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The gates of the warehouse opened and Jonson walked in.     

Jonson was wearing a dark grey suit and was accompanied by four bodyguards. He looked formidable but his face was kinder and his demeanour was more polite than that of Eric's.     

Jonson knew that Bobby and Eric had kidnapped Cherry and brought her here.

 On entering, he didn't pay any heed to either of them and walked straight towards Cherry. He stood in front of her and respectfully said,"Mrs. Cherry, I hope you're alright. I am Jonson."    

Jonson was sincerely kind and his voice harboured no viciousness at all. Jonson was a reasonable man and did not appreciate this move by Eric. Jackson and him had a few issues to deal with amongst themselves. But he saw no reason to drag Cherry into this mess. 

Especially when she was pregnant. Cherry had nothing to do with all of this.  

 Cherry slightly nodded her head, still hesitant to speak anything. She looked into Jonson's eyes and saw a lot of kindness. His face had a tender, concerned look. 'He seems like a nice person, or is he?' thought Cherry.     

After speaking to Cherry, Jonson looked around and saw Lily, standing in a corner.

 He went closer to speak to her and realized that he had met her somewhere before. He couldn't recall where or how he knew her, but he just felt that he recognised her.    

 When Lily saw Jonson looking at her with a knowing expression, she felt as if she was busted. She realised that Jonson may have identified her even though she was trying very hard to hide herself from the situation. According to Lily, there were two kinds of people in this world: those who looked tough and cruel from outside but were kind and naive inside and those, who looked calm and kind on the outside but are vicious inside. Lily knew that Jonson fit into the latter category of people.   

"Who are you?" Jonson asked her.     

"I am the housemaid of the Chu family, Sir. Madam is pregnant and her health is delicate at the moment. That is why I am accompanying her,"  replied Lily in a respectful manner. She didn't want Jonson to get suspicious of her, but at the same time, she wasn't an actress either. She was worried whether she could pull this off or not. At first, Lily decided to not make an eye contact. But she realised that it would make him even more suspicious of her, so she raised her head and looked at Jonson in the eye.   

  "Oh, a housemaid, is it?" Jonson continued in a menacing voice. "Well, for a housemaid, you look very polite and well-spoken."  

  'Is he speaking well of me or is he being sarcastic?' Lily was confused, not being able to tell the difference.   

Soon after, Jonson turned to look at Eric who seemed to be annoyed about something. "Why are you so angry?" he said in a simple way.   

  "Why are you so late?" You should be ashamed for making Mrs. Cherry wait for you for so long!" Eric said, furiously.    

 "Oh, really? So now you think I am important?" Jonson retorted. He was upset because Eric had not asked him before kidnapping Cherry and bringing her to the warehouse. It was Eric's plan all along, and while Jonson had not objected to it because his principles disallowed him to harm an innocent woman. It seemed to Jonson that Eric was now putting the blame on him.    

 "Alright, now forget all that and let's focus on what is to be done immediately now,"  Eric spoke in a low voice, so that only Jonson could hear him. Cherry, Lily and Bobby were all standing farther and couldn't make out what he was saying. 

    "Has Jackson found out that we have taken Cherry?" Jonson asked.   

"I'm sure that by now he knows. He loves his wife to bits and has been keeping a close watch over her lately. Today, we managed to kidnap her at one chance we got, while he was away. He must have gone home and realised that she has been taken."   

 "So, will he know that it was us who kidnapped his wife?" Jonson's interrogation continued.    

 "He has nobody else to be suspicious of, I suppose." Eric looked sure. He continued to explain,"Only recently, we had asked him about the token. He was so taken aback, when we inquired. Now that his wife has disappeared, I'm sure he would have put two and two together."    

"So then now we're just waiting for Jackson to show up here, is it?" Jonson was now blank and out of ideas. He plonked himself down on a chair.     

Eric followed the suit. He sat next to Jonson and whispered,"Jackson will show up sooner or later. If he shows up without the token, then we force him to submit his power of attorney and transfer all of JC Group's holdings to us.

 All we want is the power and money to rule this city. If he refuses to give us that, then I'm afraid this is the last time he will see his wife and unborn child."  

"What...wait!" Jonson suddenly raised a hand against Eric gesturing him to stop talking.    

 "What happened?" Eric exclaimed and gave him a confused look.    

 "Get a grip on yourself! You are talking about harming two innocent lives! Don't forget how kind Andrew has been to us and how indebted we are to him. We should try and sort things out with Jackson peacefully. All we want is power. This woman is his wife, we can't harm her and his unborn child for it. We'll try and talk to him first." Jonson retrospected and remembered how kind Andrew had been to them and how much he owed to Andrew. His ambition was wild but he didn't want to be heartless either. He did not want to be so cruel.   

"Well we are human enough to have not caught his son and brought him here. We are leaving the Chu family a descendant, that is as good as we can go." Eric's voice spat spite and fury. He was very angry. He had felt that by not dragging his son and wife both here, he had already done them a kindhearted favour. 

Eric really wanted to see the boy, having heard a lot about his intelligence.   

"Eric, stop being so impudent! We have agreed that if Jackson brings the token, we'll obey his commands. This is what we had promised Andrew and there is no way we are going against it!" Jonson scolded Eric. As humongous the benefits were, Jonson could not forget or undermine Andrew's contribution to his own life. He wouldn't have been who he was, without Andrew's help.   

  "Well, we'll see about that when he brings us the token,"  said Eric. He knew that the token of the Chu family had been missing for quiet sometime. And the whereabouts were unknown. There was a chance that Jackson might not have it either. The token could have been with other people.   

With this, Jonson also fell silent. They waited for Jackson to show up. 

    Watching Jonson succumb to silence, Eric was now sure that he had managed to convince Jonson of his words. He too leaned back and waited. The men at the door had been ordered to call and inform them, if Jackson did show up. Then they would be prepared for him. All there was to do now was wait.     

"Mrs. Cherry, are you tired of standing there? Do you need a chair or something?" Eric pretended to show concern for Cherry. Without waiting for a response, he winked at Bobby, who then pulled a chair for her.     

Bobby carefully left the chair next to her. But Cherry remained standing and did not move at all. The atmosphere was very tense, with all the bodyguards and the warehouse. She was too scared to move an inch, even though nothing worth fearing for had happened so far.   

"What on earth do you want?" Cherry asked, impatiently. She was getting very anxious and uneasy because she was in a horrible place like this, without Jackson by her side.

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