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(My wife (2)

Jackson didn't say any more, but, gave Cherry a quick glance as he drove along.
Jackson and Cherry waited for Joe at the gate of the school.

Joe and Mike walked out of the building chatting and smiling. When they reached the gate, Mike saw his driver's car and said to Joe,"Joe, my driver is here, I'm going now."

"Okay, bye!" Joe nodded his head in Mike's direction, while looking for Bill's car among the private cars, but deep down, he would be more excited if he saw his dad's car.

When Joe saw the familiar car, his eyes widened. In his heart though he wondered, 'Is it really Daddy's car?' 'Is it really Daddy's car?'

Joe couldn't believe it and looked at the car again, rubbing his eyes. It was really his Daddy's car!

Joe was sure his Mommy would be there with his Daddy!

Joe ran happily in the direction of his Daddy's car.

Cherry was about to greet Joe as soon as she saw him, but, Jackson stopped her.

"The wind is strong out there. Stay in the car," Jackson told her. He opened the door and got out.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Joe called out excitedly.
"Son," Jackson said smiling.

"Mommy, why aren't you getting out of the car?" Joe clung to his daddy's hand and called to his Mommy in the car. She looked really happy to see him, which made him curious, why she hadn't gotten out of the car to greet him.

"Your Daddy wouldn't let me get out of the car! He said the wind is too strong out there," Cherry said, pretending to give Jackson an angry scowl and said to him,"See? Now my son is angry!"

"It's Okay!" Joe said quickly. He thought carefully and added,"It appears Daddy is right. The wind is really strong today Mommy. You'd better stay in the car. It's special time now, so, Daddy and I need to protect you as we would a panda."

"What?" Cherry was more angry that her son regarded her as a panda because he felt she needed sheltering from the wind.

"Joe, think about how big a panda is! I am so thin! How can you compare me to a panda?" While Cherry was venting, Jackson and Joe got into the car.

Joe sat in the back, squatting between his parents, and said to his Mommy,"I wasn't referring to the shape of the body, Mommy. I meant you are as precious as a panda, aren't pandas a national treasure? Well, you are the family's treasure, so, Daddy and I must take very special care of you!"

Joe's look was innocent as he spoke and then he acted like a princess. Leaning against the back seat, he said,"Mommy, since you didn't get out of the car today, it wasn't your personal visit to school to pick me up. But, considering the special condition of your body, I will forgive you this time, and admit you came to pick me up at school. It seems you still care about me."

Joe said thoughtfully, then he paused before he continued with the education of his mother,"But, after the baby is born, whether you have a boy or a girl, you should still love me like you do now. You can't be cold to me, or else I will become jealous, like Daddy."

Listening to Joe, Cherry wasn't quite sure what to do with her son. He was self-willed and naughty, and she really had no idea how to deal with him.

"Son, how is it that suddenly I am finding out there will be another person who is going to fight with me over love?"

Jackson suddenly realized and put the question to Joe.

"Jackson, how dare you say any more?" Cherry asked, staring at Jackson in shock.

Jackson shook his head helplessly. He didn't dare look at Cherry. So, he drove intently, not daring to say anything more.

The Queen was angry and he couldn't push her further.

"Daddy, let's just be content!" shot Joe from the back seat. Now, he was giving his Daddy a lesson,"The bet that I would give Mommy to you if I had a brother or sister, was between you and I. So, you made Mommy pregnant, and you can't blame Mommy for that."

said Joe with a feeling of happiness in his heart.

"Joe, you...!" Cherry gave Joe an angry look. How had he known it was his Daddy who made her pregnant! She wondered what went through his head!

"Oh," Joe looked bored as he gazed at Mommy "I won't say it anymore, Mommy. I talked too much at school today too, and I want to learn to be quiet."

His response threw Cherry for a loop, and she didn't know what say. She wanted to teach him a lesson. But, he was displaying that he learned the lesson, rendering her speechless.

So, Cherry focused on Jackson again. Feeling Cherry staring at him, Jackson glanced over to Cherry while he drove.

"What's wrong?" Jackson asked.

"In the future, let's discuss things at night, in our room, and not in front of our son," said Cherry suddenly feeling a little shy in her heart. Her baby son was already too smart for her to deal with.

"Yes, mam"


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