying those things to mess up people’s hearts.

When they saw Ni Xue’s reaction, it seemed to prove Lu Man’s words.

“What rubbish are you saying?! How can I be scared of you?!” Ni Xue paused, then hurried to explain, “Messing with your emotions to make you commit a mistake on stage? I’m not so dirty!”

Lu Man seriously nodded. “In any case, even if you really thought that, you didn’t succeed.”

Ni Xue: “…”

Why were this person’s words so angering?!

“Lu Man!”

Zheng Yuan, Pan Xue, and Han Leilei ran in.

“Why did you all come over?” When Lu Man saw the three, her mood became a lot better.

The three of them had heard Ni Xue’s words just now.

They were not familiar with Ni Xue, but looking at Ni Xue’s actions, they did not have any good impressions of her.

When Pan Xue rushed over, she had taken the chance to squeeze Ni Xue aside, not allowing her to stay here and bother Lu Man.

Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei just happened to take up the places next to Lu Man, and even if Ni Xue wanted to come over, she could not.

Lu Man saw what the three were doing and could not help but smile. Inside her heart, she felt very warm because of the actions of these three.

“We came over to see you,” Zheng Yuan said. “To cheer you on before the competition.”

“We’ll leave after we say some things to you. We won’t bother you and distract you from looking at your script,” Pan Xue said.

“It’s no bother. I was not planning on looking at my script,” Lu Man explained and moved some stools over for them to sit.

There was only that bit of space backstage, and there were not a lot of seats, but because there were a lot of people, the organizers had prepared a lot of round stools to meet the numbers.

“You aren’t looking at your script?” Han Leilei was shocked. “You’re not nervous at all?”

“Nervous? Of course I’m nervous. You can only concentrate when you’re feeling nervous,” Lu Man said as she smiled. “However, in these 10 days, I’ve memorized the script completely. There is no need to look at it anymore at this time. Basically, after I see the first word, I know the paragraphs that follow. If I look at it any more, then I’ll have to puke. It’s better to properly adjust my emotions and pacing right now, because when I get on stage, only then can I reach my best state.”

Lu Man did not purposely avoid letting anyone hear her when she was speaking, and Ni Xue heard it clearly.

She felt dumb. Could it be that running to make trouble for Lu Man just now in order to not let her see the script was useless work?

“Ah, then we’ll go first. Properly adjust your emotion,” Zheng Yuan said, then clenched her hands into fists towards Lu Man. “Good luck!”


After sending Zheng Yuan and the rest off, Lu Man returned to her own seat, closing her eyes to adjust her own emotions to slowly cultivate her emotions.

This was to make her emotions reach the most suitable and fullest state before she got on stage.

Teacher Wan, Teacher Fang, Teacher Yao, and Teacher Hong also went backstage.

Not just to look at Lu Man, but also to look at Ni Xue and Li Zeyu.

In case they were met with some problems in terms of performance, they could solve it in time.

And at that moment, in front of the stage, the audience members were slowly getting seated.

It was different from the previous two rounds. The finals with the top ten would be recorded and broadcasted on Xing Ke Station’s webpage.


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