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(We Aren’t Giving Up the Judges’ Seat)

Sun Changfang’s smile fell immediately.

Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin looked at each other, unable to help but show happiness on their faces.

Manager Hao had already used his position to confirm that Han Zhuoli would not switch them out, that even if they were to be changed, it would be because the six of them together were being switched out.

However, the two of them had still felt uneasy. Sun Changfang’s demeanor had been very confident, and even though they did not know where he got his confidence from, they had still been affected by it.

And now that they’d heard the organizers wanted to switch out Sun Changfang and the other two, Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin let out a breath of relief. The smile on their faces became even more obvious.

Sun Changfang and the other two were stunned. “We were grading properly, so why… why are you switching us out?”

“Do you really not know why they are changing you guys?” Principal Liu, who’d walked over, said with a cold smile.

Han Zhuoli said coldly, “I was not at the event location in the competition before and did not know about the existence of the unfairness in the grading. But today, I came and saw it with my own eyes. The Chinese Arts Championships is being invested in by the Han Corporation and held by 23 schools together. The Han Corporation is willing to invest in the Chinese Arts Championships because we want to help develop the new generation of actors. The Han Corporation chose the six of you out of trust. But today, when I went to the event location, I saw a very unfair grading. It is unfair to the students participating and has ruined the Chinese Arts Championships’s reputation as well.”

“The Han Corporation’s original goal in investing in the Chinese Arts Championships is to make it clean and transparent, without any casting couches, without any background manipulators. We want to make it an open and fair competition in order to give every student a fair chance to compete, to let everyone have the same starting point. The Chinese Arts Championships have been held five times over the years, and never before has a disgusting situation like this one happened. The reputation of the Chinese Arts Championships cannot be ruined in your hands. The 23 schools present are all famous. The reputation of the schools cannot be ruined because of you, an outsider,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

“Well said!” There were audience seats nearby and those seated had heard Han Zhuoli’s words.

After hearing about what had happened from the others, everyone else started to shout out.

Sun Changfang and the other two had totally red faces, and seeing He Shuxin and Zhang Guangtao’s smiling faces, they became even more embarrassed.

Being thick-skinned, Sun Changfang refused to admit his mistake. “Young Master Han, I don’t know what you are talking about, what did we do wrong? If you aren’t happy with us, you can just switch us out. But you saying that our grading is unfair and that it ruins the reputation of the Chinese Arts Championships, we refuse to acknowledge it. We can’t ruin the reputation of Chinese Arts Championships, but we won’t allow our reputations to be ruined either!”

“It’s alright even if you don’t admit it. After you’ve been stripped of your role as a judge, the Han Corporation will do an investigation on your unfair grading,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

“Good job, Young Master Han!”

“Young Master Han did brilliantly!”

The audience members had started to shout.

“Sun Changfang, hurry and get off! Don’t shamelessly refuse to leave!”

“You aren’t admitting it? We all saw it! You still don’t want to admit to it?”

“We are all witnesses! Your grading is unfair!”

“Yes.” Liu Lijin saw that if she did not say anything now, her future and her career from now on were going to be ruined. Hence, she stood up.

At this moment, she could only be like Sun Changfang, refusing to admit anything.

Anyway, this matter about grading was very dependent on subjective assessment. So what if they graded slightly lower?

You can be unhappy about it, but you can’t specifically say that something was wrong.

“We must make this thing clear. You can’t wrongly accuse us. We can give up our seats as judges, but we can’t give it up like this,” Liu Lijin said. “If you can’t clear up this misunderstanding, we aren’t giving up the judges’ seat. We won’t let this competition continue either!”


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