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( Must You Really Bet with Such High Stakes?)

Everyone had their own jobs. They could not leave their jobs and not care about it, right?

And given what suddenly occurred today, Han Zhuoli probably decided that on the spot.

The emcee was full of questions but did not dare to ask any of them. She could only follow Han Zhuoli’s orders.

The audience members were already not able to sit still. “What’s going on? Are they still competing or not?”

“What’s there to compete for? This is such an unfair competition, so what’s the use of competing? If they don’t fire Sun Changfang and the other two, what’s the use of continuing?”

“If they want to continue the competition, let’s make trouble. As long as Sun Changfang and the other two won’t step down, we can’t let them compete!”

“Right! This is practically taking the students’ futures for a joke! The students are doing their best to prepare for the competition, wanting to get good results, and in the end, the judges give marks not based on performance but based on feelings. Are you kidding me?”

“What is going on? Why is no one coming out to say anything?!”

At that moment, the emcee walked to the front of the stage. “Everyone, we are very sorry. There have been some problems regarding today’s judging, so the competition will be paused for a while.”

“What happened? Are they not competing?” the audience off stage began to ask.

“It’s not that the competition would stop, it’s just a temporary pause to change some things. The competition today will still continue. For this competition, it’s been decided that the judges will be changed,” the emcee said. “Please don’t be impatient, everyone. If you want to continue watching the competition, please patiently wait for a while.”

“Changing the judges?” the audience members asked. “Who are you changing? Are you changing Sun Changfang out?”

“Support changing Sun Changfang, change Sun Changfang!”

Regarding the answers to the audience members’ questions of the audience, the emcee also did not know anything and could only not answer.

Just let the audience think that.

If they also changed out Zhang Guangtao and the other two, it would at least not cause trouble if the audience did not learn of it right now.

Sun Changfang obviously did not think that they would change him out. Even if they wanted to change someone out, it would be Zhang Guangtao and the other two who were breaking the rules of judging, actually giving people full marks.

Sun Changfang laughed and calmly took out his thermal flask to drink tea. “You guys, it’s really not right to give full marks, so now you are getting changed out. What meaning does giving full marks have? Could this still be called a competition?”

Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin’s faces were dark. They did not want to interact with such an unscrupulous person like Sun Changfang.

Even if the organizers wanted to change them out, they did not regret it. They were just worried that the judges to replace them would be like Sun Changfang and that the bunch of them would make a mess together.

Then the students after this would be in even bigger trouble.

Manager Hao saw what the two of them were worried about and said in his heart: these two were the truly good teachers. What kind of teacher was Sun Changfang?!

“Don’t worry,” Manager Hao said in a low voice, not letting Sun Changfang hear him.

Looking at how Sun Changfang was gloating, he felt disgusted and nauseated.

Let Sun Changfang gloat for a while more.

After a while, he would not be able to gloat anymore.

“Young Master Han won’t change the three of us out,” Manager Hao said confidently.

It would be strange for Han Zhuoli to let the Sun Changfang who’d been troubling Lu Man continue to stay.

Although he did not ask Han Zhuoli what he was going to do exactly, who he was going to change out was very obvious.

He was anticipating how interesting Sun Changfang’s expression would be when he realized he’s the one being ousted.

“Manager Hao, can you confirm that?” Zhang Guangtao asked in a low voice.

“Of course.” Manager Hao confidently pointed at the seat under his butt. “If he isn’t changing those three, I’ll instantly go and resign.”

Zhang Guangtao: “…”

He Shuxin: “…”

Manager, must you really bet with such high stakes?


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