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( Admit Defeat)

They started to draw lots starting from the school with the most people who managed to advance.

Because the competition this time was being held at the National Drama Academy, the National Drama Academy students started to draw lots first. Then it was the National Film Academy students’ turn, then those from the Donghua Academy of Drama, the Donghua Film Academy, the National Media University, then the three universities of Nan Hua.

“Everyone, please register your groups yourself,” the new head of the National Drama Academy’s performing arts major, Teacher Wang, said.

The people of the National Film Academy did not instantly go to register, and she did not know what they were waiting for.

Lu Man did not really care and went to register herself first.

And the National Film Academy students were currently pushing each other, causing people to find them very strange, not knowing what they were doing.

“Go and look at which group Lu Man is in,” Ni Xue told Dong Jingxi.

“Why me? I’m a girl. This kind of thing, it’s more suitable to have a boy to do it.” Dong Jingxi tried to push the responsibility away.

“It’s not like we’re going to war. We’re just seeing what Lu Man drew, why can’t we go?” Yang Ruilin said. “Anyway, the idea was yours. If you don’t go, who should go?”

Everyone all agreed to have Dong Jingxi go, and Dong Jingxi could only go unwillingly, pretending to be registering but first going to see which group Lu Man was in.

In the end, she saw Lu Man’s name was written under the fifth group.

Dong Jingxi was stunned instantly and hurriedly turned back to leave.

The teacher in charge of registering called her from the back, “Student, you haven’t registered yet.”

Dong Jingxi did not acknowledge her and, instead, left even quicker to return to the National Film Academy students’ side.

“What happened? What group is Lu Man in?” everyone asked one by one.

Dong Jingxi licked her lips and, after a while, said, “The fifth group.”

Everyone lowered their heads to check the groups they drew, and all of them let out a breath of relief.

Thankfully, they were not in the same group as her.

If it were three people entering out of the five, or two people entering out of the five, they were willing to try to compete. Even if they could not manage to win against Lu Man, at least they could compete with the others.

But it was one of the five entering now!

Whoever was in the same group as Lu Man would be unlucky!

Unless Lu Man were to make a mistake, who could compete with her?

Instead of praying that Lu Man would mess up, which depended so much on luck and coincidence, it was better to pray that they would not be in the same group as Lu Man.

When Dong Jingxi saw their reactions, she felt very depressed!

Before this, they were discussing how to oppress Lu Man and eliminate her.

And now?

Don’t even mention oppressing, they were all hoping that they would not be in the same group as Lu Man. How could they play like this?

Dong Jingxi put her number in front of Li Zeyu.

Li Zeyu blinked. “What are you doing?”

“I’m giving this to you. Didn’t we agree on it before? Whoever is in the same group as Lu Man, they will exchange with you,” Dong Jingxi said.

She did not plan on eliminating Lu Man right now anymore. She just wanted to throw this difficult-to-handle problem out to someone else.

Li Zeyu sneered, “I’m not going to participate in this anymore.”

“Why? Didn’t we agree on it beforehand?” Dong Jingxi questioned, worked up. She had already placed all her hopes on Li Zeyu.

Li Zeyu smiled coldly. “Do you think I’m dumb? You don’t want to be in the same group as Lu Man because you’ll surely lose, so you want to change places with me? But likewise, I don’t want to lose. I’m not scared of saying it out loud and embarrassing myself. I don’t act as well as Lu Man. I admit defeat. So I won’t change places with you. Dong Jingxi, don’t think that everyone is dumb, you don’t want to be eliminated so you’re trying to make me take your place.”

Li Zeyu took his number to go and register, not giving Dong Jingxi a chance to change places at all.

Dong Jingxi held her number and could only go to register, her face white.


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