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(Lu Man Came to Slap Faces Again)

“I also think that way.” Li Lingmei stood by Liu Lijin’s side.

Now that the situation had become like this, the three of them could only retreat together.

Actually, until this moment, the three of them still could not understand why the situation had become as such.

It should not have been like this, and it should not be this serious.

It was just about an insignificant Lu Man, so how had things escalated to the point where it could not be solved?

Although the three of them were purposely still fighting on on the surface, they were already starting to regret it in their hearts.

If they’d known earlier, they would not have gone out to oppress Lu Man.

Sun Changfang felt even more troubled. He was regretting it in his heart, but he was still full of hatred at the same time.

And now, he was even angrier at Lu Man.

Before this, he did not like her because he was standing on the same side as his friend. Now, it had become his own personal vendetta.

Sun Changfang thought angrily in his heart that if he were to get the chance in the future, he would not let Lu Man off at all.

Yet now, he could not think about that and had to get over the current situation first.

Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo were both very short-tempered, and upon hearing the shameless words of those three, they instantly became so angry that they stood up.

Old Mr. Han pulled on Old Mrs. Han while Han Xijin comforted Shen Nuo. “Zhuoli is right there, why are you so anxious?”

At that moment, Lu Man had already walked over to stand in front of the judges’ table where Sun Changfang originally sat. She bent to pick up a voice recorder near the chair.

“Do you want evidence?” Lu Man started to smile and stood up to stand next to Han Zhuoli.

When Han Zhuoli saw what she was holding, he mildly smiled and left it to Lu Man to do what she wanted.

Lu Man pressed the voice recorder, and Sun Changfang’s voice rang out. “Lu Man would be eliminated no matter what today. Let’s discuss how we should give marks to the following four people.”

Following that, they heard Li Lingmei say, “How should we give marks? Based on the order, you’ll be the first one to give marks, and after we are done giving marks, it will be Zhang Guangtao’s turn. If we give them high marks, Zhang Guangtao and the rest could purposely reduce their marks to let Lu Man win. What do we do then?”

Sun Changfang and the other two’s facial expressions changed.

They were especially familiar with these words.

They had said them just now.

At this time, Liu Lijin’s voice rang out. “What Teacher Sun said has logic. We give marks that are reasonable. Even if they want to find problems with it, they can’t. After all, we three are people with experience.”

“With experience?”

Everyone’s heart became colder and colder.

What experience?

Could it be that it was not the first time they’d done this as judges?

Did they often do this kind of thing in the past?

Otherwise, where could that kind of experience have come from?

“Then, in the competition after this, please take care of the children from our school, too.”

“Don’t worry. The three of us together, we can help to raise the results of the children from our schools.”

Sun Changfang and the other two’s expressions became worse and worse, and Liu Lijin and Li Lingmei became anxious.

They did not think that Lu Man would record their words!

When did this happen?!

“Enough! Stop playing it!” Liu Lijin said anxiously.

Lu Man obeyed and switched it off. Anyway, the parts that she wanted to let people know had already played out.

“I just found out that these three teachers don’t care about the acting skills of the person when giving marks. Before the contestant comes on stage, before you watch their performance, you already know whether their acting will be good or not, and you don’t need to see their performance before giving marks.” Lu Man smiled coldly. “I admire you guys, really.”

“What else is there to say now?” Han Zhuoli questioned coldly.


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