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Early that morning Selina woke up, and saw Wilson watching her intensely.

"You're awake?" Wilson asked softly as he smoothed her hair.

"Yes, why are you staring at me?" asked Selina pouting while she stretched comfortably in the large, soft bed. With Wilson laying beside her, Selina realized she had everything she ever dreamed of to be happy.

"I just wanted to watch you sleep for a while. You looked so serene resting, which gave me a peaceful feeling too," Wilson told her smiling. It wasn't possible for Wilson to be unhappy now that he was married to this beautiful woman. Waking up to see her first thing in the morning had only been a dream at one time, and now it was a reality that he appreciated more than he could describe.

"What a sweet talker!" Selina blushed, suddenly shy at her husband's sentimental words so she quickly thought of something else to say,"I think, I would like to take a shower."

"Well, if you give me a minute, I will draw a nice warm bath for you,"

Wilson told her, planting an affectionate kiss on her forehead as he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Selina watched Wilson walk into the bathroom before she eased herself out of bed. Last night had left the lower half of her body aching. When she had put on her pajamas, Selina stripped the bedding and replaced it all with fresh, clean sheets and quilt.

As soon as Wilson came back from running a bath for Selina, he noticed the fresh linens on the bed. He wondered why his bride had changed them and looked around for her. Wilson saw Selina out on the balcony with the bed linens that had been on the bed, bent over a washer.

Wilson grinned as he walked out to join her.

"What're you up to out here?" as Wilson asked the obvious question, he came up behind Selina and wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his head on her shoulder, endearingly.

Blushing, Selina explained,"I'm washing the bedding. Since we will be leaving for our honeymoon soon, I want to make sure they are all cleaned. I would be
mortified for Dad or Mom to see dirty linens." The red coloring deepened across her cheeks as she recalled vividly the actions last night that led to the scarlet stain on the sheets.

"I will be in agony while you are busy doing laundry with these beautiful, perfect hands though. I should be washing these." Wilson had surmised why Selina wanted to wash them herself, but he didn't want her occupied with housework and decided he would clean the linens.

"No, that's okay. I will just throw them in the washing machine instead of washing them by hand," Selina said before turning around, giving Wilson a peck on the cheek and ducking out of his grasp.

Catching her before she could run off to do laundry, Wilson tightened his grip and possessively warned,"You are mine!

Always! In this life and the next! Never try running from me, I will always catch you!" There was a glint in his eyes, along with his devious grin, that matched the tender loving tone of his voice, and melted Selina's heart. Wilson's feelings for Selina ran deep and ranged from the affection one felt for family, and the deep primal love a man felt for a mate.

"I will keep that in mind, but, I don't plan on running from you," Selina was feeling euphoric and giggled playfully as she replied.

Wilson's grin widened. "Even if you try to escape me, you wouldn't make it." His words sounded like a hungry growl.

"Geez Wilson, could you be any bossier?" Selina said fiercely, rolling her eyes and playfully smacking at the taunt arm still holding her captive.

"I am? Hmmm, no, you are mistaken! I am a kind and caring man. One who would never force his wife to do anything she doesn't want to do!" Wilson gave Selina a contrite, innocent look acting as if he had never been bossy. He watched her reaction, enjoying the twinkle in Selina's eyes and the smile gracing her lips, he would never tire gazing at her.

"Aren't you bossy though? I won't mention what you did last night, but, have you already forgotten what you just said?" Selina asked determinedly, adding in a surprised tone,"Why didn't I notice how bossy you are before?"

"Is there a problem? Do you regret marrying me now?" asked Wilson, then he bent his head close so his lips barely touched her ear and whispered,"Even if you do regret it, it's impossible to change the fact that you are my wife, and we will live together, always, in the future. But, honey, thinking about the experiences from last night, does make me feel good."

"Wilson, you are so....." too upset to complete her thought, Selina's face flushed crimson, as she stood there, wondering how he talked about their lovemaking without being embarrassed.

"What? All I did was just speaking the truth! I thoroughly enjoyed last night," Wilson reiterated, grinning impishly.

Thanks to last night, Wilson appreciated her beauty on new and private level only he would ever know.

"I don't want to continue this conversation, I will go take my shower now," Selina huffed pushing Wilson away.

Her shove was met by arms of steel, and instead of backing off, Wilson stared into Selina's eyes, sliding his arm up her back to her shoulders, while his other arm maneuvered across her rear, bending so he could place his hand under her knees while stealing a kiss from her soft, tender lips, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bathroom.

"What? What are you doing? Where are you taking me?" Selina asked breathlessly. She anxiously kicked her legs and wondered, 'What is going on with him this morning?' He was acting so out of character than usual.

"I am taking you to the bathroom. The bath is large enough for both of us. That was an excellent idea you had," said Wilson casually.

"Wilson, you rascal! Put me down!" Selina screeched, rebelling against Wilson.

"Wait, because I'm carrying my wife, I'm a rascal? If that's the case, then I am proud to be a rascal," said Wilson chuckling, and showing no sign of setting her back down.

"I don't want to take a bath with you though, please put me down and get out!" shouted Selina once they were in the bathroom.

"No, I won't get out."

"Wilson, take your hands off me! Don't touch me!" Her demands were in vain, as Wilson merely smiled down at her, gently putting her down, and turned to close the door.

Sometime later, Wilson and Selina finished their shared bath, changed, and then went downstairs.

Walking arm in arm, Selina mentioned,"Darling, don't forget to change your address to Mom's."

"Okay," Wilson said nodding. Feeling a little nervous, he took a deep breath.

When they went into the living room, no one was there. The aroma coming from the kitchen filled the room, and they felt their stomachs respond.



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