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(Since You Are Already Engaged, Stop Changing Your Mind Frequently)

And so, she had never celebrated her birthday properly.

After a long while, she no longer cared about her birthday.

She did not even think that people would care about it.

It seemed like, ever since she could remember, she did not have any awareness of when her birthday was.

Because of that, she did not even mention anything about celebrating her birthday to Han Zhuoli, not even giving any hints.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man, his heart feeling pain like it had been pinched.

This girl, she was very strong a lot of the time, but sometimes, she made his heart ache so much.

After noticing that his gaze was not quite the same, Lu Man raised her head to look at him. She was about to ask what the matter was when a sound of surprise interrupted her. “Young Master Han!”

Lu Man looked over and saw that Ni Xue was at the entrance of the theater and had called out in shock.

Lu Man realized only then that they had somehow already reached their destination.

Han Zhuoli slightly frowned, not able to remember who Ni Xue was.

Ni Xue’s gaze could not help but look towards Han Zhuoli and Lu Man’s hands.

She had seen the two of them walk over just now. Why was Lu Man walking together with Han Zhuoli?

When she saw Han Zhuoli frown, Ni Xue’s heart could not help but stop for a while.

Seeing Han Zhuoli frown and look cold really made people feel nervous.

“Young Master Han, I’m Ni Xue. I’m a student who’s entered the finals in the Chinese Arts Championships this time, and I’m in Year Four student at the National Film Academy,” Ni Xue said, carefully introducing herself.

Han Zhuoli just coldly nodded at her.

Ni Xue could not help but be curious, but she did not dare to ask Han Zhuoli anything and could only ask Lu Man, “Did you meet Young Master Han on the way here?”

Without waiting for Lu Man to answer, Han Zhuoli said, “Let’s go. I want to go backstage to see the students participating in the competition today.”

Ni Xue understood then. It seemed like Lu Man had met Han Zhuoli on the road today and especially came over together with Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli originally wanted to go backstage to take a look, and that was why he was with Lu Man and did not chase her away.

Ni Xue felt unhappy in her heart. This Lu Man was really too thick-skinned, sticking to Han Zhuoli when she saw him.

How shameless!

Ni Xue looked down on Lu Man in her heart as she walked next to Han Zhuoli’s other side.

The whole way backstage, she kept wanting to make conversation with Han Zhuoli.

But it was a pity that Han Zhuoli ignored her and did not respond to her much all the way there. It was just Ni Xue being one-sidedly excited, and it seemed like she was speaking to herself.

Han Zhuoli was just finding an excuse to send Lu Man backstage. Otherwise, if he’d let Lu Man walk together with Ni Xue alone, he would really not have been at ease.

After entering the backstage, they found that most of the students competing had already arrived.

Han Zhuoli simply said some encouraging words, then left.

Ni Xue took out her script and wanted to look through it again, but this was just a reaction in her nervous state.

The truth was, with the practice she’d done these past 10 days, she had long memorized those lines very well.

Looking at it again at this time was just a habit. She wanted to make sure there was no mistake at all.

After reading a few lines, Ni Xue found she could not really absorb them.

Turning around to see that Lu Man had just found a seat, Ni Xue suddenly thought of something.

Anyway, she had already practically eaten the script. If she wasn’t going to look at it, she would not let Lu Man look at hers either.

Perhaps when Lu Man went on stage, she would make a mistake.

Ni Xue was thinking that way and walked over. “Lu Man.”

“Senior Ni,” Lu Man calmly called.

Ni Xue looked at the engagement ring on her left hand. “I heard that you are already engaged.”

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded.

“Then why are you still bothering Young Master Han?” Ni Xue suddenly raised her voice to let everyone who was preparing backstage hear it. “Since you are already engaged, stop changing your mind frequently.”

Lu Man raised an eyebrow. To win, Ni Xue really would do anything.


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