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(Sudden meeting)

"I thought you already knew that," Jackson quipped, a sly smile spreading his face. He strolled to the bed and gently set Cherry down on it.

Cherry reluctantly released her hold on his neck once she was laying on the bed. Watching Jackson tenderly tuck her in with the quilt overwhelmed her with happiness. 'This is the life I yearn for, ' she thought to herself, 'a life without worry.' She yearned for a life where she didn't worry about food or clothing. A life where she would be well looked after by her beloved husband, day and night.

Affectionately looking at his wife, Jackson lightly sat on the edge of the bed. He stroked her forehead and fondled her fringe. "Get some sleep, honey. I'll stay with you. Once you're asleep, I'll head off, and don't worry: I'll pick up Joe soon enough," he reassured her tenderly. "Grab something to eat when you wake up. I'll ask Lily to cook dinner. If anything should happen, just call Lily or me, okay?"

"Of course, darling. Don't worry about me. Just get back to your work," Cherry urged. 'Jackson must have many matters to deal with, ' she thought sleepily to herself. 'He met so many important people at that wedding who could help him professionally. It's only natural for him to contact them quickly. Besides, I'm home, safe and sound, and nothing will happen to me. He doesn't need to worry about me.'

"I will leave once you're asleep," Jackson insisted, fixing his bright eyes on her delicate features. It gave him great pleasure to keep her company like this and he took every chance he could to observe her face intently.

Sighing in surrender, Cherry smiled softly at him. "Alright, I will go to sleep," she replied.

Jackson made a contented noise as he watched her prepare for sleep.

Eyelids fluttering, it wasn't long before Cherry's eyes had fallen closed and she was sleeping.

Jackson noticed she was sound asleep almost immediately, but he hesitated for a long while. Finally, he reluctantly left her side.

Satisfied that his beloved was safe, Jackson recklessly and quickly drove to his bar. He quickly found his bar crowded with people. Afternoon shift meant there were few waitresses about and light music peppered the ears of his patrons.

He was quickly put at ease, thinking, 'It looks like nothing of note happened during my time off.'

As she was pouring a glass of wine for a patron, Susan caught sight of Jackson near the entryway. She put the wine aside, overpowered by desire, and made her way to him hastily.

"Hello, Mr. Jackson," Susan gushed, her joy at seeing him overly apparent on her expression. She was inwardly thrilled at seeing Jackson return. In fact, she had just been wondering when he would return yesterday, and now here he was.

"You have the day shift today," he asked indifferently. His voice was even colder than usual. Susan felt it more like a superior greeting his subordinate.

Her smile increasing, Susan batted her eyelashes at him sweetly. "Yeah. I worked the night before last and yesterday I was switched to day duty for today," she replied. She couldn't help but move closer to Jackson.

Jackson stepped to one side, having noticed her uncomfortably inching closer. "Even without all that many patrons, you know how to do your job, don't you?" he asked apathetically.

Yet before she could formulate a response, Jackson had walked away, leaving her to stand there alone. He understood her intentions towards him and felt it best to separate himself from the situation first.

Nostrils flaring, Susan watched him leave. Her face darkened and she glared, her heart filling with scorn and fury. It was well known that Jackson was an apathetic man. But after witnessing how affectionately and gently he treated his wife, she believed that he wasn't as indifferent as she had heard. But to her dismay, he showed no interest in herself.

To win his affection, she had actively tried all means to get close to him and please him. All she wanted was for him to pay attention to her. It would satisfy her more than he could know if he would just treat her affectionately.

Having left the public area, Jackson sat in the armchair in his office. He allowed himself a second of relaxation before calling Bobby on his cellphone.

As usual, Bobby picked up quickly.

"Hello, Mr. Jackson," Bobby greeted respectfully.

"What were you calling about this morning?" Jackson asked, not wasting a moment. Bobby had called him that morning, however due to the wedding, Jackson had been busy. When he informed Bobby of such, Bobby had hung up immediately. It wasn't far-fetched to assume that Bobby had something important to tell him. Considering that it might be concerning Eric and Jonson, Jackson wanted to call Bobby back at his earliest convenience.

"I have something to tell you. Is it convenient for you to speak?" Bobby asked.

Checking the time on his wristwatch, Jackson considered his schedule. "Can you come to the bar in half an hour? I'll be waiting here," Jackson requested.

Without hesitation, Bobby replied,"No problem. I'll leave right now."

"Meet me in my office," Jackson added before ending the call.

