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(In the chamber (1)

Jackson stood at the door, hesitant and nervous. He stared at the closed door for a while and finally gathered the courage to ring the bell.

Not long after, the door was opened by Sally. Her face was as calm as a feather, delicate and at peace. It was as if she knew all along, that Jackson would come knocking at her door. What she did not expect however, was that he would arrive so soon. His behaviour made her feel as if he cared for her a lot. Whether that was a good thing or not, she could not decide.

She gave him a wry smile,"I wasn't expecting you to come this early. Please come in." She moved aside to let the well-built, hunky Jackson into her home.
Jackson avoided her gaze. He simply walked in without even looking at her.

He went in and sat on the couch, legs crossed and face firm. He looked at her squarely in the face. This wasn't a time to lag on, so he simply had to cut to the point. "How dare you go after the people I care about?"

Sally tightened, not out of fear but out of determination. She sat across him, calm and composed. "Why shouldn't I?" she asked mercilessly. In her blunt, non-evasive way, she continued,"She took my place."

Not one to back down, she stared back at Jackson, looking him in the eye.

Jackson looked back at her, his eyes cold and distant. "You really think so?

Well you're mistaken. You mean nothing to me. I have no feelings for you at all."

This time, Sally was unnerved. She rose and angrily said,"You're lying. You still have the same feelings for me as you did for. You still do!"

Jackson was still as cold and as calm as ever. He said in a soft, dangerous voice,"Really? So you will decide who I have feelings for now? Do you think I am so stupid that I don't know my own feelings?" He continued in the same low voice,"Sally, stop fooling yourself. Stop believing things you want to believe and wake up to the hard truth.

I love Cherry. She means everything to me. She is my life." He paused and looked at her, anger shining on his face.

"You mean nothing to me."

Sally's anger was dissolving into sadness and disbelief. She mumbled to herself,"No, it cannot be. You are lying. It cannot be so!" She took a step back. She had expected this to happen, but she had never accepted it.

Now Jackson got up too. This time, he had finally found the courage to tell her what he had suppressed all these years.

"Sally, you really believe I love you? Just because I risked my life to save yours, once?" His voice became softer, but it was firm, a hint of anger still reflecting in it. "Today I will tell you what I really feel."

Sally went quiet. And it was as if the room followed in the silence. Only Jackson's clear and firm voice resounded in it.

"I did have a crush on you. But that was when we were children. You and Selina were my closest friends! We shared an amazing bond. But that does not mean that I still have feelings for you. This had happened years ago and we were kids!

And this was before Cherry came into my life."

He stared at Sally for a moment and then continued,"Cherry's entry into my life changed everything. She made me forget you. I am a changed man now, because of her. She has transformed the person I was and I am willing to change for her even more. My life and my heart belong to her. Now you know, how important she is to me?"

Sally stood there, mute and completely heartbroken. But she couldn't contain her sadness. Tears trickled down her eyes, as she heard Jackson say the things that hurt her so much. And yet, she knew that every word he was saying was true.

Without paying any heed, Jackson continued talking about Cherry, as if he was talking about the best thing in the world. "After I met Cherry, I did not waste a single moment and got married to her the quickest I could.

I had to make her mine forever. I want to spend the rest of my life just with her."

He stopped and smiled, thinking about all the happy memories he had with Cherry before he continued,"I've done crazy things for her, Sally. I love her so much that I even broke my ethics and principles for her.

You know how stringent I am about them, don't you? I still did that for her. I'm crazy about her."

But his happiness soon turned to dejection and his smile faded. "It is true that I hated her once for she ran away recklessly. But I have spent five years thinking about it and I realised that it was all because of you, Sally. If you would not have showed up, we would have been fine. We were living a good life, she was head-over-heels in love with me and I wanted to love her for the rest of my life."

He broke away, suddenly facing the other side, not wanting to look at Sally.

Then, Sally found her voice. She quivered as she asked,"You hate me, don't you?" Jackson was still looking away from her. Sally asked again,"You blame me for this, don't you? You think I am responsible for Cherry's leaving you."

Jackson did not reply but Sally stood there, looking at him, thinking about how much she loves Jackson.

Finally, he responded. "What is the point of telling you all this? What is the point of scolding you?" "Blaming you is not going to bring her back to me. If it would, I'd be willing to do that also."

Sally remained quiet. She couldn't bring herself to say anything else. Jackson's words pierced her heart but everything he said was true. His coldness and anger finally made her believe that she couldn't keep deceiving herself. Jackson had no feelings for her, after all.

She finally said,"So you plan to be with her forever, as she has returned? You will stay with her till the end of life." She waited for Jackson to respond, but her mind wandered back to the past - that fateful day, when her dream broke.

She remembered how Jackson responded when he finally met her at the hotel. So many years had passed and that woman could still drive him crazy.

Sally had tried to make Jackson fall in love with her, but in all these years, he had never even touched her once. And after all this, he still couldn't forget her and loved her crazily.

Her chain of thoughts broke, when Jackson's firm voice rang around the room. "Yes, I do. She is my wife. She is the only woman I will ever be with and spend my life with."

Jackson realised that he had made his point clear. Sally knew him very well and she knew that he was very serious about everything that he had said.

Sally interrupted,"But Jackson, do you know about my feelings? Do you know what is in my heart?" She burst into tears and screamed,"I will always love you Jackson. You're the only man I will ever love!"



  1. Sally is simply obsessed that she has refused to understand the writing on the wall.

  2. Sally's end will be tragic



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