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(She changed)

As tears streamed down Sally's face, Mond's hands gripped her throat tightly still. He hated when women cried, especially Sally. He didn't know whether he could trust that her tears were genuine which left him unsure how to react.

While watching her sob, Mond's hand gradually loosened, until finally, he released Sally's neck and walked over and sat on the couch.

Mond's head was down making it impossible for Sally to see the expression on his face.

"If anything had happened to Jackson and Cherry's son or to Cherry, do you think Jackson would have let you off the hook?" asked Mond suddenly, his voice heavy and coming out as a defeated, tired sound. Everyone who knew Jackson also knew he would never rest, or let someone get away if harm befell Cherry or his son. Cherry was his beloved, and he would move heaven and earth to protect her.

"I knew, but, even knowing he'd have me incarcerated, I still couldn't bear that Cherry stayed at his side, showing off their happiness in front of me. If I can't have him, Cherry, can't either! Do they really think I should lay down and accept the truth without a fight?" Sally's words echoed loudly in the silent room.

"You should know your place, Sally. Don't get involved in the love lives of other people," replied Mond with a helpless tone. He thought she was too stubborn for her own good, and what she might do was unpredictable.

"I know I lost the prestige I once possessed, but I won't allow anyone to tramp all over my dignity, nor will I live a life of mediocrity! I will keep fighting for happiness, even if someone else thinks she should have what I want!"

Sally argued firmly. In her mind, Jean was just a scapegoat, it was Cherry's fault, and as long as she was still living happily, Sally wouldn't rest. What she needed was another plan.

"Sally!" Mond snapped,"It was Jackson who sent me to find you!"

The room fell silent as Mond's words sank in, and Sally's expression changed from flippant to shock.

" Wait, it was really Jackson who sent you to find me?" As panic rose, Sally's chest thumped. If this was Jackson's idea, then she knew, he was beyond angry, and that meant nobody could image the lengths he would go to in order to make her pay, 'How did I get myself in this much trouble?'

While Sally lost herself in thoughts of Jackson's vengeance, Mond sat silently on the couch, immersed in the pain of losing Jean.

Sally suddenly walked up to Mond and squatted down next to him. She stared intensely at Mond repeating the question he ignored,"Is it true? Did Jackson send you to find me?"

Cornered by Sally as he was, Mond sighed as he looked into her pleading eyes and replied,"Sally, I came today to warn you. If you want to know, then wait and ask him yourself when he gets here."

"No... No..." Sally mumbled as she stood up. Lost in her fear, and heartbreak, Sally stumbled back a few steps before regaining her balance. She shivered and continued,"No! I don't believe it! Jackson would never hurt me! We were so much in love! He would never do anything to hurt me!"

"Do you think he allow you to escape after everything you have done to Cherry?" Mond pushed the issue when he saw the fear in Sally's eyes. He thought that finally she would see the truth for herself.

Listening to Mond, Sally's mind was flooded with a million thoughts, 'Everyone knows I went after Cherry, her son, and the baby she carries in her womb. Brilliant as Jackson is, he must already realize that it was me behind this. What will he do to me? Will he take his revenge out on me at any cost?'

"Sally? I think you should leave the city before he comes after you himself," Mond told her bluntly. Taking pity on her, Mond offered her that last bit of advice.

He couldn't predict what horrible things Jackson planned for her.

"No! No, I won't! Not until I win him back! I won't leave!" Sally replied emphatically. She wouldn't give up that easily.

"Okay, fine, whatever," replied Mond standing up and preparing to leave.

Suddenly, Sally yanked him by the arm and blocked him from leaving the room.
Standing in front of Mond, Sally looked in his eyes, and said,"Tell Jackson to come see me. I want to see him."

"Okay, but remember, while you will get what you wish for, I can't guarantee you will be able to go back to yourself after seeing him," Mond warned as he shook himself free and walked out.

As the door slammed shut behind him, Sally shivered uncontrollably. She had no idea what she would do next.

As Mond drove away from Sally's, he called Jackson.

Jackson answered quickly,"Hi."

"I texted Sally's address to you," Mond told him.

Hearing Sally's name angered him and he responded coldly,"Okay, I see it."

"And, well, just to remind you that she did save your life once...You might take that into consideration and go easy..?" Mond reminded Jackson.

