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(The wedding is over(2)

Derek watched his sister lost in thought. "Selina," he murmured. 'Was she thinking of the past?' he wondered briefly.

"Um," Selina stammered, dragged back to reality by Derek's call. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" she asked.

"Were you recollecting the past?" Derek asked.

Nodding, Selina sighed. "I remember the days we were in the military residential compound. In the blink of an eye, so much has changed. Jackson has his own child, Joe is almost 6 now. I'm married to Wilson, you'll married Amy soon. We were just kids, playing together, and now we have grown-up lives."

Derek nodded, smiling wistfully. "Yeah, we've grown up. We used to only really know Jackson. But now we have even more friends: Cherry, Wilson, Amy and even Mond," he replied.

"We will always be best friends, the ones that share everything together. Maybe our children will even become friends too," Selina added excitedly, grasping her brother's arm. She looked out the window, the ideas of the future dancing in her eyes.

"Of course, we get on so well. I'm sure our children will too," Derek agreed. Selina turned back to Derek. "The JS Group is your charge, now Derek. You, Jackson, Wilson and Mond, work on your careers. Cherry and I will stay home and take care of our children. Look at Joe, he is such a good boy, thanks to Cherry's guidance. I will educate and guide my child to be as obedient as Joe," Selina declared, glowing with happiness.

"You don't need to worry about anything. You have a luxurious life you can enjoy. Your parents-in-law are very fond of you, I can tell. Continue to get along with them well and enjoy yourself," Derek was swept along with Selina. He couldn't believe those considerate words came from his mouth.

Selina simpered,"I will. You know, I worried that you would have no one to look after you once I got married. But now, my concerns have vanished. You have Amy now. She is an excellent piano teacher and I'm sure she will be a good partner for you." She hesitated, considering her next words. She held up a lecturing finger. "Listen to her.

Remember to return home on time and don't ever miss breakfast. Keep a healthy bedtime and diet habits," she waggled her finger at him, speaking like a mother who was nagging her child.

His jaw dropping in minor shock, Derek stared at her. "Do you think I keep an unhealthy lifestyle?" 'I do sometimes stay up too late, that's true. The way dear Selina tells it, I might as well be living terribly. I have breakfast at least three or four times a week. And yet she says as if I never have it, ' he complained to himself.

"In my defense, you used to have a terrible lifestyle. But since Amy came into your life, you have been getting onto the right path gradually. So now, you lead a barely healthy life," Selina remarked smugly. She was convinced she knew everything about her dear brother.

Once again raising his hands in defeat, Derek shook his head. "Fine, you're right."

"Of course I am," Selina replied. "But don't think I'm washing my hands of you just because I'm married now. If you don't listen to Amy, I will come over to lecture you," Selina warned, crossing her arms.

"You..." Derek didn't finish his thought and smiled. 'She doesn't change at all. But that doesn't matter, as long as she's happy, ' he thought.

In a hotel room, Elsa held her daughter's hand as they sat together on the couch.
"Cherry, sweetie, you must be tired. Have a rest," Elsa pleaded with motherly concern. She thought that her daughter needed more rest now that she was pregnant.

"Mom, I'm not tired. Don't worry," Cherry replied, exasperated.

Elsa shook her head. "You need your rest. I told Jackson you were here and he said he'll be along soon." She stood and approached the counter. "Your father took Joe for dessert because your son wanted cake," she added, chuckling at the thought of her adorable grandson.

Sitting on the couch, Cherry felt guilt creeping on her as she watched her mother pouring water for her. "Mom, come and take a seat. You, Dad, Wilson and Selina must be worn out. After all, you were greeting all the guests this morning and then walked them to the exit later." Cherry patted the couch beside her, hoping Elsa would sit down.

Elsa sighed. She filled a cup of water and handed it to Cherry before sitting with her daughter. "Yeah, I do feel exhausted, I must say. But I feel as if it's gone at the thought that Selina is my daughter-in-law, my Wilson's wife," Elsa confessed, sighing.

"Oh, Mom, you'll be a grandma again soon enough. Isn't that Jacob's and your wish?" Cherry giggled.

"You got me," Elsa shot her a deeply satisfied smile. "Of course your father and I are so happy to see Joe and your little unborn baby. If Wilson and Selina have a baby soon too, we'll be even more delighted," she expressed.

"Well, I do think your wish will come true soon," Cherry predicted with a bright smile. 'We will soon hear the good news, ' she thought to herself.

"Um," Elsa uttered with a big smile on her face, bubbling with joy.


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