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(Another Big Fuss)

The emcee laughed. “How about you be a bit more specific?”

“To be more specific, Teacher He and Teacher Zhang have already said it. Furthermore, I’m representing the Han Corporation to pick people. We are not using the textbook acting angle to judge students. Instead, we are making an overall judgment on how well the student can advance. As an actor, Lu Man’s acting skills cannot be doubted. And as a celebrity, Lu Man is outstanding in various areas. Her acting skills are not bad, and her looks are also not bad. It’s very rare that a person can be so good in all areas. You all are giving marks based on acting skills, but I’m giving marks based on overall standard, and so I gave 9.8.”

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

And because of that, Lu Man’s marks were so high they reached 54.6!

She was currently ranked first, and it was very possible that after the preliminaries end, she would still be ranked first!

Among the other students from the National Film Academy, Dong Jingxi was in the first group with 45.6 points.

Li Zeyu was in the second group and had the final result of 48.9.

They both had a very large point difference with Lu Man.

Dong Jingxi and Li Zeyu’s facial expressions were not good because of that; they were under a lot of pressure.

Before this, Dong Jingxi had even said that if they were picked to be in the same group as Lu Man, they were to switch with Li Zeyu and have Li Zeyu kick Lu Man out.

But now that they were looking at it, what kicking her out?!

The Li Zeyu with the best acting skills among them had such a big difference of 5.7 marks!

And the stress levels of the National Film Academy students who had yet to act were even higher than Li Zeyu and Dong Jingxi.

Lu Man’s results were like a set goal, very high up, waiting for them to try to surpass it. If they did not surpass it, it would be like they failed.

And because of this, when Lu Man returned backstage, all the students who were participating did not have a very good expression. Their faces were dark, and not a single person congratulated Lu Man.

Lu Man did not know of their stress, and she did not care, being too lazy to find out about it.

It was just that after the competition that day ended, there was another big fuss online.

Lu Man’s fans had published the video of the competition that day onto Weibo, including Lu Man’s performance, and a few videos of the other competing students’ performances.

Lu Man not only had a lot of hardcore fans now, but even her likeability among the public was not bad.

When the netizens saw the results Sun Changfang gave Lu Man, they all expressed their unhappiness.

“What’s with that Sun Changfang? There’s someone acting not that well whom he gave 8.2 marks to. Lu Man had acted so well and he gave her only 7.9?”

“I was at the event location at that time, and to tell you the truth, a lot of people in the audience cried after Lu Man acted. Given this acting skill and ability to pull the audience, 7.9 is disgusting. He’s trying to oppress a talent.”

“Why did they choose this kind of person as a judge?”

“Who is Sun Changfang? I used Baidu to search it up. Although this person acts in theater productions, he’s never been the main character before. Of course, there are a lot of older talents with a lot of acting skills, and when they act in theater productions, they might not be the main character, but they are famous and well-known. This kind of not-famous person whom I’ve never heard about before, being so picky when you are a judge, aren’t you being too arrogant?!”

“Is this kind of unfair judge suitable?”

It became more and more messy online, and a lot of netizens ran to the Chinese Arts Championships official Weibo to protest.

Sun Changfang finally could not sit still anymore and posted, “I’m judging from a professional viewpoint. I naturally have my reasons for giving this score. I’ve always been stricter than other teachers, and giving this marks is for Lu Man’s own good, hoping that she won’t be arrogant and would continue to better herself. There is no limit to acting, and she still has a lot of points where she’s lacking. She shouldn’t lose herself because of the praise of the outside world.”


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