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(Unexpected meeting (2)

Bobby stopped at last and so did Lily and Cherry.     

"Boss, this is Mrs. Cherry,"  Bobby introduced Cherry and then silently walked to one side of the room and stood there.     

Cherry was still fixating on the man sitting on the stool, but she couldn't make out if it was Eric or Jonson. 'Bobby only has two bosses, and this man must be one of them, ' she assumed.     

"Hello, Mrs. Cherry,"  Eric greeted with a slinky voice and a hideous smile. He got up and slowly walked towards Cherry and Lily.     

As Eric approached Cherry, Lily flung herself before him, arms stretched out. "Stop, don't get one step closer than you are now,"  she said defiantly.   

Taken aback by Lily's spontaneity and her formidable tone, Eric paused and observed her discreetly. 'Who is this old woman?' he wondered, looking puzzled. 

'I'm always very satisfied with Bobby's perfect work. But this time he failed me. I only asked him to get Cherry, but why did he have to pick up this old woman as well?' he thought with discontent. He figured, judging by her attitude, that she was no ordinary person.    

 Eric's eyes darted towards Bobby, as he cast furious glances at him.    

 When Bobby's eyes caught Eric's, he noticed the fury in his eyes but could not understand what he was angry about. He wondered if he had done something wrong.     

But the next moment, he looked at Lily and realised why Eric was angry at him.   

  He calmly explained,"She is a maid and she works for the Chu family. I got her here with us because Mrs. Chu is pregnant and will need someone to look after her."  

On hearing Bobby's words, Eric softened a little. 'How could I forget that Cherry is pregnant? She needs to be looked after and I cannot treat a woman in a bad way, ' he thought to himself.    

 "Mrs. Chu, nice to meet you!" Eric greeted her with a smirk, as his eyes boring into Cherry's eyes.   

  "Who on earth are you?" Cherry asked fiercely. She wasn't sure if the man in front of her was Eric or Jonson.  

   "My family name is Li, my lady,"  Eric answered respectfully. He wanted make a good impression on Cherry, instead of degrading himself. 'After all, she is Jackson's woman. I need to be polite and respectful towards her before I can completely control Jackson. Besides, Andrew had helped me a lot in the past. I'm not such an ungrateful man,' thought Eric to himself.     

"Are you Eric Li?" Cherry asked him simply.   

Bobby's anger knew no bounds when he heard Cherry refer to his boss by his full name. "How dare you call our boss by his full name?" he shouted. For Bobby, Eric was beyond everyone else. Perhaps only Jackson had the right to call him by full name, if he had the token with him. If he didn't, they had to tackle him somehow. 

Bobby was sure of the fact that once they could handle Jackson and find the token, his bosses could easily rule over the city.     

But as soon as he had shouted, Eric motioned him to keep quiet.     

Bobby didn't utter another word.    

 Eric looked at Cherry and with a friendly smile on his face said,"Mrs. Cherry, I am glad you know my name, even though we have never met."    

On the other hand, Cherry's mind was biding her to be stronger, 'I can't show any sign of weakness right now, I must be strong. Perhaps Eric is only being so respectful towards me because I am Jackson's wife. But for Jackson's sake, I must be strong right now.'  

Lily was the only person she could rely on now, so she grasped onto her clothes tightly.    

 Cherry looked directly into Eric's eyes and said,"Mr. Eric, I am nowhere connected to my husband's business.

For all work related matters you must speak to him. Why have you brought me here?"    

Eric had a weirdly creepy smile on his face as he said,"I know that, Mrs. Cherry, but..."    

He paused for a bit and said,"Your value is much greater than I had imagined."    Upon hearing this, both Cherry and Lily was certain that Eric planned to blackmail Jackson.   

  In that moment, Lily understood Eric's motives. She realised that he planned to blackmail Jackson, using Cherry as bait and planned to make him give up the token. "You are a despicable man, Eric,"  she said indignantly.   

"You simpleton! You are just a maid, how dare you talk to me like that?" Eric was very angry now.     

He ordered the man standing besides him to take Lily out,"I don't want to see her face,"  he said.     

"Right boss,"  said the man and immediately executed the order.    

 Cherry sensed that Lily could be in danger and so confidently strode across and stood in front of her. She indignantly said,"Don't treat her like that. She is our maid!"   

 Eric waved a hand and ordered the man to stop.     

Lily knew that Cherry was very weak, aware that Cherry was only pretending to be strong but could collapse any second.   

"Mrs. Cherry, you seem to have an unbelievable fondness for this maid," said Eric in a sarcastic way. "If this maid is so important to you, I wonder how special Mr. Cherry is to you. And I'm sure that Mr. Jackson treasures you the same way as you do," he said licking his lips in a menacing way.   

Cherry simply stared at Eric, not knowing how to react. He seemed to overthink when he analysed anything.

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