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(Bullying Lu Man, a Young Girl)

This time, Old Mrs. Han liked Lu Man not just because she was her granddaughter-in-law. She liked Lu Man even more because of her ability to see the big picture.

Taking action for the benefit of the whole—this kind of schemer, this kind of ability to control the crowd, this kind of person was very likable.

Whoever’s family this girl entered should count themselves blessed.

“It means that she is the kind of person who looks at not only the near future but also sees very far ahead,” said a deep male voice that rang out.

Everyone turned around in shock and saw that it was actually Han Xijin who arrived.

“Aiya, why did you come over?” Old Mrs. Han asked in surprise.

“Just finished working. I came over to take a look.” Han Xijin also had to come over to understand his daughter-in-law, right?

Normally, he was busy with work and could not keep an eye on Lu Man’s matters like the Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo.

He did not know a lot about Lu Man, and he did not understand Lu Man well enough.

Although he trusted the judgment of the seniors in their house, he had to take a look more in order to understand more and eventually feel more at ease.

When he came today, he did not think that he would witness this sudden situation that Lu Man would have to deal with.

Not only did Lu Man have a strong ability, but she was also smart and independent. She was able to see the big picture in the situation today and managed to remain calm and self-confident.

This kind of girl was really very suitable for the Han Family!

Originally, the Han Family’s elders had had low expectations of Han Zhuoli’s future wife. As long as she did not drag him down, that had been enough.

Han Zhuoli could accomplish big things. As long as there was no one dragging Han Zhuoli down, the Han Family would be able to become better and better under his leadership.

They did not think that Lu Man’s appearance would be so surprising.

Not only was she not dragging him down, it was even the opposite. He could already imagine how they would look when Lu Man and Han Zhuoli worked together.

The saying “brains are better than brawn” applied to Lu Man.

Han Xijin smiled in satisfaction. There was really no one more suitable than Lu Man.

“Hmph, that Sun Changfang and Li Lingmei. When you go back, go and check why they are targeting Lu Man. Giving her such low marks, how disgusting!” Old Mrs. Han said.

Han Xijin nodded and smiled. “Actually, there is no need for me to check. Zhuoli would not let them go.”

Dai Yiran was in the audience seats and noticed that the Han Family were all in the VIP seats, all having come to watch the competition. She was so shocked that she did not even bother to watch the judges give marks anymore.

It was just a small competition. Why were all the Han Family members activated?

At that moment, the emcee who had already returned to her senses hurried and asked Liu Lijin to show her marks.

But they did not expect that Liu Lijin’s marks would make people angry again.

7.8 marks!

Liu Lijin actually gave only 7.8 marks!

What did the judges today want to do?!

Even the emcee started to scold in her heart, This group of people is not properly giving marks. Do they feel that the competition is not messy enough?!

Liu Lijin’s marks were already a bit higher than Sun Changfang’s and Li Lingmei’s, but what was this 7.8?!

The audience members became angry again.

Xia Qingwei said angrily, “What are they doing? Are they bullying Lu Man, a young girl?”

“The first and the second gave low marks, and now the third has also given such a low score. What is wrong with them?!” Old Mrs. Han was extremely angry.

The audience that had been calmed down by Lu Man with much difficulty began to make noise again.

“Can this competition even go on like this?”

“Are they done or not?!”

“What is wrong with these judges!”

Principal Liu also stood up with a dark face.

With three people giving such low marks, anyone would be able to see that there was a problem.

But what could he do?

The marks had already been given out. Even though they knew there was a problem, they could not do anything to them.

If they insisted that they felt that Lu Man’s performance was no good and refused to give high marks, what could they do?!


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