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(Nancy's Trouble)

"You..." Autumn was amazed and also happy somehow with his decision of firing Leila. There were many deals for him to manage, and Autumn thought he was a little too impulsive to make such an arbitrary decision.     

"Don't you think you are being too impulsive to make such a decision?" Autumn frowned and balmed him instantly.     

"Not at all. I am sure everything will be fine." Charles answered in a delicate tone. "Now our baby and you are the most important things for me and I'm willing to do everything required for your welfare and happiness."   

 "But..." Autumn was still worried.     "Don't think too much. It will all be okay." 

Charles stroked Autumn hands and said, "From now on, no matter what Leila says or does to you, please don't believe her. 

You can't be provoked to get angry or emotional for your and baby's health. Do you understand?"  

Charles added, "I can't always ensure that Leila won't cause trouble for you any more but you can just remember that no matter what happens, you can control yourself and trust me. Okay?"   

 "Okay." Autumn nodded her head and said, "I will remember that."   

 After consuming her meal and having this warm chat, she was so tired and she fell asleep on the bed almost immediately. Nancy was sitting in the sofa staring blankly when Charles went downstairs. He wanted to ask Nancy whether she had something to do with Autumn's disease or not, but...    

 He decided to give her a chance to confess her guilty to him by herself.     

"Is Autumn all right?" Chris asked him while she was also heading down.    

 "She just ate the meal and fell asleep. Where are you going?" Charles asked Chris out of curiosity.   

"My dad just came back and I'm going to visit him. Charles, Autumn's condition is not so good, so please spend more time to give her company." Chris was concerned about Autumn so she gave Charles a suggestion.    

 "I know." Charles nodded his head slightly and said, "She almost lost control today and after that I am not going to take any more chances."    

He said this on purpose so that Nancy could hear it. Then he saw Nancy suddenly sit right up straight and get restless.    

 "What happened?" Chris asked. Charles told everything to Chris. She was shocked and then blamed Charles, "You were too careless. I felt that Leila had some bad intentions the very first time I saw her. But you let her be your secretary for such a long time. Luckily Autumn wasn't hurt by her this time, otherwise you would be left with regret forever."  

"I have fired her so you can stop blaming me now. The situation is under control." 

Charles sighed. "All I want to do now is to find out who put the poison into Autumn's food or drink so that I can prevent him or her from committing more stupid mistakes which have affected her life."   

 Nancy's body got stiff. At the moment she heard Charles' words, she really wanted to tell Charles that she did that. 

    But she could not muster the courage to do so as she recalled that her son was still in that man's hand.    

 After Chris left, Charles gave a glimpse at Nancy, then he let out a sigh of disappointment.    

 He was really disappointed with Nancy. If she didn't confess her guilty as soon as possible, he wouldn't give her another chance.     

He called Andy and asked what he had found about his lead.   

Andy told Charles that it would be clear in three days.     

Charles decided to give Nancy three days. If Nancy didn't confess in three days, he would talk to her directly.  Then, Nancy wouldn't have any chance to draw any mercy from him.   

  Charles went to the company at dusk because he had too much work to manage. Before he left, he told Autumn not to eat the food at home as Abby would send dinner to her.     

Autumn nodded her head in approval.    

 She felt much comfortable after a nap so she went downstairs and happened to catch a glimpse of Nancy crying quietly.

 She wiped her tears as she saw Autumn and asked her, "Are you hungry Mrs. Lu? Shall I make some food for you?"    

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry." She picked up an apple from the table and took a bite. Seeing Nancy stand beside her restlessly, Autumn said, "Sit down please. There are only us in home so you can just be relaxed. It's so weird to talk to you like this."  

"No, thank you, Mrs. Lu." Nancy rejected and added, "I have to go to the kitchen and prepare food now."    

"No, you needn't do that." Autumn explained, "Only I will eat dinner at home tonight and Charles said that Abby would send food to me so you don't have to prepare it."    

Then she patted the seat beside and said to Nancy, "Just talk to me for some time."   

 Nancy hesitated for a moment and sat down finally. Seeing Autumn's swollen belly, she felt like being seized by different thoughts.    

 "Nancy, grandpa told me that... you seemed to have got married before you came to Lu family. Is that true?" Autumn asked her in a low tone.     

"Yes, it is." Nancy let out a bitter smile and said, "I was too young then and was cheated by a bad man as I believed his lies. I married him after we came across each other but the life thereafter was a torture for me. I had to take care of his family and was always hit by him without any reasons. Then I got pregnant and he treated me much better and I innocently believed that he would treat like that forever. But I was wrong. Everything changed after I gave birth to my son.  

 My husband was addicted to gambling and he lost all the money we had. Then he compelled me to make money for him. In order to stay away from him, I came to this city and began to work for Lu family about twenty years ago," Nancy said painfully.    

 "So... do you still give him money every month?" Autumn asked her.     

"Of course not!" Nancy said in a harsh tone, "The second year I came to Lu family I fell sick and didn't give him money on time and he came here and beat me up. Luckily, Gary helped me to divorce that man after he found out about how I suffered all through these years. Gary employed a lawyer for me to get my son back. It was really inconvenient for me to bring him up while working here, so I rejected his kind offer."  

"Where is your son now? He is about thirty, right?" Autumn continued asking her, "Has he ever come to visit you?"    

"Visit me?" Nancy sneered and answered, "His father has said many ill things about me which made him hate me with all his heart. He refused to see me every time I went back with gifts. So I can only see him secretly for so many years and I am content just to know that he is doing well."    

Autumn felt sorry for Nancy as now she knew Nancy's story. She remembered that she heard Nancy mention her son when Nancy answered the mysterious call.     

"Nancy..." Autumn frowned and said, "On the eve of the Spring Festival... I heard what you said on the phone."  

 Nancy was shocked and Autumn explained to her immediately, "Don't misunderstand what I said please. I didn't do that on purpose and I only heard that you needed money. So you needn't worry..."


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