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(Go through a crisis)

The light streamed in through Cherry's baby pink curtains and awoke her. As she slowly came to consciousness, she stretched her whole body. She even heard a couple of muscles crack.   

  She opened her eyes and looked around the big bedroom. She missed Jackson dearly; she had liked knowing that he was always there for her to rely on. But now, she was slowly getting used to him being away and she could feel the warmth of his love even though he was very far. That comforted her and kept her happy.    

 She walked towards the bathroom for her morning rituals, stumbling clumsily while she did so. She was still not used to her body being big and unwieldy and it frequently resulted in a loss of balance. 

After brushing her teeth, she changed out of her pajamas into a beige T-shirt Jackson had bought her very long ago. She smiled to herself remembering the evening they had spent at the fair.   

Cherry walked down the stairs with immense care, to not miss even a single step. She had been in a good mood all morning; she cheerfully hummed a tune as she took the long journey down the staircase.     

Lily, standing in the living room balked slightly at the cheeriness of her mistress but chose not to comment on it. Instead, she greeted her respectfully, as she usually did and put down a cup of coffee for her. She asked,"How are you doing, Mrs. Cherry?"    

"Why, Lily, I am doing spectacularly today. How are you, my dear?" replied Cherry. With those words, she walked towards Lily and held one of her hands close to her heart.   

  "I'm glad to hear that!" Lily said, warmly, not showing any hesitation on the outside but nervous on the inside. She could not forecast what would happen next and she was frightened for Cherry's life. Anything could happen to her at any time and she was afraid for her. As she thought about all possible dangers, her heart beat faster and her palms started sweating.   

"Mrs. Cherry, shall I serve you breakfast? Are you feeling peckish?" asked Lily, in her polite manner.    

 "I don't want to have breakfast now. Let's go to the yard for a walk! Will you come with me?" asked Cherry. She was in the mood for some fresh air and exercise, all prompted by her good mood.     

"Sure, why not?" Lily replied and then took Cherry's arm. They walked out of the door hand in hand and into the yard.     
As they stood in the yard observing nature's beauty, Cherry closed her eyes and breathed in the sweet smell of springtime. The fresh air hit her in a good way and replenished her body with oxygen. She enjoyed herself thoroughly.

   The sun shone down brightly on Cherry and enveloped her in its warmth. She was mesmerized by the pretty colors of her bushes and the scent of the shrubbery. At that moment, she could want for nothing.     

Lily watched Cherry's portrait and the happy expression on her face; she really wanted her to be safe and sound and to be away from any potential evil or danger. Lily watched Cherry's figure from a distance and the delight on her face. 

She really wished she could protect her mistress from potential evil, especially now that big, strong Jackson was not in their vicinity.    

 At that moment, the big iron door of the yard was forced open violently, accompanied by harsh noise.     

Lily's worst fears had come true.     

Both Lily and Cherry looked towards the source of trouble that had suddenly destroyed their bubble of bliss.    

 Followed by a group of menacing men in black, Bobby walked up to them.   

He was wearing a powder blue suit and a gloomy, stiff expression. The aura of hatred emanating from him was terrifying.     

The men who followed him were wearing black suits. They were all tall and well-muscled. None of them was below 6 feet, and their long legs made them look even taller and stronger.     

Bobby was not surprised to see the calm and steely look in Cherry's eyes. In his mind, she always looked as cold and calm as she was today. However, the house keeper standing next to her seemed a little different today. She didn't look like a housekeeper, she looked like someone of higher importance.     

"Mrs. Cherry, it has been a while since our last meeting,"  coldly greeted Bobby, with a weird glint in his eyes.    

 Nervousness arose in Cherry, on seeing Bobby's strange expression. However, she was annoyed that he had successfully decimated her cheerful mood.   

Cherry glanced at the men in black with unease and then gazed at Bobby, asking,"What are you doing here? 

Jackson is not at home. If you need to get in touch with him urgently, just call him. You have his number."   

 "Why do you think that we are here for Mr. Jackson?" asked Bobby, in his slimy voice. An evil smile with an edge of danger played on his lips.    

 "Mrs. Cherry, this time I've come for you,"  Bobby clarified the purpose of his visit to Cherry.    

 In the meantime, Lily had adopted breathing techniques to calm down her erratic heartbeat. Her guess had been right. Eric and Jonson had already started to take action. No wonder Jackson asked Derek to do investigations on them. It seemed that things were getting worse than expected.   

"Me? Why on Earth?" Cherry asked, shocked. Her eyes widened just a fraction. She believed that there was nothing between Bobby and her that warranted discussion and she was not interested in going anywhere with that goon.     

Seeing Cherry's startled face, Bobby stopped smiling evilly and his face slipped back into a mask of indifference that no one could see through. "My bosses want to meet you. Please come with me,"  commanded Bobby strictly, but not unkindly.     

Before Cherry could even react to his words, Lily immediately jumped into defense mode. "No! Mr. Jackson is not at home and I will absolutely not let you take Mrs. Cherry away!"    

Bobby was slightly annoyed by Lily's ferociousness. She was merely a fly who could not bother him or stop him. He glared at her and lazily and asked her,"Who do you think you are? Do you really think you can do anything to stop me?" He finished with a sneer.   

Lily was taken aback by his response and rendered speechless. She realized that nobody was aware of her real identity and Bobby assumed that she was merely a housekeeper.     

Cherry became unhappy when she heard Bobby yell at Lily. She stood in front of her and put out an arm as protection and said,"Lily is right. I'm not going with you and you can't make me."    

Cherry figured that the bosses mentioned by Bobby were probably Eric and Jonson. Jackson had frequently mentioned them and the memory of that further cemented her position.

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