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(The news from overseas (1)

Later that afternoon Elsa and Jacob saw the young couple off at the international airport. Elsa loathed parting with Wilson or Selina and gave Wilson a reluctant look while she straightened his clothes in a motherly manner.

"Wilson, don't forget to call as soon as you are there and settled in at the hotel, okay?" Elsa reminded him.

"I won't, Mom. Don't worry, okay? You just make sure you take good care of Dad and yourself while we are away, and hey! You visit Cherry when you have time. I asked Jackson and Cherry to visit you when they are free too when I called them earlier to say goodbye," Wilson told Elsa.

"Alright, don't stress over family matters or us while you are away. Relax, enjoy your honeymoon, take good care of Selina, and be careful!" warned Jacob.

"Okay, we need to board now," Wilson announced.

"Mom, Dad, I'm going to miss you. Take care of each other and don't worry about us," Selina told them as she gave them each a quick hug.


Elsa kept watching them walk away after they passed through the security checkpoint until she couldn't see them anymore.

"Come on Elsa, don't worry, let's go home now. You'll see, they'll be back soon," Jacob patted Elsa's shoulder, rubbing it lightly to comfort her.

"Wilson has lived with us since he was a little boy, and he's never been away for such a long time. I'm worried about him."

Elsa fussed while glancing back at the security checkpoint, which was now desolate. Wilson and Selina were long since gone.

"Why are you treating Wilson like a boy? He's an adult and married. Don't agonize about him," Jacob reminded Elsa as he pulled her along with him, and out of the airport.

At the Chu family home Jackson was standing in the living room, holding the phone to his ear while gazing out at the balcony where Cherry was sitting bathed in sunshine.

"Jackson, Joe has a piano lesson scheduled for tonight, so, Amy and I will come over later," Derek reminded him.

"Okay then, we can discuss things while you are here," Jackson intended to share something on the phone but changed his mind, he would prefer talking to Derek about this matter in person anyway.

"Did everything go alright at your meeting with Eric and Jonson this afternoon?" Derek raised the question. He knew the difficulties that went hand in hand dealing with the two men, and he was worried and had been uneasy about Jackson meeting them alone.

"Yes, everything was fine," Jackson stated, not offering more details.

"What about the..." Derek started to ask before taking a guess,"You know, the tokens?"

"I muddled through. It will be fine, for a while." Jackson stated before reemphasizing. "I'll tell you the details at night."

"Alright," replied Derek.

After ending the call, Jackson placed the phone on the sofa and went out on the balcony.

Walking to the rail, Jackson looked out at the view. It was a beautiful day. The air out here in the suburbs was always crisp, and fresh. He could smell the fragrant aroma of the flowers planted in their garden in the yard below as it was carried upon a gentle breeze.

The warmth of the afternoon sun had lulled Cherry to sleep while she had been relaxing in a reclined cozily covered with a blanket, reading a magazine that was now laying on the floor.

Jackson squatted down next to Cherry, he quietly picked up the magazine and then stared at her, entranced. She looked like an ethereal goddess laying there.

With her alabaster skin, rosy cheeks, and full red lips were contrasted by her dark hair and long black eyelashes; she was stunning. He had been attracted to her beauty from the first moment he saw her. Cherry was like a glass of toxic wine that Jackson would willingly drink even at risk of addiction or death.

The phone next to Cherry rang with a loud, but beautiful melody, startling Jackson from his musings, and Cherry began to stir from her sound sleep.

Jackson snatched the phone up to mute the sound until he saw the call was from Stephen.

Cherry sleepily blinked as she woke up. Seeing her phone in Jackson's hand didn't surprise her, and she rubbed her sleepy eyes while sitting up asking,"Honey, who is the call from?"

"It's Stephen," Jackson told her as he handed Cherry the cell.

Cherry smiled and seemed vibrant and awake immediately. She took the phone from Jackson and swiped the screen to connect the call.

"Hi Stephen!" Cherry said into the receiver, smiling happily.

"What are you doing? Did I disturb you? Why did it take so long for you to answer?" Stephen's voice was gentle and soft while he threw question after question at Cherry.

"I answered the phone as soon as I heard it. It wasn't that long," Cherry said in defense. The last time Stephen called she had promised to take the call immediately, but, she hadn't thought he would grill her if it took a few seconds for her to answer.

"How're things going there? Are you and the unborn baby doing well?" Stephen sounded anxious as he asked.

"Yeah, everything is fine," replied Cherry, laying a hand on her slightly bulging belly as she talked. She hadn't been nauseous or uncomfortable recently, and the baby was very well-behaved and not pummeling her belly from the inside.

Cherry had a hazy, dreamy look in her eyes as she smiled and said,"My husband has been taking excellent care of me too. I am not sick, and I am not losing weight. I have even gotten a little fatter than I was."

When Cherry was done sharing the details of the baby, she looked up at Jackson, and saw a proud smile on his lips.



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