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(Time to go(2)

When the waitress reached the table she'd selected, she asked,"Is this one acceptable? The lighting is a little dim here."

Looking around, Mond nodded,"This one is fine. A Miss Sally will join me shortly, please show her to this table," Mond informed the waitress as he took the seat that allowed him to view the room.

The waitress bowed,"Okay Sir, I will." she turned and left.

Mond gazed appreciatively at the decorations used in the room. They were simple but the unique style gave them a classic, clean feel. The tea shop was done in a muted dark grey with frames hanging on the walls. Each frame had an elegant written introduction to a different tea. This literary decoration gave the tea shop an elegant and royal feel to it. The windowsills held several flowerpots, which added a vibrant and cheerful tone, and in turn, brought the entire shop to life.

From where he sat, he could see to the other side of street and pedestrians walking along going in and out of the shops. Along with the shops, there were two stallholders selling knick-knacks.

Not far away from the two stallholders was a bus stop where a lot of people were waiting. Maybe it was because that it was in urban district, there were a lot more pedestrians than drivers, so the few cars on the road were not moving very fast.

The scene outside the window got Mond thinking, 'If I weren't rich, I would be just like one of those people walking out there, working hard to survive, worrying over the small matters and living unnoticed. But then again, I also wouldn't be as anxious as I am now. I would think less and work more.' Suddenly, Mond longed for such a life.

Lifting his head up to the blue sky, Mond mouthed silently, 'Mom? If you were still alive, would you want an ordinary life for me? You wouldn't want me to take revenge on my brother, Jackson, right?

Compared to Sally, am I luck or am I unlucky? I have my brother, Jackson, but, Sally has no relatives at all.'

Overwhelmed by his emotions, Mond lowered his head and steadied his breathing to regain control before the sadness and tears that threatened, overtook him. This wasn't the time or place for him to give in to the feelings.

As she walked into the tea shop, Sally glanced around, but didn't see Mond and thought he hadn't gotten there yet.

A waitress walked up to Sally smiling and politely asked,"Excuse me, are you Miss Sally?"

The waitress had taken a guess when she noticed Sally was looking around for someone.

Sally nodded at the waitress saying,"Yes." Even though she found it odd that the waitress knew her name, her facial expression didn't change.

The waitress motioned toward the corner saying,"Mr. Mond is waiting for you. Please, follow me, this way," she said as she walked away in the direction of Mond's table.

Sally was dubious, but, as she followed the waitress, she looked around and felt better when she Mond.

Sally didn't wait to be seated, she brushed passed the waitress and sat across from Mond, before telling the waitress,"Two cups of green tea, please."
The waitress respectfully nodded and informed her,"Okay, it'll be just a few minutes," after jotting the order down, she turned and left.

Sally paid the waitress no attention. She stared at Mond and commented,"You're early."

The look in Mond's eyes was harsh as he said,"I got here a few minutes ago."

"So then? Tell me, why did you want to see me?" asked Sally. After asking, Sally stared out of the window and didn't want to make eye contact with Mond.

Mond sighed as he said,"You know why, Sally. You need to leave the city as soon as possible."

Sally sneered,"Ha-ha, that's ridiculous! Why are all of you telling me to leave?"

Mond's tone was firm as he ordered her,"Because, there is no place for you here anymore!" His demeanor said clearly that the subject wasn't open for discussion.

Sally taunted,"And what if I say no?"

Rolling his eyes, Mond stated,"Then, I'm going rogue." Mond stared into Sally's eyes and said slowly,"Sally, you knew there would be consequences to what you did! I'm not Jackson. I didn't risk my life to save you. Add to that, I have absolutely no feelings for you, Sally, so, I won't have any mercy for you either."

Sally screeched,"Mond, how dare you...!" She didn't know what to say beyond that though. The way Mond did things might be similar to how Jackson did, but unlike Jackson, Mond had no mercy. Jackson had grown up with her, they had been in love at one time which left a deep bond between Jackson and her. The only bond she and Mond shared was a common interest. It was precisely as Mond said, there were no feelings between the two of them to complicate what he chose to do.

Mond seethed quietly and clenched his teeth as he said,"Sally He! Do I need to repeat myself? If I have to tell you a second time, your consequences will be far harsher than they are now." His voice was firm even though his expression remained unreadable.

Sally knew her actions yesterday must have upset Jackson and Mond, which led Mond to meeting her today, and this ultimatum. Looking at Mond's cold face, Sally knew she had no options remaining. Even knowing this, she requested,"May I stay a few more days?"

Mond firmly shook his head,"No! You must be gone tomorrow. You can't stay for even one hour beyond that!"

"But I..." before Sally could get her sentence out, Mond interrupted her.

Mond lowered his voice and narrowed his eyes as he informed her,"Sally, don't! I'm telling you if you dare dream about getting close to Jackson, I'll kill you!

After that, I'll ship your corpse far from the city!" He knew Sally was cruel, so he needed her to know in advance what will happen if she plotted anything else.


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