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(Happy ending of the wedding (1)

Carrying his sleepy son in his arms, Jackson left the hotel. As he stepped through the hotel gate, he heard someone calling him.

"Jackson, Jackson!" Selina shouted,
running towards him from the hotel.

Jackson turned around, surprised to see Selina.

Blinking softly, Joe looked over too. "Daddy, it's Aunt Selina," he said quietly.
As Selina had already gotten to them, Jackson didn't reply.

Standing before Jackson, Selina glanced at Joe and then back to Jackson. "Jackson, are you taking Joe home now?" she asked.

Jackson nodded,"Yes, Cherry is waiting for us at home."

Suddenly feeling awkward and unsure of how to say, Selina forced out his name again,"Jackson."

Jackson asked,"What? Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

Luckily, Joe was a clever kid and he noticed that maybe Selina was being awkward because her nephew was there. Maybe she didn't know how to speak in front of Joe about whatever it was.

"Daddy, put me down. I can wait for you in the car," Joe said sweetly to his Daddy.

Jackson paused, a look of confusion adorning his face, and then realisation dawned on him. Jackson helped Joe down, fixed his clothes up and nodded at his son. "Okay, Joe, you can wait for me in the car. I'll be there in just a minute."

Nodding tiredly but eagerly, Joe said,"Okay, Daddy, I'll play some games while I wait." He looked up at his aunt. "Goodbye, Aunt Selina." He waved adorably at her.

Joe seemed quite adept at bringing a smile to people's faces and Selina was no exception. "Okay, Joe, bye bye." She smiled and waved back.

Joe happily walked to his Daddy's car.

"Selina," Jackson said softly, getting her attention back,"what's the matter?"

He knew that by that little display, Selina must have something important to talk about. What could she need to be alone with Jackson for?

"Jackson, I've transferred JS Group to my brother. I hope you could help him if JS Group faces difficulty in the future," she explained. It was a fairly easy decision to quit JS Group, but Selina couldn't let go until she knew her brother would have someone to watch his back. She needed to know she had nothing to worry about.

Firmly nodding, Jackson replied,"Of course I will. Even if you hadn't asked me this, I would have always tried my best to help him if JS Group ever had problems." His determined eyes and unshakeable resolve did well to reassure Selina.

"Thank you, Jackson," Selina answered gratefully.

"Selina, you don't need to worry about JS Group. Derek may not be as good at work as you are, but he can handle it. I believe in him. As long as he is familiar with the operations of JS Group, he'll be able to do a good job," Jackson affirmed, entreating Selina to a rare look into his thoughts.

Inhaling deeply, Selina replied,"Well, I just worry about him. I'm afraid that he might not know how to deal with something unexpected happening." She paused, looking directly at Jackson. She gestured a hand to indicate him. "You know that business is like a battlefield. Every small decision conceals so many crises. That's why I'm so worried."

Reaching out a hand, Jackson patted her on the shoulder in comfort. "Selina, you really don't need to be worried. He'll be fine."

His eyes still held the determination from before, but now she saw firmness and sincerity as well. "Alright," she told him.

She believed him. After all, he would be there to help if Derek ran into trouble.

Jackson joked,"Today was your wedding day. You've only been married a few hours. You're about to go on a happy honeymoon. Why are you so upset? If my brother-in-law knew this, would he blame me for teasing his wife?"

Turning pink, Selina turned shy. She pouted and retorted,"What are you saying, Jackson? I'm just married and now you're teasing me? Are you my brother or not?"

Raising his hands in surrender, Jackson said,"Okay, okay. But I'm not kidding.

Don't be as powerful a woman as you were before. You should be a good wife for Wilson, do you understand? Cherry wishes this too." He knew Cherry wanted this for Wilson. Jackson and his wife both always hoped that Wilson and Selina could be a happy couple forever.

"I know, I know," Selina dismissed. "Then you'd better go home quickly. I bet you can't get Cherry off your mind even though you're standing here with me." It was easy to see that Cherry was on his mind a lot. In his heart, no one could be more important than Cherry. Even Joe couldn't be a match for Cherry in Jackson's heart.

Jackson chuckled and replied,"You know me quite well. Alright, I need to go now. Joe is still waiting in the car. Call me if you have any problems, okay?"

"I know, I know. Go, go," she urged. She shook her head as she watched Jackson leave. Their conversation had put her in a great mood though: now she knew that both Jackson and Derek were happy and Derek had someone watching out for him. She hesitated and thought, 'What about me? Maybe I'm also happy.'

Returning to the hotel, Selina found that Wilson had already packed up. "Wilson?" she called.

Walking to her side from wherever he had been, Wilson took his new wife's hand and asked,"You're back. Have you seen Jackson?"

Laying her head on his shoulder, Selina felt happy. "Yes, I've seen him. He came back to pick up Joe. They've just gone home." 'Now I have a shoulder to lean on, ' she thought, 'so even if I face a problem, I won't feel bitter at all.'


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