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(My wife (1)

An the Chu home, Cherry was near the wardrobe, and Jackson was happily watching her, feeling satisfied with life.

As Cherry helped Jackson button his shirt, she casually commented,"Jackson, let's go shopping and buy a few more shirts soon."

"Alright Babe, we'll go shopping whenever you want," agreed Jackson. He wanted to do whatever Cherry wanted.

Securing the last button on Jackson's shirt, Cherry took a step back to look over the end results to ensure he looked perfect, and then said happily,"Okay, let's go pick our son up from school."

"Okay," Jackson agreed as he picked up a woolen coat and draped it over Cherry's shoulders. "You need to wear more so you don't catch a cold."

"I won't catch a cold, instead, I will be too hot if I wear that," Cherry said. Lately, Jackson had become more motherly, than she ever was.

"It's better to be too hot than too cold, so, please, listen to me and put it on," Jackson pleaded.

Listening to Jackson's soothing tone as she looked into his gentle face, Cherry obediently slipped her arms into the wool coat like Jackson asked her to.

Lily and Bill were in the living room when Jackson and Cherry got downstairs.

"Sir, madam," Lily respectfully greeted them.

Bill nodded to express his greetings adding,"Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, are you going to pick up the young master from school?"

"Yes, I haven't been out today, and have been so bored, I thought it would be nice to get for a breath of air and pick Joe up," complained Cherry. Jackson hadn't let her go anywhere today because the wind was strong outside. He finally agreed to let her pick up their son with him after the weather improved.

"Okay," nodded Bill.

Lily glanced at the clock on the wall and said,"Well, you have plenty of time still, he has class for another thirty minutes."

"Oh, thanks! We'll leave now," said Cherry smiling as she linked her arm into Jackson's, playfully ordering,"Husband, let's go!"

Jackson nodded,"Okay." They walked out together.

Cherry watched the scenery passing outside the window not talking as they drove.

Sensing Cherry was feeling emotional, Jackson hesitantly asked,"Babe, is something bugging you?"

Cherry was lost in thought, but she heard Jackson, and turned to ask,"Husband, would it be okay if we went to visit my sister's grave at the cemetery before we pick Joe up?"

Jackson was taken aback, and wondered, did Cherry miss Jean?

Glancing quickly at his watch, Jackson thought for a moment and then said,"Well, we have a few minutes to spare. Close the window, and I'll drive faster, we are heading to the cemetery now."

"Okay," Cherry closed the window as she agreed, and then fell into silence again.

Watching the scenery whizz passed the window, Cherry knew Jackson was driving fast. She missed Jean terribly.

Yes, her sister had tried countless times to harm her, but in the last few weeks of her life, they had grown close, and Jean tried making amends, including to save Cherry and Joe, at the cost of her life.

At the cemetery, Cherry stood in front of Jean's headstone and looked at her photo. She was young in the picture, and her pure beauty were vibrant and graceful, but, it was only a matter of time before time took its toll, and the photo would become worn and yellow exposed to the elements.

"Sister, forgive me for not visiting sooner," Cherry said bursting into tears.
Seeing Cherry vulnerable and sobbing, Jackson didn't talk, but instead, laid a hand on Cherry's shoulder pulling her close to his side.

Cherry ignored Jackson's arm on her, and kept staring at Jean's photo,"Sis, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me and Joe. You were the best sister a girl could hope for, and you will always be my sister."

While Cherry poke, she felt helpless. She wasn't satisfied with her words falling on a cold stone, and wished Jean were standing in front of her just then. So she could look at her and tell Jean, that Cherry thought Jean had always been a good sister to her.

They stood in front of Jean's gravestone for a long time before Jackson reminded Cherry of the time,"Babe, we need to go."
"Okay," said Cherry.

Cherry and Jackson turned and left. As Jackson turned, he looked at Jean's photo on the stone and in his heart he silently thanked her, 'Thank you for saving the two most important people for me.'

Back in the car, Jackson drove slowly.

Cherry went back to watch the world silently fly passed the window.

Now Jackson understood Cherry's mood. He thought for a while before telling Cherry,"Babe, we'll be at the school, soon."

Cherry realized how close they were to Joe's school and said,"Thank you, I understand."

Cherry understood what Jackson had meant. He had been worried Joe would see her upset, so, she took a few cleansing breaths, and put the thoughts that had been plaguing her away, she would be in a better mood.

Out of the blue, Jackson's hand shot out and took a hold of Cherry's, giving it a firm squeeze as he said,"Babe, the past is past. I am here with you, so is our son, and soon our baby will be born."

"Yes, you are right," Cherry acknowledged, bobbing her head. She glanced over at Jackson's profile and said,"Thank you, husband."



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