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(Change the Judge)

Although this rule was not written in black and white, everyone followed this unspoken rule wherein giving lower marks was preferred over giving full marks.

Them doing this was messing around with the order of the competition!

Wait ’til Han Zhuoli found them to reprimand them!

“Betting your futures to protect one Lu Man, is it worth it?” Sun Changfang asked while smiling coldly.

Zhang Guangtao said just as coldly, “So what? I’m not an unscrupulous person like you!”

He Shuxin said, “You did not have any interaction with Lu Man from the start. Why did you have to target her? By doing this, you’re just harming people with no benefit to yourself.”


Originally, Sun Changfang just really did not like Lu Man. Also, having some relations with Zhang Lun, he naturally would be in the same team as the more traditional people.

Feeling that his group of old people was being oppressed by Lu Man, a little girl, without being able to attack back was really embarrassing.

It just so happened that there was this competition and Lu Man was also taking part. Hence, he took this chance to give Lu Man a lesson.

Anyway, he was a judge. How to give marks, wasn’t he the one who decided it?

Who’d have known that one Lu Man could make the situation such a mess that it would become like this?

Sun Changfang did not think at the start that this thing would become such a big mess.

An ordinary student without any background could only stay mum and accept it when met with this kind of situation.

Hadn’t Lu Man kept silent all along, not daring to make this situation big?

From the start to the end, the most she said was that she was not scared of getting oppressed.

Yet who’d have guessed that there would be so many audience members who’d be unhappy about it?

What Sun Changfang did not know was that there were some audience members who had recorded it and uploaded the video on the Internet.

They could not go on the Internet right now, but the truth was that the Internet had already exploded.

“This kind of competition, what meaning does it have? The judge does not give marks based on acting skills and instead bases it on their personal likes. Whoever they liked, they’ll give high marks to. They even gave only their school’s students high marks. What sort of value does this kind of competition have?”

“The Chinese Arts Championships have already become a joke because of Sun Changfang and the other two.”

“Strongly requesting for the organizer to change these three people. This kind of judges would not be fair to all the participants!”

Quite a lot of netizens tagged the 23 schools and the Han Corporation together.

Even Li Zeyu and the rest were so angry they were looking through Weibo.

So their makrs were all purposely lowered by Sun Changfang!

Li Zeyu and the others had already finished competing for the second round and had successfully passed. At that moment, they were watching from the audience seats, planning on seeing who their competitors after that would be.

No one could have guessed that they would be met with this kind of situation.

But Li Zeyu and the rest were different from Lu Man. Lu Man dared to directly attack back, but they did not dare to.

They were scared that in the future competitions, Sun Changfang would still be a judge and that, if they angered Sun Changfang, the marks he’d give would be even lower.

Hence, they could only silently look at Weibo, not even daring to like anything.

At that moment, at the event location.

The emcee walked towards Han Zhuoli. “Young Master Han?”

“Stop the competition temporarily,” Han Zhuoli said. “Let the workers go out and explain matters to the audience.”

“Then… why are we stopping the competition?” the emcee said.

“To change the judges,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.


The emcee was stunned.

Change the judges?


All of them?

Where were they to find so many suitable judges?

They’d need to have sufficient qualifications, experience, and a certain amount of reputation.

The few on stage right now had been decided on after a long discussion.

There was also the problem of discussing schedules with the judges.

And so, even if they could find suitable people, they might not have time.

This was not something the Han Corporation could have done just by saying one sentence.


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