Jackson, of course, got what Mond meant, they knew each other too well. He would give anything to keep Cherry safe, but this was different, Sally was the person who tried to hurt Cherry. What should he do? Considering the fact it was Sally, and they loved each other at one time, and, more importantly, she once saved his life. What he should do?

Could he just treat her like she was anyone else?

"I understand, call me if anything comes up," replied Jackson. He didn't answer Mond's question directly, but instead, shifted to other things.

Mond understood how Jackson felt and responded,"Okay, I get it."

After hanging up, Jackson saw the text message and hesitated. As Mond had said, Sally was not just anybody, and yet, he must protect his family. He wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to his family.

Jackson went down the stairs and saw Cherry, her eyes closed while she reclined in the chair on the balcony. She appeared to be relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

He picked the blanket up off the sofa in the living room as he headed out to the balcony. Squatting down beside Cherry, Jackson gently covered her with the blanket.

As Cherry felt something being draped over her, she opened her eyes and saw Jackson.

"I don't need a blanket. I'm not cold," said Cherry softly.

"Yes, well, although it feels warm now, the wind has been picking up also, so, the blanket will help," Jackson said lightly as he ran his fingers ran through Cherry's hair, tucking a few stray strands behind her ear.

"Thank you, honey, for taking care of me," said Cherry. She was grateful for all his meticulous care. He had spent every minute nearby, carefully spoon feeding her, seeing to every need.

"There's no need to thank me, silly you! It's my duty, and pleasure to take care of you, especially while you carry my baby. I love our baby, but, I love our baby's mother more,"

Jackson stated while looking giving Cherry a loving look. It had been Cherry who taught him what family meant, and it was because of her, he wanted to be a better man for his growing family.

Feeling extremely lucky to have Jackson in her life, Cherry smiled warmly.

Planting a tender kiss on Cherry's forehead, he said,"Honey, if it's okay, I have to step out for a moment or two, I'll be back soon though."

"Okay," Cherry nodded, she knew he was a very busy man, and that she couldn't just keep him by her side all day long, everyday. She understood he had a career too.

"Go ahead. Drive safe," said Cherry.

"I will," Jackson said before he left the balcony.

Lily came ran into Jackson in the living room as he was on his way out, and she was on her way in. She asked,"Are you going out, Mr. Jackson?"

"Yes, I have to go out for a short time," replied Jackson. Glancing back at Cherry again he added,"Please, take care of her until I get back."

"Yes, of course, don't worry," replied Lily. She knew that although Jackson loved her dearly, she was a servant here, and it was her duty to take care of Cherry.

Considering how good Cherry was to Lily, she enjoyed taking care of her.

"Okay then, I am going now. Be back soon," Jackson said as he walked out the door.

Watching Jackson's gait and the look on his face as he walked to the car, Lily became lost in thought, 'Unless I'm wrong, he is heading over to see Sally.

After all these years, how could he forget her? Then again, Cherry means so much more to him, so he won't let Sally off so easily. If Sally's plan had worked, it would be Cherry, not Jean, who died, so Sally will suffer the consequences.

Not many know the real Jackson. He isn't hardhearted like everyone thinks, nor as bossy. On the contrary, he is sensitive and thoughtful. Maybe that's why Andrew chose to leave Jackson his legacy. Now, I understand. I should do something to help Jackson or Mond, like Andrew asked me too.'

Lily's shifted her gaze to Cherry out on the balcony, 'She impresses me, she never acts condescendingly, although, we did have some misunderstandings in the beginning.

After all this time, I can finally be sure about who she is, and what her values are. I'm amazed by her actually, Jackson is drawn to her, and so am I. I will take care of her till the day I leave this world.'

Lily headed to the kitchen, glancing over at the balcony one more time. When she got to the kitchen, Lily pulled her phone out and dialled a number.

"Hello, do you know where Sally is?" Lily's tone wasn't the soft melodic voice it usually was as she asked.

"Yes," the voice on the other end responded.

"I think Jackson is headed there, and I'm worried something horrible might happen. Please keep an eye on him, if anything happens, help Jackson, and make sure he's safe!" ordered Lily, the firmness in her voice matched the fire blazing in her eyes.

"Okay I got it".


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