The room fell into silence. Jackson rested his elbows on his desk with a troubled expression, closing his eyes and leaning his head in his hands. 'Grandpa has been gone for a long time now, but I still haven't found the token. If I can't find it, they'll make trouble one day. And now Cherry is pregnant, giving me even less time to seek it. What am I supposed to do?' Sighing, he continued his thoughts, 'Bobby will arrive soon. Perhaps he can tell me Eric and Jonson's plans. What if they force me to show them the token? I have no idea how to handle them now.'

Parking his car outside, Bobby got out and walked towards Jackson's bar. He looked quite handsome in his black suit and shiny leather shoes.

Several waitresses standing at the door were dumbfounded as they watched Bobby walk in. Staring at him obsessively, they only saw a handsome and arrogant prince.

Yet Bobby didn't even look at them once. Instead, he walked determinedly straight to Jackson's office. He was so familiar with this place that he needed no one's directions. Here, he had no interest in any person other than Jackson, for he had to obey his orders.

Bobby knocked on Jackson's office door and entered when he heard Jackson's permission from inside.

"Mr. Chu," Bobby addressed Jackson as he closed the door. Looking at the man before him, Bobby walked over to stand before Jackson's desk.

Gesturing at the chairs by Bobby, Jackson responded grimly,"Take a seat. No need to be so formal." Even though he was unwilling to regard Bobby as his subordinate, Jackson couldn't bring himself to consider him as an equal.

Jackson was nothing if not a proud man, and Bobby had worked for him for a long time now. Jackson had had that time to form the concept that he was superior to Bobby.

Bobby sat in a chair bolt upright, looking at Jackson with awe. He was fully aware he was simply Jackson's subordinate.

"Uh, I heard that Miss Selina got married today. She must have had a grand wedding ceremony," he began. He felt a little awkward as he hadn't known it was Selina's wedding day until he called Jackson that morning. He had guessed then that Jackson and Derek must have attended her wedding, so he didn't do the reports.

"Yes. Her wedding ceremony went smoothly. I just returned from there in fact," Jackson replied briefly. He was anxious to find out what he had called Bobby there for.

Tilting his head curiously, Jackson asked,"Why did you call me this morning?"

"Nothing important. The two bosses asked me to give you a call," Bobby answered. He didn't only have to take orders from Jackson, but from Eric and Jonson too, Eric in particular. Bobby set his mind on not betraying Eric for the rest of his life.

Steeling himself for the response, Jackson asked,"What's their business with me?" He was ready to hear some bad news.

"They haven't had much work lately, so they wanted to meet with you," Bobby sparsely explained. He thought it better for Eric and Jonson to tell Jackson their thoughts directly, as it wasn't his place. After all, the result of their meeting depended on him.

Jackson hesitated,"Tell them that I've been busy recently." He indirectly turned down their meeting request. 'I don't know how to deal with the token just yet, so I can't meet with them, ' he thought to himself, working on not letting his worry reach his expression. 'If I take a false step, there will be consequences. As Cherry is pregnant now, I can't let anything happen to her.'

"I heard that your wife is pregnant. You must be busy taking care of her, isn't that right?" Bobby asked.

Staring into the man's eyes across from him, Jackson realised something. 'He is better informed than what I thought. If Bobby knows this, Eric and Jonson must have known too. Perhaps even more.'

"Yeah. She is my woman, so I must care for her," Jackson replied resolutely. He thought his resolve and dedication to his wife could convince Bobby that his chaotic behaviour and schedule lately was justified. After all, he was watching over a pregnant woman.

"Of course, I can fully understand your situation. But I wish you would pay a little more attention to them," Bobby subtly suggested. Bobby wanted to watch out for Jackson here. 'Having followed Jackson for several years now, I know he cares deeply for his wife and he is willing to do anything for her. And there is obviously nothing wrong with wanting to take care of his family. But Jackson should've try to think in their shoes too. Until Andrew's death, Jackson had seldom, if ever, met with them. They are overtly dissatisfied with him. They must want to get to know their master, or let Jackson get to know themselves. If they have no chance to acquaint themselves with Jackson, they may want to desert him, ' Bobby pondered.

Jackson understood Bobby's concern behind his advice. 'He advises me for my sake, not theirs, ' he realised.

"Did anything happen to them?" Jackson asked.

"I don't know. Perhaps something to do with the token? I can't think of anything else that might trouble them of late," Bobby replied.

Jackson remained silent, lost in thought. 'I knew this day would come soon enough. I'd have to face it one day.

Recently, I've gotten so much good news. But now Eric and Jonson demand to see me suddenly, and I can't imagine it'll be good with them.'

Noticing that Jackson remained silent, Bobby decided to continue,"Jackson, please make a decision now. I came here for this reason. Eric and Jonson have invited you to tea. It's your call when and where to meet."

"I will meet them at 3:00 pm at April Teahouse tomorrow. I will book the table," Jackson conceded slowly.



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