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(Meeting for a wedding(2)

"Mind your words!" Mike stared at Fiona in anger. "We are arranging for their wedding. It is justified if Isla calls you Aunt beforehand. I don't see any reason behind you having an issue with that or blaming Isla for such a lame reason!"

"Dad," Fiona replied with sarcasm in her voice. "Before Isla gets married and becomes a part of my family, it would have been more courteous on her part to have called me Mrs. Chen. I mean, just to avoid any troubles she may cause to Aron."

Aron snapped back with growing hostility toward Fiona, "My marriage with Isla is my business. It would be much better if you can just refrain from such unjustified and uninvited interference into this."

Nothing but bad would follow on the arrival of Fiona and her family, as Aron expected.

"How dare you?" Fiona was violently angered but unable to give any counter-blow due to the lack of reason.

"No more of such quarrels and disputes over here anymore." Joanna expressed her displeasure to Fiona, "Get out of here or else behave yourself. Stop making a fool of yourself in the presence of our guests."

"Mom, I am speaking out of concern for Aron." Unwilling to rest her laurels in trying to make the situation worse, Fiona urged Joanna, "The reason behind my speaking such unpleasant words is only because Aron is a part of my family.

Moreover, Becky comes from an eminent family. She is beautiful and courteous. She shows much reverence towards you. Indeed a suitable and deserving wife for Aron."

"Fiona!" Joann shot back, unable to control her anger, "That is absolute nonsense!"

"There is nothing wrong in what I am saying!" Fiona's deliberate arrogance was very much apparent as she continued, "Becky, I think, is much more suitable for marrying into my family instead of Isla whose family is of no match to mine in any way."

"Mind your words!" Jina shot back with a sneer, "Since you do not show my family the due respect, there is no point for us to be in such a party. Isla, let's take our leave!"

Fiona's remarks biting deep into her skin, Jina's immediate impulse was to leave the party with her daughter.

"Mom, please hold back your anger." Isla tried to pacify Jina and whispered to her ears, "Fiona means to spoil my wedding.

We should stay here to make her fail in her attempt!"

"Mrs. Zhao, please calm down." Aron shot back to Fiona, "I think I am fated to get married to Isla. But, my dear Aunt, if you consider Becky to be the ideal bride for your family, why don't you let your son marry her?"

"Aron!" Fiona was violently angered and humiliated by Aron's suggestion.

How dare Aron suggest Becky for her son Colin? Colin was excellent enough to marry a girl with good appearance, good manners and good family background, but... Becky was far from that!

Becky's family background was suitable for Aron. But she was no match for Colin. And that too after her failed relationship with Aron.

"Mrs. Zhao, please sit back." Aron helped Jina to the seat and pacified Jina, "I was a poor orphaned boy. You can completely dismiss anyone who passed them off as my parents."

Aron reverently poured out a cup of water for Jina. "Only Mike and Joanna have the rights to decide with whom I should get married."

"Aron, please give some room for consideration." Colin finally countered after sitting silently for all this while, "My parents are elders in our family, worthy of your due reverence! It would be inappropriate for you to disrespect them!"

Aron completely ignored Colin's disapproval and continued his complaints, "Such elders who wish ill of their juniors are unworthy of respect."

"Enough of it!" Mike, despairing of the virtue from Colin and his parents, retorted harshly at Fiona, "You will be welcome as felicitators or... removed from here if you continue to misbehave!"
"Father, you are evidently partial to Aron." Fiona did not relent. "I understand, Aron is your daughter's son, however, Colin is closer to you as your grandson. You have lavished your love upon Aron more than Colin. I am coming to warn Aron against someone who may exploit the family's estate, as you and Joanna are too senile to sense it."

Fiona's incessant misbehavior and harsh words aimed at Isla and her family were getting on the nerves for everyone.

"If you keep talking nonsense to injure our relationship, I would give Aron all my shares to kill your wild thoughts. Do you want to have a try?" Mike pointed out at Fiona menacingly with a sneer, which finally left her paralyzed and speechless.

Finally, Fiona and her family were silenced by Mike's authoritative presence.

Mike was relieved to see Fiona and her family unable to debate any further. He apologetically held Jina's hands and said, "Awfully sorry for these impolite and casual words of my juniors. I hope you do not take them seriously."

Jina sighed. She could see how hostile Fiona and her family were against Aron which put a big question mark in regards to Isla's bliss. Her heart swelled with the thought of the hardships that Isla and Aron had survived.

With such harsh words hurled upon her daughter, she wouldn't have spared a moment before taking Isla out of that place. But one thing that held her back was Isla's deep love for Aron.

'Anyway, Aron is the man who stands highly in Isla's favor,' she thought to herself, 'the one and only man in Isla's cherished mind for the past four years.'

"Isla is deemed to be a suitable girl to marry Aron. As far as we are concerned, they have gone through untold difficulties, sharing weals and woes.

Now I make a sincere apology to you for the casual remarks of my juniors. I hope you could be tolerant and understanding." Joanna held Jina's hands tight, expressing her sincerity to take Isla as her granddaughter-in-law.

As a mother, Jina could hardly hold her emotions anymore. "I am only concerned about my daughter." Jina forced a smile and said, "Isla, the apple of my eyes, should not be thought ill without reason.

My family, though underprivileged, should stand proof against outside intrusion! How poor my daughter is..."

"Perfectly understandable!" Joanna patted Jina in a gesture of reassurance.

"I completely understand your concerns as a mother. I request you to have faith in me. I will treat Isla with the due love and care just like my granddaughter. I assure you that Isla will be protected from any grievances."

"I can place my trust on you." Jina had no recourse but to believe Joanna, but cast a doubtful glance over Fiona and her family, in fear that Isla would be pushed around after marriage in absence of Aron's parents.


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