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(Being found by accident (2)

Lily shook her head to clear her mind. She knew Jackson's intention but it was not the time to tell the truth right now. She needed to pretend that she knew nothing.     

Jackson left immediately after he finished his breakfast.    

 Lily watched Jackson drive away from the window. She stood still and listened for sounds of Cherry still sleeping. When she confirmed it, she dialed Hellen's number.     

Hellen answered on the first ring. "Hello, Aunt."    

"Jackson is on his way to his family home. Send your people to watch him right now and to watch the family home all the time,"  Lily ordered.     

"Yes, of course. But why is Jackson going back?" Hellen was confused until a light bulb turned on in her head,"Is he coming back for..."  

"Shut up. Don't say another word. Stop trying to figure out a situation you are not supposed to know. Just do what I said,"  Lily demanded. How dare this little girl think she could know everything and go against her will?     

"Fine, it's done,"  Hellen replied but Lily had already hung up.    

 Hellen threw the phone on the sofa, where she lounged in her nightgown. She was in the presidential suite of the most luxurious hotel in the city. She was a shareholder in the hotel and, unlike the other shareholders, she didn't need a bonus at the end of the year. All she wanted was to get exclusive rights to the president suite and they gave it to her.    

 Before Hellen could make another move, her phone rang. Annoyed, she picked it up but worry filled her face when she saw the caller ID. She answered the call after 3 rings.   

"Say it,"  Hellen demanded into the phone.     

"Someone came to investigate the last person Andrew met with before he died,"  the man on the other line reported.    

 "Who was it?" She was anxious to find out who it was.     

"The JS Group's President."    

"Derek?" Helen guessed. It was either Derek or Selina. But Selina was not smart enough to compete with her. Jackson and Derek were the only ones clever and capable enough to battle it out with her.     

"What does he know?" Hellen didn't wait for the other person to answer.     

"He knows something,"  the man answered. Derek asked too many questions when he left to call Hellen.

Derek most likely had the information he needed now.   

"Damn you, idiots!" Hellen scolded the man before she hung up the phone.     Hellen quickly dialed Lily's phone to warn her.    

 "What's wrong now?" Lily asked when she answered after two rings.     

"Aunt, you need to leave the Chu family now. Your cover will be blown soon,"  Hellen warned Lily. Derek knew the truth now and he would know Lily was the person they were looking for. If she didn't leave, it would cause a string of problems.     

"What happened?" Lily was oblivious of what was going on. How could they know who she was?     

"Derek was investigating the last person Andrew met before he died. He will know soon. And he will come to look for you. 

You need to leave quickly. That family is dangerous now,"  Hellen tried to explain the danger as much as she could. She couldn't leave her aunt in a very dangerous situation.   

Lily was surprised. How could things escalate this way and so quickly? She never thought it would end up like this.  

   "Aunt?" Hellen asked,"are you still there?" Lily snapped back to reality at Hellen's voice. "I'm here. But I can't leave. Cherry is alone and I can't leave her here."    

"Aunt, you're going to find it difficult to protect yourself, why are you still defending that woman? Just go now,"  Hellen warned again and continued,"if Derek tells Jackson, you'll be the first person Jackson will suspect. And if those two lions find out, they will seek revenge and there might be no one to stop them." Lily knew Hellen referred to Eric and Jonson as the lions.    

 "No, Hellen, I won't go. Just trace my position and watch me at all times. If there are any other problems, come and save me,"  Lily commanded,"And when you do, save Cherry first. This is an order. And if you don't follow my orders, I will never let you go."  

Lily hung up without waiting for Hellen to respond.     

Lily adjusted her mood, pretended not to be worried before she left the room. She turned on all the monitors, carefully studying them for unusual activity. She was ready now. And she would also follow Jackson's orders to look after Cherry. She cannot leave Cherry now, more than ever.     

While Lily worried about that, on a wide road nearby, a Lamborghini ran at a crazy fast speed.     

"Come on, Jackson, pick up your phone,"  Derek muttered himself as Jackson's mobile just rang.     

At the fifth ring of the third call, Jackson finally answered his phone.    

 "Derek, sorry, man,"  Jackson greeted with a particularly upbeat voice. "My phone was in my coat pocket upstairs. I had to run from the first floor to get it." 

 "Jackson, are you still in your family home?" Derek questioned. He knew Jackson wanted to go to the family home today but he still needed to make sure of it.     

"Yes, I'm in the living room right now, why?" Jackson answered.     

"I'll be there soon, wait for me, okay?" Derek replied.    

 "What's going on? Do you have new information?" "Yes, and you won't believe what I found out,"  Derek declared.    

 Jackson was surprised. He didn't realize Derek could investigate his suspicions that fast.     

"Okay, good thing you called. I was on my way out already. Come on over."


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