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(Infant matrimony(1)

Jackson was calmer now. He turned to Derek and said,"You understand why I sent Sally away, don't you? It will be good for her, to get away from here and start life afresh. She can forget all about this. As for Cherry, it is my duty to protect her and I will do that at any cost. But I also don't want to do anything that is against my nature."

"I get it," said Derek, nodding his head in agreement.

Jackson sighed deeply and asked Derek,"So how are things in office? Have Eric and Jonson created any trouble recently?"

Derek replied,"Well as of now, no. They have been unusually well-behaved lately. I believe it is because they know of your situation. Even Bobby's stayed pretty low these days. I haven't heard much from him either."

Jackson was listening intently and pondering on the next move,"We must act soon. We don't know how much time we have."

While Derek understood what Jackson meant by that, he also knew that they were helpless in this situation.

"But Jackson, we haven't got the token yet. What can we do?" Derek asked.

There was a note of urgency in Derek's voice. He was anxious and worried about the future, as it seemed pretty bleak. They had to sort this out, and soon.

Jackson knew how important it was for them to find that token. After a long pause and much deliberation, he scratched his chin and finally spoke,"So help me understand this Derek. Suppose, we don't find the token, but if we find the person behind this, everything will be under our control, won't it? That person is the key to it all - he can control Eric and Jonson also. So everything boils down to finding him now."

"Yes! That is correct. But the problem is finding the person. Where will we look for him?" Derek's voice echoed worry. "We have no news of his whereabouts."

Jackson had no answer to that question either. He thought for a while but it made him more anxious, so he said,"You know what? Let this be for now. We'll look into it after Selina's wedding.

And we also have Amy's and your wedding. I don't think I can handle this right now. All of my attention is focused on Cherry. I want to focus on her pregnancy and health because this is a very delicate period for her also. Until she is healthy and stable, I don't want to think too much about other things."

It was true. All Jackson had the heart and mind for, was Cherry right now. And the baby of course. He wanted to see through the pregnancy with utmost attention and keep her safe and happy.

"Alright then," said Derek. "Let's wait for some time. We are anyway so busy with work these days and plus, we have to get a lot of things done. Selina and I have already seen through the details for JS Group. We're sorted for sometime there. And Wilson has also taken care of all the issues of the H King Group. So I see no major potholes there either.

But now I need you to take over the JC Group, because it is related to the entertainment industry. We need you there," Derek gently reminded him. Someone had to tell Jackson, that while Cherry and the baby were his full responsibility, he also had to pay equal attention to the business as well.

Jackson understood fully and nodded,"I know. I will swing by the bar tomorrow and take care of any unfinished business there is."

Derek was happy to hear that.

"So, when are you planning to marry Amy, Derek?" Jackson abruptly asked Derek.

"Well, we're in no hurry as of now," replied Derek. "We've spoken about this and are on the same page as far as marriage is concerned. Plus, we don't even want a very big ceremony, just an intimate wedding with close friends and family. I believe that when we do decide to hold the wedding, the decision will be taken very quickly as there won't be much planning to do."

Jackson smiled,"Alright then. Just let us know when you plan it, so Cherry and I can make the necessary preparations for it."

But Derek hastily interrupted,"Oh no, Jackson! We are friends and there is no room for such formalities between friends. I would be very overwhelmed if you both give me a gift. Speaking of which, I have a big red package to gift little Joe. I hope he likes it"

Jackson responded with a helpless look on his face,"You know it Derek, Cherry calls the shots in our family. I have no say in all these things."

Two hours later, Amy walked down the stairs holding Joe's hand. They were done with their lessons.

Walking down they saw that Derek was sitting on the sofa and Cherry was snuggling in Jackson's arms.

"Have you finished your class?" said Derek, as he got up from his sofa to greet Amy.

Amy simply nodded her head, without saying anything.

"Uncle Derek, was that question for me or was it for Aunt Amy?" Joe asked him. He looked adorable, holding Derek's hand in one hand and Amy's in the other.
"Well, the question was for you Joe. Aren't you the little master of this family?" Derek asked Joe with a loving smile. He loved to pull little Joe's leg time and again. And in true honesty, he too had no idea whether he was asking this to Amy or to Joe.

"Yes, you are absolutely right, Uncle Derek. My Mommy is the big master and I am the little master of the family. But then, what is Daddy?" Joe frowned as he tried to think hard. He couldn't decide what position to place his Daddy at.

"Your Daddy is the consort of the big master in this family, Joe." smiled Derek. He loved the child and was always in awe of his unrestrained creativity and thoughts.


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