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(Come back home (1)

After chatting with her Mother for a while, Cherry fell asleep on the sofa. Elsa gently covered her daughter with a warm blanket, and quietly left the room.

The first sight that greeted Jackson as he entered not long afterwards was his Cherry sleeping soundly on the sofa, making his heart ache. It was a special time for her, how could she be sleeping on a sofa?

Jackson knelt by Cherry on the sofa. Softly touching her with his hand, Jackson tried to wake her gently. "Baby, wake up," he called lightly.

Faintly feeling a hand on her arm, Cherry opened her eyes sleepily to see Jackson by her side.

"Darling, you came," Cherry uttered, rubbing her tired eyes.

"Why are you sleeping here? Would you like to go to the bed for a rest?"

Jackson asked tenderly. Cherry could easily go to the bedroom for a rest, so she didn't have to make do with the sofa.

She was not living along anymore. How could she be so careless with her body?
Yawning a little, Cherry stretched. "It's okay, I was just chatting with my Mother. I got drowsy as we talked and must have dozed off here," she explained. Cherry pulled the blanket off and sat up.

"Would you like to come home with me? I'm finished with my wedding duties now. We can go to the hall to say goodbye to Selina and Wilson," Jackson offered. He took her hand, focusing on her. He loved her so much and wanted to take care of her with all his heart.

"But Uncle Jacob has taken Joe out for dessert and I don't know when they'll be coming back," Cherry replied.

"Don't worry. We can go downstairs and check. If Joe has returned, we can go home all together. If not, you and I can go home first and I can return afterwards to pick him up. Nothing will happen to Joe at Uncle Jacob's side. Just to set your mind at ease," Jackson reassured Cherry. Jackson was confident that Joe would be safe because he firmly believed his son was clever enough to deal with so many problems himself.

That was why Jackson felt quite at ease. But Cherry might be worried about Joe so much as she regarded Joe as the center of her life.

Considering Jackson's words for a moment, Cherry realised he was right. Why should she worry since Joe was out with Uncle Jacob?

"Well, alright, let's go," Cherry agreed meekly. She stood with Jackson and left the room together.

On the ground floor, Wilson was seeing the guests out when Jackson and Cherry arrived. Looking around, Cherry saw that there were no guests: only waiters cleaning tables.

"Jackson, Cherry, what are you doing here? We prepared a room specially for you so you can go upstairs for a rest."

Wilson was surprised as he saw Cherry and Jackson approaching him. Cherry was pregnant now, so he had a suite specially arranged for her so she could rest, but now they had left it.

"Brother, I just want to go back home. I'm not used to resting in a hotel," Cherry answered. She noted the delighted expression on her brother's face. Cherry felt so happy for him. Today was his wedding, and he must have been looking forward to it for so long. He should be chuffed and satisfied to marry such a lovely and excellent girl as Selina.

"Go back home?" Wilson asked in surprise, before turning to Jackson. His brother-in-law's expression was peaceful yet firm, so Wilson realised they likely had made up their minds.

"Yes, I want to sleep at home," Cherry nodded.

"Okay then. That's fine if you want to go home. Go ahead. I can rest assured that you'll be fine with Jackson," Wilson replied sweetly to Cherry. Turning back to Jackson, he added,"Jackson, take good care of her."

Jackson's peaceful face kept as he replied,"Of course I will."

"Oh, by the way, Brother, Uncle Jacob took Joe out for dessert. They're probably not back yet, right? Jackson and I will be going back home now, but Jackson will be back soon to pick up Joe. Please tell Uncle Jacob and Mother that we decided to go home," Cherry added. She would never forget her little sweetheart.

"Sure, that's fine. I'll make sure Joe has some fun here," Wilson replied, smiling.
"Then we'll be going now," Jackson said finally.

"Okay, drive carefully."

As Jackson's car pulled up at the compound of their villa, Lily was watering bonsai with a watering pot.

Having noticed Jackson and Cherry's return, Lily put the watering pot on the nearby step and walked over to greet them.

"Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, you're back," Lily courteously greeted them.

"Hi Lily. Have you had your lunch yet?" Cherry asked, smiling. She got out of the car and took Lily's hand with care.

"Yes. I prepared some simple lunch for Bill and myself while you were out. Don't worry about us," Lily replied. It warmed her heart to feel Cherry's kindness. She had never treated Lily as a servant or looked down on her. Lily could feel clearly that Cherry regarded her as a friend.

Lily held Cherry's hand tight, looking on her with genial eyes. The sun streaming on them softly, making Lily look more like Cherry's mother-in-law than her employee. Lily was older now, and Cherry was so young and beautiful. Strangers who saw them stand together intimately with cheerful smiles would no doubt believe that illusion over the truth.

It made Jackson feel happy to see they had such a good relationship. It was quite rare to have such a good housekeeper, and he was a little surprised yet lucky that Cherry and Lily got along so well.

"Alright, let's head inside now," Jackson's direction interrupted the peaceful silence between Cherry and Lily.

"Yes, Mrs. Cherry, you must be tired after attending the wedding all day. Don't stand there, come inside quickly for a rest. I'll make a cup of hot water for you," Lily agreed. She walked to the door with Cherry, their arms linked tightly.


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