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"Mom must be busy in the kitchen, let's go see!" said Selina, clutching Wilson's hand as they walked to the kitchen.

The scene they saw from the kitchen doorway, was so tender and warm that it touched Wilson's heart to see.

In front of the hearth, was Elsa cooking, and Jacob, who wore an apron too, was helping her. They were so focused on making breakfast that they didn't see Wilson or Selina standing in the doorway.

It always filled Selina with joy to see how devoted they were to each other. She nudged Wilson with her elbow to silently suggest for him to greet Mom.

Staring at the back of Elsa, Wilson thought, 'She has worked for the Yuwen family for many years, now it's time for me to call her Mom.'

"Mom," Wilson called out unexpectedly.
Elsa and Jacob both heard Wilson, but Elsa was so shocked that she stood frozen with her spoon in the air.

A surprised Jacob turned to see Wilson and Selina standing in the doorway.

Wilson was looking at Elsa. Did 'Mom' really come out of his mouth? He was willing to call her Mom?

After a long pause, Elsa turned to Wilson and Selina with the spoon still in her hand.

Wilson gave Elsa a serious look and repeated himself,"Mom."

Hearing Wilson call her Mom was music to her ears, and Elsa was so excited, that she couldn't contain herself and cried out. She hadn't pushed for him to call her Mom, but, Elsa had waited for such a long time to hear it, deep in her heart she had hoped Wilson would call her Mom.

Now, he was grown and was married, and on this morning, he surprised her by greeting her with Mom.

"Wilson," Elsa said softly.

Looking at the side of Wilson's face, Selina quietly suggested,"Walk over to Mom."

As Selina spoke, Wilson felt her hand slip off his arm, leaving him free to walk over to Elsa.

The short distance felt longer, and Wilson's heart pounded with each step, then standing inches from Elsa, Wilson said,"Mom, please forgive me for not calling you Mom until now. You are the lady of the YuWen house, and more importantly, family.

When he had finished apologizing to Elsa, Wilson gave her a strong, happy bear hug.

The tears that Elsa had held back cascaded down her cheeks hearing Wilson's sentiment. She was overjoyed and proud to have such an admirable son.

As Jacob watched his son and wife embrace, his mind was filled with so many questions, and so many thoughts that he was speechless. He saw Selina as an angel, who brought the family closer when she came into their lives, and her joining the family could only bring good luck.

"Wilson, that is the best gift you could give to your Mother, and she has one for you. She prepared a special breakfast for us this morning. It might be the last breakfast she makes for you before you return from your honeymoon," Jacob's timber and easy smile helped ease the tension in room.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, and adjusting her clothes, Elsa regained control over her emotions, and added,"With everything happening, I had forgotten it was time for breakfast.

Wilson, you and Selina go wash up, then get to the dining room, and I will bring the food in shortly."

"Mom, Dad, thank you for making breakfast," Selina said smiling happily as she and Wilson headed to the restroom to wash up for breakfast.

"Not at all, honey, you two just go wash your hands, and have a seat in the dining room," Jacob replied, smiling ear to ear.
The four of them sat around the dining room table laughing and smiling, happily chatting as they ate together. Spirits were high, especially in Jacob and Elsa, who were even happier than yesterday.

"Wilson, have you finished packing yet? You two are leaving for your trip abroad this afternoon," Elsa's voice was filled with concern.

"Yes, there wasn't much to pack, just some clothes and passports," Wilson replied.

"What about you, Selina? Are you ready? Oh, if you pack too many clothes, the luggage will be heavy! You could always buy what you need while you are away, and I can pay for them," Elsa offered beaming.

"Mom, that's okay, I don't need any new clothes, I have plenty," Selina politely refused.

"Oh, and don't forget to pack sunscreen and lotions. The weather overseas will be different, and you won't want to end up with a sunburn," Elsa added in a motherly manner.

"It's all handled Mom, don't fret, I am well prepared, I promise!" Selina's face lit up at the affection and concern Elsa had to for.

Jacob just nodded in agreement. Since he knew Wilson and Selina were both neat, and organized, he was sure the two of them were packed for any instance.

"Wilson, did you make arrangements for who will run the business while you two are away?" asked Jacob.

"Yes, the vice-president and the senior executive will make sure the company runs smoothly in our absence," Wilson informed Jacob. What he didn't say was he made the arrangements before the marriage was being planned.

"Good, that's good. I will stop in occasionally too, to make sure things are running smoothly," Jacob assured Wilson.

"If you have free time and want to, Dad. Everything should go well though. We don't have any major projects or anything special happening while we are away," Wilson stated.

"Well, you two should just enjoy yourselves on your honeymoon, and not stress about anything, so, I will help out by checking in at the office," Jacob reiterated.

"Alright, but, don't forget to take good care of each too while we are away. Relax, go for walks together, and have fun," Selina reminded them glowing.

"Okay Selina, keep in mind, Dad and I will be waiting to hear good news from you," Elsa told Selina, smiling knowingly.

will be waiting to hear good news from you," Elsa told Selina, smiling knowingly. Selina knew exactly what Elsa meant, and her face felt hot, and turned a bright pink immediately.

It was difficult for Wilson not to notice Selina's embarrassed discomfort as her cheeks turned pink and her eyes dropped to her lap. He jumped in chuckling.

"Mom, I understand. Don't worry. We will work hard day and night to bring you good news, soon!"

Jacob and Elsa smiled at each other, satisfied with what Wilson was saying.

Selina was mortified and setting her chopsticks down, and she smacked Wilson's arm. He knew how uncomfortable Selina was, and how shy she was too, so, why would he keep discussing such a private and sensitive matter as though it were the weather?



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