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(Come back home (2)

Following Lily inside, Cherry felt happy to see how much Lily worried about her.

"Oh, Lily, don't worry about me so much," she comforted. "I'm perfect well. I don't want to drink any water just now. I'll sit on the sofa a while though."

Jackson stepped inside directly after the two ladies. "You should go upstairs for a rest in our bedroom, darling. Don't fall asleep on the sofa again," he reminded her.

Hearing Jackson say 'again' astonished Lily. She wondered if Cherry had already fallen asleep on a sofa today.

"Oh, Mrs. Cherry, you should take better care of yourself. You have a little baby in your belly, you must be careful all the time to protect that tiny tot. Better to lie on the bed than to doze off on the sofa as you often do," Lily added. "Lily was familiar with Cherry's habits, one of which was often falling asleep on the sofa while watching TV in the living room. Lily decided she needed to keep reminding Cherry not to be so careless while she's in this special time.

"Okay, I see," Cherry replied, feeling defeated and out-numbered. Looking at Lily's worried face made her heart twinge. Jackson and Lily cared so much about her, how could she neglect her health and brush off their concern? She had a baby inside her now that she needed to take care of too. She wanted to be lazy, but felt she should consider her baby first.

"Then I'll go up to the bedroom to sleep," Cherry begrudgingly replied, reluctantly shrugging her shoulders.

Lily stood fast, knowing that she should leave it to Jackson to take Cherry upstairs.

"Mr. Jackson, while you take Mrs. Cherry upstairs, I shall go back to continue my watering work," Lily informed Jackson politely.

Jackson nodded. "Okay, just go," he confirmed. He walked over to his wife and took her hand.

Briefly watching Lily's retreating form, Cherry moved as though she was going to walk up the stairs. Before she could, Jackson lifted her up and held her in a bridal position.

"What are you doing?" Cherry demanded. She couldn't figure out what he was intending.

Jackson began walking the two of them towards the stairs with steady and light paces. "I will carry you upstairs to sleep," he told her firmly.

"Put me down!" Cherry beseeched. "I can walk myself." She worried that she was heavier now that she was pregnant. It must be hard for Jackson to carry her all this way.

"You don't need to walk yourself," Jackson responded. He began up the steps, ignoring her protests.

"I must be so heavy for you to carry," Cherry continued. She didn't want Jackson to strain himself because he was carrying her.

"I'm holding you and our baby in my arms. This is easy for me, you should know how strong I am," said Jackson proudly. He was a soldier before. If he wasn't able to carry his pregnant wife, he wasn't worthy of the title he'd had as a soldier.

Cherry hesitated, thinking about his history. The training Jackson received as a soldier must have been quite strenuous. Compared to that, carrying her while pregnant should be rather easy for him. It probably wasn't as hard as she thought it was for him to bear the weight of her and their baby.

Wrapping her hands around Jackson's neck, Cherry snuggled in closer to her husband. She pressed her cheek against his delicate face. "Darling, will you still love me so much after our baby is born?"

"I will love you all my life. Is that enough?" asked Jackson. How could his woman ask such a stupid question right now? Who else could he possibly love as much as he loved her? Cherry was his wife, and Jackson had set his mind on loving her forever. As for their kids, he would allow them to do whatever they wanted and give the same love to them.
"No," Cherry retorted, like a naughty child. She kept her face pressed up against his, feeling the stubble on his chin.

He inhaled deeply. "I will love you in this life and the next, and the life after that," Jackson responded overbearingly. This was a long-term relationship of his. If possible, he was willing to love her for hundreds of years.

"Well, we should meet earlier in the next life. Then you can love me when we are children," Cherry giggled. "That would be pretty good." The scene in her mind's eye lit up her face with a wonderfully cheerful smile.

"You want to develop a relationship with me when we are very young?" he asked, amused. His lips curled into a smile, more happiness in his heart than he could show on his face. His little wife eventually learned to stay with him. His efforts weren't wasted and he was very satisfied with the result. It was the right choice to stay by her side.

"It's not impossible. In our next lives, society might have changed and people could get married when they're schoolchildren. Then, we could get married very early too," Cherry replied childishly. She leaned away from his face a little to look into his eyes.

As he stepped onto the second floor, he looked into her eyes. "That's the best thing I've heard in a while. You will be mine from youth to old age. I will be the one living in your heart," Jackson replied domineeringly. They had reached the door of the bedroom and he lightly kicked the door open.

"Jackson, you are soo arbitrary."


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