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(The spring festival (1)

"You..." Fiona was literally shaking in anger and humiliation. Her face became red. She could barely tolerate the insult but looking at her husband and son coyly giving in to the situation, she had no other choice than to become quiet.

"Fine." Colin walked up towards Fiona and said, "Mom, let's go. It's an important day for Aron and you presence is ruining the party for everyone."

Then he quietly escorted her out. Albert followed them immediately.

One could have heard a pin drop in the room for a while. And then Mike spoke. He covered his face with his two hands and heaved a sigh, "I'm so unfortunate to have such a disobedient son."

"Calm down. Otherwise, it will effect your health." Joanna patted Mike's back gently and persuaded him, "We all are well aware of Fiona's nature. This is nothing new to us. So there is no point in getting angry with her."

Mike managed to bring a smile on his face but could not hide the pain. He turned to John and said, "I'm so sorry for... what happened today."

"It's Okay." John spoke after exchanging a glance with Jina, "Actually, that lady needn't worry so much. We have discuss about the money for our daughter's wedding well in advance."

He stopped for a moment and added, "We... don't want any money from you."

"What?" Mike, Joanna and even Aron were taken aback. Aron said to John, "Please don't take Fiona's words to your heart. The money... is paid by me. It has nothing to do with my grandparents. So please don't feel the pressure to take it."

"It's not the money that concerns us."

John smiled and said to Aron, "The economic gap between my family and yours is immense. But it doesn't matter because we believe that Aron will treat Isla well. No matter whether Aron is rich or not, we give our consent to their marriage."

John paused for a moment and continued, "I don't want to be considered to have allowed Isla to marry Aron only for his family's fame or money. So I spoke with Jina and both of us mutually decided not to accept your money."

"It's inappropriate..." Aron frowned and said, "This money is for your pension when you are old. You have spent a lot to bring Isla up and now she has to leave you after getting married to me. This money... is not enough to express my appreciation for you so I hope you won't refuse it."

"Aron." Jina looked at Aron and said, "I can tell that you really love Isla from what you said to Isla's aunt. I think your heart for Isla is the best gift for her and us."

"We aren't old yet and with God's grace are also in good health. When we get old, please come and pay visits to us often with Isla. That will make us happier that anything else." Then she added, "Let's make a deal. John and I almost know nothing about how to prepare for a wedding, so... thank you for your help."

Mike and Joanna tried with all their might to persuade them to accept the money but failed.

The plan of the wedding was decided quickly, albeit following a small episode. When they all came out of the restaurant, Isla took her parents to the shopping mall and bought them new clothes and gifts for the Spring Festival.

Then Isla prolonged her stay in Y City for several days before she went back to the countryside with Aron.

At the new year's eve, Autumn called everyone from the Zhao family to her home including Emily to celebrate together. Chris called Edward to invite him but he didn't answer the phone.

Chris was worried and called Edward again and again but she couldn't get through. In the afternoon, Edward called her back and Chris finally felt assured. She charged him out of concern, "Why didn't you answer my calls?"

"What happened? Do you have anything to tell me?" There was a lot of noise from Edward's side, making his voice inaudible.

"It's the new year eve! Where are you now? I will pick you up and we will spend the night together." Chris told Edward, her voice echoing love and excitement.

Edward laughed and said, "Sorry my Dear, I can't come back. I'm traveling now."

"Travel?" Chris was taken aback because she never expected that Edward would go on vacation on such a special day. Then she asked, "When will you come back?"

"Maybe... after this month." Edward added, "Just wait for me for few days and I'll bring you a gift when I come back."

Then he was about to hang up the phone but Chris stopped him immediately, "Hold on!"

"Is there anything else?" Edward asked. "My friends are waiting for me," he added.

"Dad, have the matters between you and Rachel... all been settled?" This was one sensitive topic that Chris never wanted to discuss with her father. She never wanted to mention Rachel but could not hold back her concerns for Edward.

Edward was quiet for a moment and then he replied, "Not yet. But Rachel has signed on the divorce agreement. I think... we can divorce after the Spring Festival."

Voice of people on the other side of the phone calling Edward to join them was clearly audible to Chris. Edward said, "I'm sorry I have to hang up now. I'm going to dive. Happy new year, Chris! I'll give you a red envelop when I come back."

Edward always spent the Spring Festival every year by traveling before he got reunited with Chris. He had a group of friends in his company and had planed to travel with Rachel this year.

Unfortunately, they would never have such a chance to be on a holiday together.

Edward was really disappointed for that.
But he could forget all his distress temporarily in the company of his friends. So he had a good time in this trip.

Gary asked Chris after she hung up the phone, "What did he say? Will he come home?"

Edward hadn't come home to spend the Spring Festival together with them for many years now. Gary really wanted him to come back this year though he didn't speak about this secret wish. When Chris called Edward, Gary was happy and thought he would come back.

But Chris shook her head and told Gary that Edward was traveling.

Gary was a little disheartened. But his mood changed for good because there were so many guests in his house.

Even Sam had come.

People gathered at the table, waiting for Nancy to put all the dishes on the table, while the countless firecrackers were set off to celebrate the big festival.

The spring festival is coming.


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