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(Time to go(1)

After breakfast, Jackson decided to go to the reading room rather than his bedroom.

When he stepped into the reading room, Jackson had no desire to read any of the rows of books lining the shelves, and instead sat down behind the desk, and dialed Mond's phone number.

Mond answered promptly and said,"Hi Jackson! How are you feeling?" Jackson replied evenly,"Hello Mond. I'm doing okay."

"Sally said a woman took you away. Who was she?" questioned Mond. Everyone seemed to be curious about this mysterious woman. Mond was no exception.

Jackson was suspicious and echoed,"A woman?" It was a puzzle Jackson knew nothing about, and his face scrunched up with a look of bewilderment as he repeated,"A woman?" He tried to remember details, but, he couldn't recall any woman yesterday. Jackson knew only two men who were there, but, even now, he could not remember hearing or seeing a woman.

Mond asked,"You don't remember?"

Considering Jackson's lack of memory, and how little he knew, Mond wondered what on earth had occurred yesterday.

Jackson repeated again,"I only remember there were men there."

Speaking bluntly, Mond conveyed what he had been told,"Sally said there was a woman and two men," he continued questioning Jackson,"You really don't know who they are?"

Jackson responded,"No, I don't. The only person I saw when I came to was Derek," Jackson didn't want to discuss this topic anymore. He'd felt strange since yesterday, but he had no interest in investigating the events. He was sick of hearing about it all, and believed everything would revealed on it's own, someday.

Mond felt the same about rehashing the same thing over and over, so he changed the topic,"As long as you're okay, nothing else matters." He felt that he was not so close to Jackson to discuss the event.

Knowing Jackson was all right was all he needed to know about yesterday. Mond put on a brave face as though he had no care for Jackson or other things.

The phone was silent as Mond pondered a second and asked,"So, what will you do with Sally?"

Sighing, Jackson shrugged and stated,"I don't know that either." He truly had no idea of how to deal with Sally.

Mond understood Jackson's reasoning to certain degree. Lately, all of Jackson's energy was focused on taking care of Cherry, which was the most important thing to Jackson, but, it left little to no time for Jackson to handle other things.
It struck Mond that he had nothing else on his agenda, so he could easily handle this for Jackson.

"I can deal with Sally for you, if you like. I'll tell her that she needs to leave the city." Mond offered.

"You know, she isn't very easy to handle," Jackson said as he thought, 'I thought I knew her well, but lately, I've learned things I never thought. People change everyday, so it's no surprise that Sally has too."

Mond assured Jackson firmly,"Relax, I can do this." From what he knew of Sally, he was sure that he could compel Sally to leave without an issue.

Jackson dwelled on the idea for a bit and finally said,"Okay, but, be careful!" Jackson was worried for Mond's safety.

If Sally tried something at the last minute, Mond could be in danger.

Mond smiled as he replied,"Don't worry, I will be careful." After that, he hung up.

For a few moments, Mond sat there thinking before he dialed Sally's number.
From the other end of the line, he heard Sally say Hello.

"Don't you think we should find a time to talk?" inquired Mond. There was a tone in Mond's voice that Sally was used to hearing.

Sally worried about Jackson still though, so she asked,"How is Jackson? Is he doing alright?"

Mond's reply was scathing on purpose,"Well, how about you take a trip to his place and you can see for yourself! He is happy and fairing well in Cherry's arms." This vicious, petty woman had drugged Jackson, which angered Mond and made him wonder if she had a death wish.

Mond's tone dripped with acid leaving no doubt in Sally's mind how upset Mond was, but, it also told her that Jackson was fine and safe now. If he weren't, Mond wouldn't take the time to mock her.

Sally's tone changed as she asked,"Well then, where would you like to meet? I can meet you now."

"The Red Leaf Tea Shop in one hour," he said before hanging up.

As half an hour had passed, Mond pulled up in front of the Red Leaf Tea Shop. When he stepped out of the car he looked at the two-story building with its unique style.

The sign at the door stated Red Leaf Tea Shop, yet, there was not one bit of red; the entire building was painted mundane beige. What drew attention was a string of red maple leaves adorning the walkway just to the side of the shop's sign. Mond had to wonder if this was why the shop earned its name.

The second Mond walked through the door of the tea shop, a waitress walked up and greeted him enthusiastically.

The polite waitress wore light make-up and was in a uniform, Mond observed. She had stepped away from a row of waitresses who were standing in a row, each poised the same, with their hands over the abdomen.

Demurely, the waitress asked,"Hello Sir, welcome to the Red Leaf Tea shop. How many guests will be joining you today?"

Mond responded in an uninterested tone,"There will be two of us." He didn't need to be gentle and kind to strangers and he continued,"Find a table in the corner please."

"Okay." the waitress replied and as she turned away, she gently added. "This way, please," and then she walked over to a corner of the tea shop.

Following the waitress, mond Saurtered slowly to the conner.


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